What Are Your Thoughts on the Vos iz Neias Website Redesign?


Vos Iz Neias has been faithfully serving its community of readers for over 15 years. We recently undertook a complete overhaul of the website, giving it a more upgraded look and feel, making sure it works great on mobile devices, and adding many features and functions.

We know that change can be difficult, even when it’s a step forward. As our loyal readers, it’s important for us to hear your thoughts, and we’re calling on you for feedback.

What do you like and dislike? Is there anything you miss? Any new features you’re glad we’ve added? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. For some reason, new design keeps going to a black screen. Have to quit browser and go back – and maybe again black screen and maybe home page. Some other problems too.

  2. As a long time reader but non-commentor, I have to finally comment to say that it took a while to get used to but I really like the updated format. It is easier to read and loads much quicker.

  3. Hate this new version of the website.
    Doesn’t load fully all the time.
    I like the other site better cause there’s more headlines at a glance oer page. Also, not full of these ads every second

  4. It’s not a secret that everyone makes fun of vosisneies headers of articles. You really got to get more professional in cutting down the headers. But at the same time the new design is much better, I just think you should put more articles per page (like the older one).

  5. NOT A BIG FAN OF CHANGE “OBAMA WANTED CHANGE” look where that took us…
    i like the old format better all around .
    besides being used to it im a big fan of “if it aint broke dont fix it!!!”

  6. Sorry. I realize money and effort was invested to make this change but it stinks. I hate it. Even thought of changing news source. What ever happened to the age old addage “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”! ?

  7. Please add a basic feature that every other reputable website has.
    Make a system whereby you get to pick one user name based on your e-mails address. That becomes your unique name that noone else can use . And you only get to use one user name assigned to you. (yes technically you can sign in via 3 different email address and abuse the system but it makes life harder.)

  8. 1) A lot of articles are missing the Source, where is this story coming from?
    2) Archives. We can’t search by month? Year? To go back to a old story all you have to do is click 14 thousand 9 hundred and 36 times….

  9. I prefer the older version as well, as this one is harder to read and believe it or not I comment less as my computer makes it hard to read. I imagine your “hits” have fallen since the redesign though still a huge fan of VIN.

  10. I will say that, like others, there is not enough info on the first page, and I am unlikely to click the ‘next’ button. Additionally, the headlines are not as prominent and there are way too many words of the article following the headline that it takes too long to scroll through

  11. With the prior system, one knew who was being criticized; now, if someone refers to someone else’s article, it is not always clear who is being referred to? Secondly, the old system had comments which were numbered. Therefore, we could refer to #1, #3, etc. With the old system, there were no comments from the Facebook community. Now, there are too many farbisener individuals on Facebook, who love to use language of the gutter, which has been posted on this site; a shining example were the Facebook comments, regarding the distinguished woman at Target, who went into a rant against another shopper, for allegedly reaching over her child’s head, to retrieve an item. Who needs those anti-semitic posts, from goyim, who hate us? With the old system, we could easily go to the archive, and research articles going back many years. Now,it is unclear how to get into the archives. In summary, if it is not broken, don’t fix it! Vin should have left well enough alone. If the prior system worked well for fifteen years, it should have been kept!

  12. Its not compact like the previous site. More scrolling required. It would be helpful for you to explain why this change was necessary other than for the sake of change. Really not fond of it and just not sure what you gained…

  13. I’m sorry, I also preferred the old format. More content on the page, easy to select what I wanted. With this new design, as well as many of the complaints above, occasionally there are sub-headers in white against a pale background which are unreadable. Generally, not a very user-friendly design.

  14. I like the faster format. It does seem cleaner, if somewhat more of an antiseptic look. But it could be any number of jewish websites, it has lost a lot of uniqueness.
    Like others said, Comment numbers are gone, but you can still reply to a comment & it appears as a thread under original comment (hence the comment number would get lost), which it is now easier to follow a comment thread.
    You should put back the source and / or which admin wrote the article.
    I like the most recent comment feature on the sidebar.
    How do I permanently log in, and get a profile photo?

  15. I preferred the old format.
    1) I liked that there were two ways to look at it, computer or mobile.
    2) I liked that the comments were numbered, and one could refer back or in response to particular comments.
    3) I liked that there was a printers’ view
    4) When I first got here, I briefly was confused that first there were Facebook comments and then afterwards other comments.
    5) I love READING the comments, even if I don’t comment regularly myself. There are far fewer comments.

    • Agree totally. And it seems the people her who do not like the new format far outnumber the ones who like it so I hope VIN will take it to heart and go back to the old system where people’s comments were numbered, etc. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  16. adding to my previous comment:
    the ads are almost a 1/3 of the column page it shouldn’t be like that we’re here for the news not the ads , I understand its a source of revenue but don’t place it in our face ……
    and whats this blast ad when opening the site, do away with that altogether its annoying and not welcoming when we readers want to enjoy a piece of news.
    as a side note :
    some of the news posted herereally need to be cleaned out it has no place on a site like urs and not every nonsense is news ….. does someone edit or filter this site or its open to every piece of garbage.

  17. It use to be my home page i had to remove it. You had this black design and pinned it was a annoying but you bh removed it. I am getting used to the new design but as everyone says ain’t broken… Look how successful Drudge report is reason is short and a lot of headlines and didn’t change the design ever

  18. It’s bad for all the above mentioned reasons and I operate a few sites.

    I’ve cut my visits to the site by 90% if it remains as is I’ll continue getting info elsewhere.

  19. The old one was much better in the sense that one glance covered multiple stories as opposed to more scrolling that’s required now and thus more annoying in your face ads, although I understand the need for ads but the prior version was far better for the roving eye, especially when time is of the essence (at work).

  20. Let me summarize the previous 90 comments: The vast majority

    A. Strongly dislike the new design.
    B. Strongly dislike how Vin news items (old and new) are surrounded by ads of all shapes and sizes. No reputable news site swallow itself in so much advertising.

  21. I read the JTA for the news. I come here for the comments.

    I miss the comment numbers. It was our local custom to call each other out by comment number and I liked that.

    There is no obvious way to make [b]bold[/b] or [I]italics[/I] and that would be helpful.

    I like to report news to the editor. The new method requires me to enter my Saudi phone number for some reason. That is an small intrusion and ought to be dropped.

  22. Text not centered. Very cluttered with ads (which of course are a necessary evil). Also, as I and many others use VIN as our primary news outlet, I would suggest offering a paid version without ads. Thank you.

  23. I MUCH prefer the original.
    This is hard to navigate. Less news per page. It seems as if there’s less news in general.
    I am now confused as to what is old a nd what is new.
    It appears like you have just gone and copied Yeshiva World news.
    In short, the old was simple and unsophisticated. It worked. It did the job.

  24. Really don’t like what you have done. The archives are gone. The search button doesn’t work. The new comments arw added all over the place instead of one beneath the other. I am spending more time on The Yeshiva World.

  25. Now that well over 100 responses have been recorded, it appears that over 90% of the responders don’t like the new website and format. Therefore, the question remains, what is VIN going to do about it? Will it return to the old format, or continue with the new format, which the majority of the viewers to this site, can’t stand.

  26. With the old format, I could immediately scroll down to the newest comments at the end; now, it is no longer possible to do so. Also, on the old format, there was a limit as to the amount of words, which could be used in a posting. Now, there is no limit, period! I seriously doubt if VIN will make any modifications. The responses were an exercise in futility.


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