Warren Dismisses Top Staffer For Inappropriate Behavior

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks at the SEIU Unions For All Summit on Friday, Oct. 4, 2019, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

WASHINGTON (AP) — Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign has dismissed its national organizing director following “multiple complaints” of inappropriate behavior.

Spokeswoman Kristen Orthman says the campaign received complaints about Rich McDaniel over the past two weeks and retained outside counsel to conduct an investigation. McDaniel was fired after the campaign determined that his reported conduct was “inconsistent” with its values.

Word of the dismissal was first reported by Politico.

In a statement to Politico, McDaniel said he “would never intentionally engage in any behavior inconsistent with the campaign or my own values” and he wished his former colleagues well.

McDaniel worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid and Doug Jones’ successful Senate run in Alabama in 2017.

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