Thank G-d For Giving Us Life In The Synagogue Of Halle

Police officers cross a wall at a crime scene in Halle, Germany, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019. A gunman fired several shots on Wednesday in the German city of Halle. Police say a person has been arrested after a shooting that left two people dead. (Sebastian Willnow/dpa via AP)

HALLE (VosIzNeias) — A moving Facebook post was submitted by Talya Feldman, one of the congregants at the Halle synagogue which was attacked on Yom Kippur:

“Yesterday was Yom Kippur. The holiest day of the Jewish year, when G-d judges our past actions and sins and seals us in the book of life or death. And yesterday I was with the community of Halle in Germany, a community that welcomed me and my friends with open arms, when a shooter tried to break down the gate surrounding the synagogue and attack us. And yet he did not succeed. Not with bullets and not with explosives.
I do not know what the year ahead will bring, but I thank G-d that on the day of Yom Kippur He gave all of us in the synagogue of Halle life. And I mourn for those outside that were not as lucky.
While I continue to process all of this I want to thank the community of Halle, Jeremy, Rebecca, and my entire group of Base Berlin for remaining incredibly calm and brave, for singing together, for dancing together, and for choosing to pray the last bit of the Yom Kippur service in the hospital we were evacuated to despite the circumstances.
We are okay. We are alive. Am Yisrael Chai.”

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