In Hate Crime Scare, Swastika Prop Discovered In Boro Park


BORO PARK (VosIzNeias) — A swastika was discovered on Monday, in what first appeared to be yet another New York Anti-Semitic incident.

The swastika was discovered in the heart of Boro Park, on 14th Ave and 39th Street.

The hateful symbol was painted in bright red, on a wooden board.

The NYPD was called, and immediately launched an investigation into the incident.

However later in the afternoon it was reported that the offending symbol was in fact just a prop from a school play.

While the prop turned out to be harmless, the incident caused much stress to the New York community, due to the recent rise of worrying Anti-Semitism and hate driven attacks.

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  1. I lived in Borough Park for five years, and my Dentist of blessed memory had his office there. I have fond memories of him. My Grandfather and my Aunt and Uncle lived there, and I used to visit my relatives by bicycle. Also, I would still take the 18th Avenue-49th St., bus into Borough Park, to visit, from Midwood, where I lived. At that time, Borough Park was a very peaceful and safe community. It really is a shanda that low life animals have infiltrated the community, with their hate. In the late 1960’s, and early 1970’s, when Rabbi Meir Kahane (z’l), and his men of the JDL, were active, they used to wait at night for these scum to appear near Shuls. They would wait until they would attempt to paint swastikas on Shuls, and then beat the living h— out of them. They would leave them lying in the street. Believe me, those animals got the word, and left the Jews alone. The only thing those Nazis understand is a dose of their own medicine.


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