Mother Of Terrorist That Decapitated Fallen IDF Soldier ‘Very Proud’

A poster in Gaza showing Hazem Yasser Arhim, an Al-Quds Brigades commander, holding the head of an Israeli soldier. (MEMRI)

JERUSALEM (JNS) — The mother of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist that decapitated a fallen Israeli soldier in Gaza in 2004 told a television interviewer last month that her son’s act makes her “feel proud and stand tall” to this day.

Al-Quds Today TV (Palestine) aired a Sept. 22 interview with the mother of Muhammad Yasser Arhim, an Al-Quds Brigades member who was killed in a clash with Israeli forces in April 2002, and Hazem Yasser Arhim, an Al-Quds Brigades commander killed by an Israeli airstrike in July 2004.

Earlier that year, Hazem had cut off and publicly displayed the head of an Israeli soldier who had been killed along with five other soldiers in a May 12, 2004 Islamic Jihad attack on an Israeli armored vehicle in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City.

The interviewer asked the men’s mother, named only as “Umm Maher,” if she felt pride when she sees images of her son “heroically” holding the head of a Zionist soldier.

“Even today, I am very proud of him,” answered the mother. “[Everybody is] familiar with Hazem’s story and how he walked around with the soldier’s head after he snatched it. … I always take pride in this wherever I go.”

The broadcast showed videos and images of Hazem holding a sack that supposedly contained the soldier’s head.

The following are translated excerpts from the interview:

Presenter: Dear viewers, for those of you who are not familiar with Hazem Arhim, he was a prominent commander in the Al-Quds Brigades who took the head of a soldier during an operation that was carried out by the Al-Quds Brigades in the Zeitoun neighborhood [in Gaza]. Six of the occupation soldiers were killed in the bombing of their Merkava tank. Everyone chanted “Allah Akbar” following this operation. All the people in the Gaza Strip were exhilarated when the martyr Hazem took the soldier’s head and presented it for the whole world to see. Everybody witnessed this heroic operation.

Umm Maher, when you see your son holding the head of a Zionist soldier and showing the whole world how the Zionist soldier was killed in the Merkava tank bombing operation… What did you feel? Were you very proud of this heroic achievement by Hazem?

Umm Maher: Allah be praised, even today I am very proud of him. All the countries of the world are familiar with Hazem’s story, and how he walked around with the soldier’s head after he snatched it. I always take pride in this where I go. Allah be praised, it makes me feel proud and stand tall.

Presenter: Allah be praised.

Umm Maher: Allah be praised.

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  1. Filthy scum. Isreal should never negotiate with them, they’ve gotten more than enough undeserved precious Israeli land, and look how peaceful they are and how productive they are in Gaza which Israel stupidly gave them.

  2. These same muslims are the ones fighting in all terrorist groups, all over the world. They may go by different terrorist group names, hold different nationalities, and have different slogans or things they are supposedly fighting for, but this interview is just a clear frank discussion about who they really are and what their ultimate goals are.
    There will never be any peace with muslims until the end of time.

    • And not one of you question that maybe you are wrong and that your actions might actually be responsible for people to respond in such a horrific way the whole world should take notice? Of course not its your land youre’ superior the Palestinians are worse than animals. Is that about right?

      And there’s no peace for the wicked O Israel. Maybe you’d be better off wondering why you have two inverted pyramids on your flag or how its possible to be an atheist Jew that claims the land you say is yours was given to you by a God you don’t believe in? The worst of your trouble hasn’t happened yet maybe it’s time you repent?


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