2 Hasidic Jews Attacked In Williamsburg Friday Night [VIDEO]


Williamsburg – In another installment of a worrying string of recent attacks against Jews, a group of youngsters attacked 2 Hasidic Jews in Williamsburg on Friday night.

In video footage obtained by VIN, a group of 7 youngsters can be seen walking down the street in the area of Wythe Ave and South 10 Street.

When they reach the corner, they notice 2 Hasidic Jews talking on the corner.

As they pass by, they confront the 2 Jews and knock the Streimel off of one of them.

At the end of the footage below there is another clip which shows the faces of the attackers more clearly.

The community is encouraged to look out for the attackers, and contact authorities with any leads.

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    • A) What does de Blasio have to do with these attacks? I didn’t recognize his face on the video.
      B) Whi is the “they”? The men that were attacked? You know them and know they supported de Blasio?

      • Yes, de blasio is RESPONSIBLE for this directly as he has made the lazy and corrupt NYPD even more impotent. Yes Satmar/neturei Karta (same thing) supported this toeiva loving, corrupt man for mayor. So yes and yes. its good sometimes to leave your nestled limousine liberal, trust fund lifestyle to see how real the threats of the jungle are, or better yet the inhabitants of that jungle.

      • DiBlasio has created an atmosphere of lawlessness in NYC by restricting the police from doing their jobs properly and pressuring DA’s to not prosecute crime. Its all part of the liberal mindset. This wouldn’t have happened under a Giuliani or Bloomberg regime.

  1. Imagine all of the resources that the NYPD is using right now, to protect many autocratic dictators, who are visiting the UN. If a fraction of those personnel were sent to Crown Heights, Williamsburg, and Borough Park, to protect religious Jews, these heinous incidents would decrease.

  2. Thanks for deciding that NK and Satmar are the same thing.
    You’re wrong. I’m a Satmarer and I absolutely love Israel…
    I refuse to consider NK as Jews altogether.

  3. No one mentioned that those hugs are Afro-american.
    Any problem to emphasize the point that Blacks are becoming more and more aggressive toward Jews in the USA ?
    More likely those are the same ones that hate their own country; that despise laws and Education ; that walk in group to terrify people ; that protest against all and everything, without even knowing against what or who they are ; ignorants roaming like bums without objective in life….. am afraid for the future of this great and marvelous land America.

  4. This crimes are not based against jews directly.
    What’s happening in the city and around the country is that they are testing the cities police response against crime
    They target jews well because we don’t carry weapons or fight back.
    And if nothing is done they advance to greater crimes as with the mall and school happenings.
    This cannot only be labeled as hate crimes hate crime is in addition
    number 1 is crime
    Number 2 is hate crime
    The NYPD needs to send out more officers all night

    P. S. Please people don’t just stand there and wait for something to happen don’t let your guard down
    Be ready to defend and fight.


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