Chareidi Parties Increase Strength in Israeli Elections

    Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman speaks during a discussion on a bill to dissolve the parliament, at the Knesset, in Jerusalem on May 29, 2019. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90.

    Jerusalem- Despite the ugly and vicious anti-Chareidi campaign which characterized the current Israeli elections, it appears based on exit polls that the Chareidi parties have succeeded in increasing their strength from the previous election, with Shas garnering 9 seats and United Torah Judaism (UTJ) receiving 8 seats.

    However the other right-wing parties fared worse. Yemina, which is comprised of three different factions within the religious-Zionist community, managed only 7 or 8 seats, while Jewish Force apparently did not succeed in passing the electoral threshold. Likud did not succeed in repeating its success from the previous election and lost some of its strength.

    This does not necessarily mean that the left-wing has won. The major parties on the left did not increase their strength and Blue-And-White has lost some of its strength. Without the Arab parties they have no possibility of establishing a government and no other party will consider sitting in a government with the Arab parties, who consistently stress their anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel as a Jewish state.

    Thus it is still likely that the Chareidi parties will play a significant role in the next government, although it is entirely unclear who will form that government.


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    1. And that is why it is beyond likely that it is ASSUR to serve in the Keneset. How a chareidi Jew can take part of a Keneset full of apikorsim is beyond reasonable comprehension. So everyone ran to chop the HUGE mitzvah of voting and Im yet to see the mofes. What a sad day for whoever voted in the election of a Medinah that spites G d with its existence. How utterly wasteful.

    2. So far all the yeshivas are full. You cannot expect that someone else will be killed to save you and will avoid any service to a government which protects you. I was in Israel an saw erliche yidden serve in zahal . It is possible that hanas ansd hisbollah will protect the mirrer yeshivah and all seminaries, nonsense. It is a mentally that you will and I take


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