Beis Din Allows ‘Shaming’ Of Get Refuser Who Abducted His Children Away From Their Mother


BROOKLYN (VosIzNeias) — Here is and example of “sins for which Yom Kippur doesn’t atone”, according to Israeli website Kipah:

Yigal and Sarit Sagi married in Israel and had a family together. Yigal left Israel in 2009, leaving his wife Sarit an aguna – a woman chained to marriage. About six years ago, she agreed to send the children to him for a short summer visit – and since then she has not seen them.

Although the couple lived as secular Jews in Israel, since leaving Israel Yigal has apparently become a member of a religious Brooklyn community and has become observant. The children – who left Israel thinking they would return to their everyday lives in a month – apparently now study in Charedi institutions. Sarit, who suffered a stroke shortly after learning that the children wouldn’t be returning, required a long rehabilitation, and to this day has still not been able to see them, in spite of a number of attempts.

The Israeli Beis Din ruled that it is permissible to “shame” Yigal by publishing his name and picture, as well as to impose various sanctions: that people may not “do him a favor or help him or do business with him…This obligation applies to his relatives and family as well as to the entire community and religious courts in each location as well as anyone who helps him to continue in his refusal [to grant a get to his wife]…” This information should be brought to the attention of the Chabad community in Brooklyn which, based upon information received by his chained wife, is harboring Sagi and providing him with refuge.

Sarit Sagi has not given up the right to see her children or the right to live freely. The ruling was attained with the help of advocate Devorah Brisk of Ohr Torah Stones’s Yad La’isha Legal Aid Center, in the hope that publicizing Yigal’s name and picture will help bring justice.

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    • Should chabad stop bring non-religious into the frum communities? Why blame chabad blame the person!!! Another wat to bash chabad!!! I am sick of this, eveb before yom kippur???

    • Child vistation refuser moms or brainwasher moms should know that if you don’t allow or convince your kids not to visit daddy then you don’t get a get. A child is a limb of a mans body. If someone chops off my arm I fight for my life . This is the only recourse a man has . And after the get it’s extremely hard to change any visitation deals and or altitudes.

      Ps this dude sounds extreme and above any norms so I don’t speak for him. You can’t kidnap or snatch kids way from mom unless physical danger . I speak in general

  1. He has been in and out of Crown Heights for the past 10 years.
    I had no idea until this article that he’s a Get refuser. But I’m not surprised at all.
    He himself isn’t religious at all. He’s just taking advantage of Chabad’s kindness. Who wouldn’t help 2 children (The boy is now around 15 and the girl 13).
    Yigal had his mother bring the children and take care of them when they first came. She went back to Israel a few months later and returns here every year or so to help out with the kids.
    He’s a violent and rough person. He’s been in jail in Riker’s Island for car theft I believe. He isn’t honest at all. I was always curious about the children’s mother.
    I saw 2 weeks ago in Crown Heights out with another woman.
    I really feel bad for his wife. I hope that she gets free soon.


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