Judge Calls On Ocasio-Cortez to Testify As To Why She Blocked Dov Hikind on Twitter


“It’s a great development as she will have to answer very specifically what about my critical tweets crossed a line,” said Hikind

During the two-hour hearing  held in federal court, Dov Hikind testified about the nature of his tweets that led to him being blocked by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. He asserted his right to access to the congresswoman and that his critical tweets were those that took her to task for her careless usage of “concentration camps” and “never again” to refer to ICE detention facilities.

Additionally, the congresswoman’s campaign manager, Rebecca Rodriguez testified and revealed very important information: only Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has access to her @AOC account; she’s the one who decided to block Dov and actually did the blocking; she decided to do so because she felt Dov’s tweets were “too frequent”, “no longer conversational” (even though she never responded to a single tweet of his); “hateful”; and that Dov was gaining followers through doing so (an assertion that is impossible to prove, and isn’t relevant to the First Amendment). Because of her testimony the judge, as well as Dov’s lawyers Jacob and Israel Weinstein of Weinstein and Weinstein LLP and Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s defense team, agreed to have the congresswoman called to testify since she’s the only one who can answer to the facts surrounding her act of blocking. She will also have to explain how although @AOC is her primary account where she posts 10 to 20 times the amount she does on her official @RepAOC account, that it somehow remains personal and therefore not subject to the 2nd Court of Appeals precedent against the President.

The hearing will continue pending her agreeing to a date for her in-person testimony.

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  1. Didn’t a federal judge rule that president trump could not eliminate or block opposing views on his accounts siting he’s a public figure. Well isn’t she the same after all she’s now the top democrats in congress pushing Nancy out if the way

    • That’s on official accounts. The reason this is happening is because he was harassing her personal account which isn’t held to those rules since it has nothing to do with her job. He can still access her official account like everyone else. Don’t harass someone, and you won’t get blocked.

  2. With all due respect to Dov Hikend I would advise him to stay focused on the needs on our local community needs,
    He is picking a fight that non of his constituents really care about just for some media publicity
    Besides of getting our community more negative media coverage nothing substantially will be accomplished

  3. With all due respect to Local Guy, Not only does this “get our community” positive media coverage it shows our strength, fearlessness and ability to work within the legal system. Allowing (or sitting quietly as) an elected officials get away with inciting hatred, violence and anti-semitism unchecked is dangerous to all of society. Your excellent suggestion to focus on serving your constituents should be directed at others, Mr Hikind has a long history of doing just that.

  4. Poor guy. AOC is just going to turn his cry for attention into more great press for her. I’ve already blocked him after reading his tweets. Which as a private citizen I’m free to do. If the desire was to spread information then I’m afraid it may backfire.

    People should learn that just like Trump, if you find yourself in a battle ground with AOC then consider very carefully whether or not you were _lured_ there.

    Thanks for the nonsense click bait article. I’ve blocked this source on every social media site I could find. Best of luck drumming up this nonsense waste of time and distracting folks from the impeachment. Maybe AOC should gently request the Ukraine investigate this guy. We all know that’s a legitimate use of power. Far below the charge of blocking someone on _twitter_


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