Schumer Wants Senate To Investigate Trump Over Ukraine

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., arrives to speak to reporters at a news conference at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Washington – The top Senate Democrat is calling on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to investigate a whistleblower’s complaint about President Donald Trump’s actions toward Ukraine.

Chuck Schumer says in a letter Monday to McConnell that the Republicans’ “see no evil, hear no evil” attitude toward the president’s actions “is unacceptable and must change.”

The New York Democrat called on McConnell to take five specific steps to probe the situation, including issuing a subpoena to compel the whistleblower’s complaint to be delivered to Congress.

Schumer also said Republicans should tell the White House to release transcripts of Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president and identify who in the White House sought to delay $250 million in aid to Ukraine. Trump reportedly asked the foreign leader to investigate his chief political rival, Joe Biden.


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    • Brilliance. So all these investigations, which have resulted in nothing other than many millions in taxpayer money wasted, and dems not focusing instead on doing the work of the people, are fine with you? How many does it take before low IQ individuals realize they’re being duped? First Russia collusion, then accusations of racism and being a white supremacist, and now Ukraine. They’ll all end the same way: with finding nothing on Trump and him being re-elected! Dems are stupider than dough. And now to top it off, Ukraine will end up implicating Biden and him no longer being viable to be the nominee (on top of his “gaffes,” and not knowing where he is). Carry on, dems. With stupid supporters like this one, it’s easy to brainwash them but it isn’t working with the majority of Americans!

      • Mueller was inconclusive about a provable case of collusion but he clearly provided detailed information on obstruction of justice leaving it up to Congress to act on the evidence. Impeachment is the process and it appears that Congress is heading in that direction. Trump with spurious claims of executive privilege is hoping to delay testimony until after the 2020 election while the courts take up the issue.

        Governor Weld said today that Trumps dealings with Ukraine amount to treason and went as far as to say that the only penalty for treason is the death penalty. I assume President Pence would pardon Trump before any execution would take place.

        • You really still believe he will get impeached? I should call my screen name the boy who cried wolf. You still believe that?

          You know how many times you predicted his demise going back to Billi Bush to collusion to stromy. Now you think it will happen? And do you also believe he’ll be removed from office to?

          Are you so foolish?

    • yes lets start by forming a commission to investigate mass murders and gun violence. if we only spend half the time we spent on trump we’d save lives. Isn’t that far more valuebale? We limited scarce resources including human capacity . lets use it for wise stuff

      • The easy availability of weapons of war make it very easy for anyone to be a mass murderer if one has the stomach for it. Trump and his GOP Senators care more about pleasing the NRA than they do about protecting Educated Archy from being a victim of a mass shooting.

        • Silly argument to blame the NRA. The NRA represent a large portion of very gun crazed people. if not the NRA you don’t think they will get someone else to lobby? Why shouldn’t republcians fight for their constituents. I agree that many are crazy. But stop blaming the NRA . Blame the public and its mentality. We need fundamental change. Ban the NRA and nothing will change.

          You make it sound like its all about govt corruption by repubs. Thats utter stupidty. Its about gun culture.

      • As a liberal, I agree. It is unlikely that Trump — or any modern president — will ever be removed from office. I hated when Obama said that he would not investigate Bush under any circumstances, but he had a point and I doubt that of a Dem wins in 2020 that Trump would ever be investigated. It would cause too much termoil. If we start telling the president what he can and cannot do, we weaken the president’s ability to act in the best interest of the US. We should focus on what we can actually change for the better.

        • Libtards couldn’t care less. They just hate Trump in a sick obsessive way and they wouldn’t care less about what’s good for our country or for Israel, which is Trump! They’re traitors.

  1. What a putz that partisan-hack disloyal-Jew Schumer, accomplishing zero for the country, allowing Israel to get bashed by 1st year idiots. He’s as much a shomer yisrael as Abbas. The Dems are only digging their own grave. Boruch Hashem

  2. I think Biden needs to be investigated and so does Trump and his children once Trump is out of office. If the Trump’s used their influence like Biden did to help obtain contracts and deals from foreign nations that they couldn’t before Trump was president they need to be investigated.

  3. What’s Chucky the fake shomer doing about investigating anti semitic attacks in his own state? Or he cant do that because our newly-elected, vulgar, foul-mouthed, imbecillyc, lying, hateful, bigoted, anti semitic memberettes of congress will declare that he is not the senator for progressives, and he’s quaking in his bifocals?


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