Op-Ed: Jews Must Defend Themselves In The Face Of Anti-Semitic Attacks

Rabbi Avraham Gopin of Brooklyn was bloodied with this brick in an attack being investigated by police as a hate crime. (Screenshots from Twitter)

Op-Ed – As anyone who’s following the news is aware, as of recent there has been a dramatic spike in anti-Semitic incidents and crimes. Theses incidents, ranging from swastikas to stabbings and assaults do not seem to be slowing down.

Our community is blessed with organizations whose goal it is to prevent and report crime. These organizations are fantastic. The downside is, they operate within the framework of how the local Police precincts instruct them. When it comes to perpetrators breaking into cars and burglarizing homes, these organizations have been very effective in assisting the police department to arrest the individuals responsible.

Anti-Semitic attacks are a different animal. Our politicians are talking the talk in regards to preventing and responding to antisemitism but are not walking the walk. Jewish organizations are helpful on the political side to encourage our Police Department to take meaningful action against perpetrators. Unfortunately, this is not proving effective. Anti Semitic attacks continue to increase.

Here are just a few examples. The majority of these incidents are only from the past week. There are plenty of others.

[Woman Assaulted at Flatbush Target Store, Attacker Repeatedly Pummels her While Recording Video]

[Benny Friedman’s Father-In-Law Brutally Attacked In Crown Heights]

[Orthodox Jewish Man Violently Robbed In Williamsburg (VIDEO)]

[NJ Teen Accused Of Deliberately Swerving Car Twice To Hit Jewish Men]

[Stabber Of Jewish Father And Son In Amsterdam Says ‘He Forgot’ Why He Assaulted Them]

[Suspect In Shooting Of 68-Year-Old Man Outside Miami Synagogue Charged With Hate Crime]

[Florida Man Apprehended For Threatening To Shoot Jews]

Recently, we’ve been hearing countless recounts of the NYPD taking the sides of the aggressors and perpetrators of these incidents, and punishing the victims for defending themselves. This does not increase our confidence in our Police Department. It does exactly the opposite.

It’s come to a point where our community must take full advantage of all pertinent self defense laws to both teach a lesson to the attacker that they will suffer for their crimes, and discourage any other possible perpetrator from carrying out their attacks.

How can we accomplish this?

First and foremost, Jews must learn how to defend themselves. They must obtain all weapons that they legally can. Also, the Jewish Community must organize a response group, whose goal it is to defend Jews under attack by whatever means necessary. Not to compete with our existing organizations, but rather to address the issue from a different angle. This new organization should not be subservient to the constant misjudgment of the NYPD, but rather utilize the laws of self-defense and defend victims to make sure that Jews are protected from these anti-Semitic aggressors.

Jews will not be weak. Jews will not be the victims anymore.

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Yisroel Rosenberg





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  1. Crime in ny has decreased but not because the liberal mayor tied the hands of the police. It’s because there is a change in population. The Chinese have increased to one and a half million and they are family oriented and don’t hate Jews like the others. What you can do is outvote every democrat.

  2. Maybe if dictator wannabe debozo would actually achnilidve where the Jew hatred is coming from instead of lying like the Democrat he is and blaming the president for it, but you get what you vote for.

  3. Can the writer cite an another example of organized Jewish vigilante groups in galus? We had great leaders through the last 2000 years in Galus, yet not one of them proposed an idea like that. I wonder why?

  4. Somehow ISRAELIS know how to defend themselves against individual attacks, against arab ‘intifadas’ and against national attacks by enemy countries. Many American secular Jews also know to defend themselves. Only some ‘frum’ Yidden in the US and in the West have a beaten down shtetl mentality and don’t try to defend themselves. A teenager in Willy can scare 10 Jewish men. Jewish weakness only encourages more attacks.

    • You have a point. These attacks are mostly against Chasidim, people they know won’t fight back. You seldom hear of attacks on Modern Orthodox or secular Jews because they know they will fight back and that some of the Modern Orthodox carry guns because of their jobs. The Chasidim are easy pickings.

  5. the NYPD arrested a jew on Shabbos who was beaten up, silence from our elected officials, the NYPD took the side of a black woman who attacked a Jew in target. the problem IS the NYPD, and this is what is known, they continue to cover up crime.

  6. Crime is down. You people don’t remember Boro park in the 1970s and 1980s when every Friday night cars with anti semites would throw rocks and eggs on Jews. Today no one bothers Jews. I have not encountered a single anti Semitic remark. The problem in Willy and crown heights is that they are bordering on black areas. You know upstate and other suburbs when people expand into wooded areas where bears roam,they get attacked. The reason New York is far safer against anti Semitism is because orientals are flocking here. Look at Boro parks eight ave. Not so like no ago it was full of Palestinian Arabs. Some attacked Jews. There was two mosques. Today it’s wall to wall Chinese and Jews are not afraid to walk there. This system should be done in Israel. Bring in a million Chinese. Create a buffer zone between Arabs and Jews. Arabs can’t marry Chinese as they are Buddhist. We can use them as construction workers,food processors and even soldiers. You can easily drive out the Arabs by replacing them with Chinese

  7. wouldn’t be a bad idea paralyzing this city for one sunday by thousands of orthodox jews protesting with or without permits, (vs, protests every monday, and thurs against bibi, zionizm etc. that no one cares about) in front of city hall, gracie mansion etc. making noise, and lots of it. play and replay all video’s of all attacks on big trucks showing who the new BROWN shirts are, since there’s no KKK chapter in nyc attacking jews. while this moron is staring at ceiling trying to figure out from day one, how he got there, and what a mayor’s job is fantasizing he’s sitting in the oval office, this buffoon hates this kind of noise, and can’t handle ?.
    stop listening to our so called leaders keeping us on a leash whom to vote for or not.
    at least a baseball bat
    in every car, witnessing, or suspecting attacks
    crack their heads, don’t call or wait for cops.
    that’s what we need.

  8. Jack:

    I would love to see Shomrim supported to be more than they are currently permitted to be. The right mix might be the current Shomrim and the legendary JDL. We need to address perpetrators of violent crime with major serious consequences. Sometimes a fractured skull will do the job. Missing bodies sometimes works, too. No, I am not the vigilante pushing for chaos in the streets. But those who think that Jews are easy prey should discover the “chaptzem” of several decades ago. Such things existed in other Jewish communities where there were street gangs that routinely attacked Jews. Ask around in out-of-town yeshivos. If there was ever hate crimes, it only stopped when the bochurim took matters into their hands. It would be nice to have regular patrols, but as long as we have a Democrat in office in NYC and NYS, don;t expect it to happen.

  9. Time to defend ourselves and fight back. Stop making excuses. Stop blaming the NYC Mayor. He’s not responsible for all the hate crimes across the country, in colleges and everywhere in Europa. One incident of a ‘frum Jew’ fighting back would make world news. Then it would STOP.

  10. The only way crime would stop is if you reduce the communities that cause the crime. Jews could not muster protests every week as it would cause copycat attacks. Many parts of New York are becoming safer as white hipsters are pushing out the black marauders from areas like bush wick and Harlem etc. as willy and crown heights expand in chassidim as well as white hipsters the area gets safer. Also outvoting Demi ratio liberals as well as going on jury duty. Imagine tens of thousands of Jews on jury duty convict all the black criminals,they would do away with jury duty as racist. Then only judges would deal with criminals not Jew hating blacks. It’s not JDL that’s needed in our times. We need Jewish lawyers to sue all those doing anti Semitic propaganda. We need to completely overhaul Democrats. It can be done. We sit like lemmings to the slaughter. We need to register every orthodox Jewish student in public school and city will be forced to pay our yeshivas operating at a quarter of the cost public schools operate. We must first register every Frum yid to vote. We can’t do silly things like become vigilante groups because there are cameras all over the streets unlike in chapts Im and JDL days. The police will arrest the defenders. You need to be smart. Change theses trashy communities to Chinese and crime will drop. Outvote the Schumer’s,Nadlers and Engels who are obsessed With being Democrat’s first and last. They threw Judaism under the bus. Israel has the same problems. Why can’t the Jerusalem chareidim who are one third of the Jerusalem population stop the yearly gay parade. They don’t stand up for Shabbos in mass or any issues. They allowed the city to put up gay flags and non of the Shas or others spoke up. Only one council fellow named king opposed it. Would they allow swastica flags to be hung all over Jerusalem. Now you wonder why G-d is not allowing the Frum yidden to win.


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