From the Editor: Knee-Jerk Defense Of Assault of Woman at Target Reveals Stereotypical Prejudices


Flatbush – Vos Iz Neias recently published a video of a woman assaulting another woman at Target because she refused to apologize for reaching over the first woman’s child in order to take a shampoo. The video is taken by the woman who is being assaulted and to her credit she did not respond in kind to the violent assaults and threats. However she did verbally provoke the other woman, who was gentile, threatening to bring a lawsuit against her and implying that she acts violently to her own child.

There are no winners in such a battle. Both women are at fault for their behavior, but there is a clear and definitive difference between verbal sparring and physical assault. Imagine if everybody who jumped in line at the store was physically manhandled and thrown backwards. This would not be the kind of world we would want to live in, even as we eschew the rude behavior of those who push ahead.

Yet for some reason most of the knee-jerk responses to the story on Facebook favored the aggressor and not the person taking the video and condoned her violent reaction due to the racial discrimination she allegedly suffers from.

Thus, Asap Doris claimed that “Non-People of color have a tendency to walk and act as if they don’t see the rest of us.” The theory that certain people are “transparent” may or may not be true, but how can you justify violence to make yourself more noticable? Doris says that  “People get tired and she was tired.” Ok, so if I’m tired of not getting noticed I should scream, threaten and knock someone over?

Terry DeWitt presumes that “Some white people play a sick psychopatic game. They will start something, and when you react to it… then the whites will play the victim. It is a sick game, and they want us to play it with them.” DeWitt assumes that the non-apology was intentional and meant to goad the black woman into being aggressive so that the white woman can play victim. Why not assume that there was no apology because the child didn’t cry, get hurt or feel aggrieved? Why imply that there is premeditation here? Do people really expect to be assaulted because they bypass someone else?

When people justify the attacker they are encouraging the next attack taking place. When the police justify the attacker they are not just encouraging the next attack, they are legalizing such attacks and making a mockery of their job to protect law abiding citizens from violent reactions based on spurious feelings of racial discrimination.

Alan Hill Jr. indeed derived this conclusion from the police’s reaction, stating that “The police know that legally she invaded the black women’s daughter’s personal space. In the eyes of the law she was defending her daughter. Especially after this other woman escalated by antagonizing the woman. This is called justification under New York law.”

I didn’t know that people standing in a public store have “personal space”, much less that “invading” such space warrants vilification and violence. Yet Hill believes this is “justification”, although it sounds more like “overreaction” and “belligerence” than something which can be defended by law.

Violence is a red line which shouldn’t be crossed unless there is a need to physically defend oneself or one’s kin. Under no circumstances can it be condoned, and it behooves the police to do their job and protect victims from aggressors and not vice versa.

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  1. I tell ya… We are aiming for an epic tragedy, these blacks are all up in arms over someone being a bit rude yet justify assault? Somethings gotta give, they are really angry and the kettle is close to boiling over.. Pray to Hashem

    • It is not that this incident begat racism.
      I is that there are far too many racists among us that are just looking for any opportunity to spew their vile comments under the false cloak of justification.

  2. Well,
    I am a racist, meaning I never will argue or try to win people of color, and i will be extra careful not to make them angry as they could really lose control.
    What this women did was extremely stupid they are who they are and don’t start up with them

    • You’re being dumb.This white woman wasn’t being stupid and she’s not niave to the racist notions you just spewed.
      She said what she did and took out her cell phone…..TO PROVOKE VIOLENT.
      You know that. If it doesn’t take much for blacks to attack….why did this white woman work so hard?
      Your type loves to defend these white women until they pull that stunt on you or your son so they can claim “violation” abuse or harrasment.

  3. Note: It seems to be lost on everyone, including the editor, that in the video it is shown that the violence started before the Jewish woman’s comments, and was exclusively a response to the Jewish woman refusing to apologize when the other shopper started trying to boss her around in response to absolutely nothing (no words, no physical contact, no dirty looks etc..), and when the Jewish woman simply intimated that she doesn’t feel anything transpired that needs apologizing for (simply avoiding some fellow shopper pursuing some idiotic excuse to attempt to boss her around) the other shopper went from trying to boss her around and failing straight to violence to achieve the same result she was initially pursuing, to try and be dominant over a Jewish woman she saw, and the reaching for the item by the Jewish shopper (perfectly acceptable) was construed as interaction enough to initiate trying to impose domination.

    It was avoiding domination by the abusive shopper that drove the abuser to resort to violence to achieve the dominance through force when the bullying to elicit an (unnecessary) apology failed.

    It was only after the abusive shopper already resorted to violence that the Jewish woman said anything that was more than just in regard to the bossing of her into apologizing for shopping in close quarters, as one would do around those they feel comfortable with, and was a reasonable response to maintain and show that the domination attempt of the abusive shopper failed in the verbal attempt and in the physical attempt.

    Yaasher Kocheich…

    Except, as was also evidenced in the video, when a stubbornly inculcated bully tries to dominate, simply circumventing the dominance only leads them to exacerbate the bullying, as was seen, the verbal threats got more passionate after the violence and when it ellicited no fear from the Jewish woman she returned to violence again, it was only the Jewish woman’s raising the eventuality of police and requesting security that lessened and eventually ended the assault, for had the Jewish woman not had those defensive threats (police, security) and as was seen, had no concern for the public venue, for simply avoiding the wild attempt of dominance, from verbal to physical, it could only have been expected to escalate to much further violence, until the attacker finally registered that in their mind FULL dominance had been achieved, simply for avoiding in the first place the bullying attacker’s bloodlust for dominating whoever it may have been at the time for whatever reason was conjured up.

    One thing for sure: An apology [inappropriate as it was given that nothing transpired] would have only encouraged the inculcated attacker in her terrible manner of trying to dominate strangers even as far as violence, as her first approach to the Jewish woman demanding even just an apology were footsteps in the spirit of violence, as was shown by her immediate demonstration thereof, and evidenced by her in the first place picking a fight, verbal or violent, in the first place. As they say: the attacker started with some fighting words.

    Kudos to the Jewish woman all the way through. The way she handled herself was merciful and classy, even if only given the challenge and hard choices she faced. Short of ignoring the existence of the woman’s words altogether and continuing her way which would have only felt haughty.

    Again: Yasher Kocheich Ma’am.

    • Let’s assume you’re 1000% correct. It doesn’t change the reality that many blacks have a short fuse. Maybe this woman recently got very not good news about someone she cares about. A little civility and respectful behavior goes a long way to diffusing the situation. “A soft voice turns away anger.”

      • What does many blacks have to do with this ONE incident?
        If this black woman had a short fuse, then this obnoxious white woman wouldn’t have had to do all that insulting and calling the black woman a bad mom to get hit, would she?

    • Regarding your long winded response, this situation escalated, because the woman behind the camera simply wouldn’t stop provoking the potentially violent woman in front of the camera. Essentially, she was provoking the woman behind the camera, with her filming, and continuous sarcastic remarks. Unless one is prepared to engage in physical combat with another human being, it is best to drop the matter, and peacefully walk away, period. Once it comes down to combat, there are no winners, as injuries result, arrests, possible lawsuits, or even worse.

    • “The Jewish woman…..the Jewish woman.”
      What video did you watch? “Merciful?” Are you serious?!
      This “Jewish woman” whipped out her cell phone and started trying to tick the black woman off…. INCLUDING SAYING THAT THE WOMAN WAS A BAD MOTHER (the black woman didn’t want a stranger touching her child…. even nearly.
      This “Jewish woman” was putting on a show for her cell phone. I’ve seen weird Jewish women like that….. always wanting an audience and all mouth. Stop pretending here. Both women need to here their acts together!

    • NO. This Jewish woman did not get hit by this black woman….. THEN she just stood there and mouthed off at the black woman (calling her a bad mom!) until she got hit AGAIN?!
      Come on man! Don’t make up nonsense.

    • I would just say sorry, believe me I also have a Ego, but if an exotic animal will tell me to do something I will do even if it does not make sense.
      All they want is to feel important and better, they love the word Im sorry from a white, give it to them and next case.

  4. What does many blacks have to do with this ONE incident?
    If this black woman had a short fuse, then this obnoxious white woman wouldn’t have had to do all that insulting and calling the black woman a bad mom to get hit, would she?

  5. It’s interesting that many here are posting anti- black comments and stereotypes. But none of you will acknowledge what you know FAR BETTER….. that Jewish women are good at being extremely obnoxious, mouthy, and manipulative.
    Many a Jewish man has refused to marry a “princess” for fear that he will end up in a mental hospital or jail for choking her death.
    But she’s an angel…or just a rude talker now?

  6. None of this matters. You cannot lift your hand and assault someone. Period! Did she reach over the child? Did she say some abnoxious things? Absolutely. Still cannot hit someone. And for the police to stand by and actually take the side of the assaulter is misguided, appalling, and dangerous. Nothing to do with skin color! geez.

    • I agree. Some people are just correctly pointing out the fact that if her skin color wasn’t , the mother would have probably not have overreacted the way she did

  7. so its ok for blacks to PHYSICALLY hit you if you “disrespect” them, which is doing anything that is not in their “culture” whatever that is, I guess jazz, rap, and guns.

    • Man, some self hating people who love to pat themselves on the back for being so politically correct and NON RACIST that they go against a fellow Jew to try to justify and excuse the violence of a minority person, everyone here saying if the Jewish woman wouldn’t have provoked her with the camera blah blah blah…. guess what, a normal, law abiding person does not turn violent just because someone pulls out a camera, and no one here should be justifying her turning violent! Blaming the victim for the aggresor’s violence is how many people excuse away abuse in many situations!!!!


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