Orthodox Jewish Man Violently Robbed In Williamsburg [VIDEO]


Williamsburg – An Orthodox Jewish man was assaulted by several African-American youths in Williamsburg today.

Video footage shows the man walking on Warsoff Pl near Park Ave, when he was confronted. As he turns away, more youths start approaching him from across the street.

The man starts to run away. As he begins to flee, the attackers can be seen hitting him in the head. They then chase him.

According to initial reports, the youths assualted the man and stole his phone.

The NYPD and Williamsburg Shomrim are searching for the attackers.

A $10,000 reward is being offered by the ADL for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the attackers.

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  1. These thugs were def reaching over him and not were not polite in asking for his cell phone.
    They really tried knocking his head off – where are all those black apologists crying over poor manners

  2. Hey, Lipa, where do you read of attacks in New York City, against Orthodox Jews, perpetrated by White criminals? Can you provide a source, which will definitively document any such attacks, as I’m curious to know where and when they’ve taken place? We are all waiting for an expeditious response.

  3. its high time everyone carry a pepper spray GEL can be used from 12 ft. away you can buy it easily eBay etc. and easily used as we’re at the mercy of these animals again and again daily basis. I absolutely know the following is true at the 90th precinct, as I witnessed it twice in the last six months, and coming from higher-ups, basically the way it works if you get assaulted by any means, and you can’t show bruises, or confirm a weapon used, even you have a video you’re out of luck, as they have a new motto, ” since we don’t know what happened before the video, the best we can do is write a harassment report” which they will admit won’t be enforced in order to discourage you, as they don’t want reports in their precinct. Brooklyn is becoming a jungle again, and this imbecile de blasio don’t need questions re numbers of such reports since this idiot is running for higher office. BTW anyone remember stinkin dinkins CH pogrom ” let them vent their rage” we’re going there, so only alternative is, spray the hell out anyone threatening you, don’t wait for the punches, me, and many friends of mine have one it’s little, powerful fits on your key chain, buy it, and don’t be afraid using it, as it would incapacitate these dogs.

  4. The victim wasn’t paying attention to the outside world. He’s busy with his cell phone and doesn’t notice the preps converging on him until they’re on top of him. Pepper spray would have helped, so would a .357 magnum. but in New York City, the politicians don’t want you to protect yourself.


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