Connecticut Rabbi, Accused Of Sexual Assault With A Minor, Found Guilty

Rabbi Daniel Greer. Source: Screenshot

CONNECTICUT (JNS) — A Connecticut rabbi was found guilty on all four counts related to sexually assaulting a minor that could result in a maximum 80-year prison sentence.

Rabbi Daniel Greer, 79, had been a long-respected rabbi in New Haven who has been credited with revitalizing the Edgewood neighborhood.

However, prosecutors said that between 2002 and 2003, he repeatedly had illegal sexual encounters with Eliyahu Mirlis, then 15, at Yeshiva New Haven, which Greer had founded, taught at and served as dean.

Mirlis said that Greer had sexually assaulted him on school property, at the Greer home, and at motels in Connecticut and in Pennsylvania.

In 2017, Mirlis, now 31, and currently residing in New Jersey, was awarded a $15 million civil lawsuit against Greer and the school. The award is currently being appealed.

Mirlis considered Greer as a “father figure” and kept quiet about the illegal interactions until he told his future wife in 2005. He said he didn’t think that anyone would believe him.

Greer was also originally charged with four counts of second-degree sexual assault—charges that were dismissed because the state’s statute of limitations expired.

Following the jury announcing the verdict, Greer’s wife, Sarah, demonstrated little emotion, though attempted to talk to him before he was led off in handcuffs.

Greer paid a $750,000 bond, and was required to wear an ankle monitor and give up his passport. He is currently under home confinement.

Dow said his client plans to appeal the verdict.

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  1. I wouldn’t have the guts to write this article, especially this time of year,
    I would leave it to the רבוש”ע to judge me as opposed to social media, but who am I,,,

    • This was a news article, not simply social media.
      It’s not judgment, it’s reporting.
      Most importantly, we need to publicize these types of attacks so that other victims feel supported and come forward. For far too long, we abetted these criminals by shielding them, moving them, and covering for them.

    • OR you could entrust your children to this long time abuser. Try that.
      read the depostion of Avi Hack from the civil trial, its widely available on internet and see how manipulative and sick this perp is

    • False accusations of sexual assault are rare. He’s gone through the entire judicial process and was found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
      Sexual predators are good at presenting a false front: it’s very common for people to have the reaction of “but not him of all people!”
      We somehow have this image of pedophiles looking strange: furtive eyes, leering at little boys, drooling in anticipation, whatever. We simply can’t imagine a rabbi doing this.
      The reality is that these guys look normal, frequently have a great reputation, and don’t appear suspicious.

      • The alleged events happened years ago. There were no witnesses to the alleged molestation. There was evidence presented at the trial countering the testimony of the victim. This case is not over.

      • “False accusations of sexual assault are rare”
        You people keep on using that circular arguement. It has to be true because they wouldn’t lie. The proof is that they end up being found guilty. They are found guilty because the accuser doesn’t lie. On and on.
        Imagine if this was the level of proof required for everything else. I could take your house away because 25 years ago I lent you $500,000.
        You want proof? Why, do you really think I would lie about something like that?

    • It’s very simple. If this conviction was based on the testimony of 1 person, there is a possibility of innocence. If there are other victims; then there is Zero possibility of Rabbi Greer’s innocence.

      • I believe in Judge Kavanaugh’s innocence even though the left still fabricating victims that don’t even recall the man. I’m not saying this Rabbi is innocent but I’m not saying is guilty. Yes, more victims lend credibility to accusations but their statements also need to be checked. I’m saying this as a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Things need to be checked.

  2. something that happened some 16 – 17 years ago sounds hard to prove in court. Especially with out any witnesses.

    but then I was not in the court to hear the info submitted as evidence…..

    • The accuser reportedly honored Rabbi Greer, to be a witness at his wedding, and also to be the “sandak” at his son’s Bris. Very strange honors to give your alleged molester.
      Also, if Rabbi Greed had sexually assaulted him, he’d be considered “posul le’aidus”, and his wedding would be invalid.

  3. If the alleged fiction was 15 in 2002 how can he be 20 in 2005? Also how is he 31 now if he was 20 in 2005? One will assume that there will be more than one victim. Sexual predators generally do not stop with first victim. Hopefully either the other victims will come out now or he will be vindicated.

  4. Oh god, one day we will all be so ashamed, you dear reader know what I’m talking about…. we all have our secrets that we don’t want our kids or even the general population to know about…. let’s all do tsuvah today and come clean before God…
    שלא נבוש בעוה”ז ולא לעו”ה
    סוף דבר הכל נשמע

    • Yes, we all commit sins we’d like kept private and I agree everyone has that right, provided all involved are over 18 and no one involved was not forced or coerced into participating.

      If there are minors involved or one person was in a position enabling him/her to exert undue influence, if the victim wants to warn others, too bad for the perp.

  5. Why do many on this site, want to give the benefit of the doubt to this convicted sexual pervert? Would those same individuals have the same opinion if it was a secular person, or a gentile? These perverts exist at all religious levels, and they should be severely dealt with. I remember the case of an NCSY person, who physically abused dozens of boys and girls. The NCSY did bupkis in spite of numerous complaints. Finally, that pervert was convicted, but only served 5.5 years in prison. Afterwards, the NCSY complained that it cost them “a lot of money to investigate those cases, and make changes”. Too bad, as it should have done something years earlier!


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