2 Unprovoked Anti-Semitic Attacks In New York On Saturday

NYPD vehicles are pictured in New York on Monday, Aug. 14, 2006. (AP / Mary Altaffer)

CROWN HEIGHTS (VosIzNeias) — As if New York hasn’t seen enough Anti-Semitism in recent weeks, 2 unprovoked Anti-Semitic attacks occured on Saturday.

In the first incident, a Jewish man was assaulted in Crown Heights.

The victim was walking on Union Avenue and New York Avenue Saturday morning when he was attacked.

The man was crossing the street, when a black male passed by him on a bicycle and abruptly slapped him in the face and called him a dirty Jew.

The man walked into the police station for help and also alerted Crown Heights Shomrim. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is investigating.

In the second incident, 2 Jewish men were pelted with eggs in Boro Park.

Two Jewish men were walking on 19th Avenue and 53rd Street in Boro Park Friday night, when a vehicle passed by and pelted them eggs.

In this case the perpetrators didn’t use any words, but rather fled the area.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating this incident as well.

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  1. When Jews start defending themselves and the perps will be met with some force then this will stop. Further if Jews dont make their elected protect them then they are to blame themselves. Call for action on all fronts!! WAKE UP!!

  2. What is sad is that the most possible prevention will not achieve perfect safety. The trend of the day is to assault Jews, and that is not something that we can stop with police presence. Even sadder is that the perps, if caught, will not get more than a slap on the wrist. The DeBlasio regime will never get tough on anti-Semitic crime, and will volley the blame over to other forces. The liberal judges, of whom too many still exist on the bench, will not hand out consequences that might deter.

  3. The answer is to reinforce broken windows policies and stop and frisk . It’s been proven to work . Both de blaasio and his role model Dinkins had lots more of these crimes . Rudy the mayor of America fixed up this city . Of course all the revisionist historians and commentators on vin all claim Rudy is crazy all of a sudden bec he dares to represent trump . They forgot what he did for NYC .
    Ps and let’s here again how all the anti semetic attacks happened under trump …

  4. Before Archy’s Mayor Rudy came into office, the NYPD used to have on patrol “The Rabbi’s Squad”. They were NYPD cops who dressed in disguise as Chassidim, and would walk in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, and possibly Borough Park. Whenever muggers or anti-semites would attack whom they thought were frum Jews, the cops would pull their guns on them, and arrest them. Believe me, it had a great deterrent effect. I don’t know why that unit was discontinued, or when it was discontinued? “The Rabbi’s Squad” should be reinstated now!


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