Dov Hikind: ADL ‘Out Of Their Minds’ For Calling OK Sign A “Hate Symbol”


New York- Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind is incensed that the ADL has decided that the OK hand sign can be deemed a hate symbol. Hikind says that the fact that numerous people use the symbol for positive reasons and the fact that some use it to hate does not change the symbol into one of hate. He also chided the ADL for remaining silent in the face of blatant anti-Semitic attacks in New York, stating that “they are slowly but surely becoming irrelevant.” Hikind added that  “Jewish communities are faced with real challenges, real threats. There is real concern out there the unprecedented outbreak of anti-Semitism directed against the Jewish people. Jewish organizations need to unite and not be involved in silliness.”


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  1. Those of us who work in professions where we are familiar with gang “tagging,” meaning mode of dress, colors and gestures used by, among others, inmates to communicate gang affiliations and position, have long known that generally “innocuous” gestures and movements can take on esoteric and sinister meanings in the gang context.

    Credible intelligence information is that the “OK” sign is a “tag” increasingly used by the alt-right and white supremacists. Does that mean everyone should stop gesturing “Ok?” Of course not, but it also means that the ADL should not be ridiculed for their position.

    • Guess what? Oxygen is the 8th element, and it comes as a two-atom molecule, meaning that every time you take a breath, you’re taking in 88 – which everyone knows is neo-Nazi code for HH, Heil Hitler. So it follows that you ought to stop breathing oxygen. The sooner the better.

      Meanwhile, the rest of us, who are sensible enough to realize that _everything_ can be made into an “alt-right” symbol, will go about our days continuing to do what we did before and to avoid what we did before.

  2. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

    Our generation has become obsessed with the PC ideas that the spoken word means something, and that one’s thoughts can be criminal. This leads to the “thought police” that respond to some of the kookiest ideas ever beheld by the species of homo sapiens. If i so much as think negatively about another, I can be considered a perpetrator of violence, and the other can be considered the victim. This quashes all forms of debate, discussion, and disagreement. It provides the platform for the socialist and communist agendas being barked by the radical left by such mental midgets as the Squad, and Democrats, and the MSM. Morality and reality play no role in any of this. We are all spectators to the self destruction of humanity and the world as we know it – not because of climate change but because we have abandoned the moral life for the one that sounds good when reduced to words.

    I will never relinquish my right to have bigoted beliefs. I may think of any other group as I please. I will not resort to violence or other negative actions. But I believe that a group is out to get me, I can hate them, shun them, distrust them, etc. And in any elections, I will vote my conscience, and that may include the beliefs that someone is on the negative side of my perception. No one, besides G-d, will tell me how to think or feel. And if anyone decides that my style of expression is suddenly given a different value, tough on them.

  3. “…the PC ideas that the spoken word means something…”

    My word man, the Torah goes even further…you may or may not be a “voice of reason,” but you certainly are not enunciating a Jewish value.

    • Yoni:

      I guess I must present myself more concretely to insure you can comprehend. I am referring to the baloney on such things as new pronouns, the perpetual move of which terms used for blacks are OK and which are derogatory, etc. I would have hoped you understood what I meant, but that was frivolous optimism.

      For your comfort, I am fully cognizant of the issurim of lashon horah, etc. We should all grasp not to say hurtful things. But when the listener constantly moves the goalposts of what is hurtful, rendering the disagreeing person as somehow “abusive”, we have a corrupt set of values at play.

  4. Dov Hikind was correct regarding the ADL, as well as other so-called Jewish organizations, which he criticized at a rally in front of City Hall, the other day. Those big machers, who sit in their fancy offices in Manhattan could care less about Jews, who live in or near neighborhoods, where they are routinely physically assaulted. As Clark Gable once stated “Frankly, they don’t give a d—“. Incidentally, the old website had a limit as to how many words could be posted for a given message. Unfortunately, there are several individuals on this site, who don’t know the meaning of brevity, and continue on and on, with no limit insight. In the old days of Vaudeville, if an act was not pleasing to the audience, the stage managers would take a hook, and pull the deficient performers off the stage!

  5. I’m no fan of dov’s but he’s correct adl is irrelevant in today’s affairs they are more concerned with supporting the socialist Democratic Party then Jewry
    They run to help gays blacks and every leftest cause. But supporting Jews sorry no ones home

  6. Why attack the ADL? Does bored Mr Hikind expose antisemitism, white supremacy and populist Trump-style hate like the ADL? NO. He comes off like a hysterical Jewish Al Sharpton, yelling into a bullhorn and sounding like hot air. The ADL is recognized around the world as a champion of Jewish pride and protection. Its detractors are recognized as SHEEP going (again) to the slaughter.

    • The ADL protects leftist Jew hatred by the anti Israel democrats and their supporters just like you do you are a deranged pos. Where are the ADLs condemnation of the Jew hatred by anti Israel on campuses nationwide that has been increasing since Obama’s election, where is their condemnation of the BLM crowd who chant from sea to sea palestine will be free, where is their condemnation of the entire Democrat elected officials for supporting the 2 Jew haters Tlaib and Omar. The ADL is run by an Obama sycophant and is another leftist organization who supports Jew hatred from the last.

  7. The ADL is correct on this one, Dov. It’s all about context. If someone gets knocked down off his bike, gets up, and gives the “OK” sign, that’s not anti-Semitic. A known white supremecist NOT knocked off his bike giving that sign? Probably anti-Semitic.
    It’s like using the word “Jew”. It depends on the context and inflection of tone. However, there’s really no viable way to classify the word “Jew” as anti-Semitic.


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