Liberman: Joint Arab List leader ‘Should Send Netanyahu A Bunch of Roses’

    Leader of the Israel Beyteinu political party Avigdor Liberman leads a press conference in the Israeli parliament on May 18, 2016. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

    Jerusalem – Flushed with his success in forcing a unity government as the only alternative in Israel, Yisrael Beitenu leader Avigdor Liberman told the press that contrary to some reports, Blue-And-White had not made a deal with him not to establish a government without his party.

    Liberman added that the Arab success in garnering 13 seats in the election was totally due to Netanyahu’s campaign against them and therefore Joint Arab List leader Aymen Odeh “should send Netanyahu a bunch of roses.”

    With reference to the Chareidi parties, Liberman said that he has been hearing new tones from the leaders of the Chareidi parties. “There are no more nicknames like Amalek and Hitler and there is a call to cease the animosity. I welcome this wholeheartedly. For us the Chareidi parties are not an enemy, but rather political opponents. We have different opinions, they are from Bet Shammai and we are from Bet Hillel.

    “On the matter of religion and state, we have reached a crossroads which requires deciding between the two approaches. Not a compromise,  a decision. It’s important to stress what our minimum demand is on religion and state: The conscription law verbatim with no modifications, civil marriage, conversion by chief rabbis of cities, reconfirmation of the Kotel outline, core curriculum studies in Chareidi educational institutions, public transport and supermarkets on Shabbat. These last two are under the authority of local councils and in accordance with the character of the local communities. We will not agree to less than this, even at the cost of sitting in the opposition.


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    1. This war of cultures has been going on since 1948. The secular zionists are bend on destroying Torah Judaism. Years ago the issue was autopsies forced upon Jewish dead. Nothing new. Satmar and netirei karta have a point.


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