JCM Featuring Game Room with Giant Games this Chol Hamoed


It’s day one of Chol Hamoed Sukkos. The family has just finished breakfast and the age old debate has begun. Yes, this was supposed to have been decided a week ago but it wasn’t; where was the family going to go today? So the arguments begin, and before you know it you’re checking the clock and it’s 2pm. Where has the day gone?

Stop. Rewind. What could be more simple than having your tickets already purchased, knowing your plans in advance, and knowing you’re going on a trip guaranteed to be fun and exciting for all?

We spoke to the program director at the Jewish Children’s Museum to get a sneak peek of what goes into the creation of the Chol Hamoed programs.

“We start thinking of ideas about 6 months before a program starts. Once our team decides on an idea, we can start ordering. For about a month before a program there are constant packages being delivered… our offices are a mess! We always run a practice round a few weeks before to finalize the floor plan and make sure everything runs properly.

“To think of our ideas for Chol Hamoed we have to do a ton of research! We start off with brainstorming sessions with the team. We do lots of research online to find the best performers or the best places to buy things. We also get ideas from some of the members of our museum.

“This Chol Hamoed the entire second floor of the museum is going to be turned into a game room with giant games! We have a jumbo connect 4, giant bananagrams with Aleph Beis letters, huge checkers… it’s a kids dream come true!

“And that’s just the game room. There’s also all the exhibits, crafts, a play space full of zoobs, and game shows!

“We’re looking forward to greeting you!”

For more details and to book your tickets, visit jcm.museum or call (718) 907-8833.

Use the code GAME13 to get 10% off your visit!

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