Trump Says He’s An ‘Island Of One’ On Syria

    President Donald Trump speaks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Saturday that he is an “island of one” for removing U.S. forces from northeastern Syria.

    But he remained steadfast and defended a move that drew widespread bipartisan criticism that he has endangered stability in the Middle East and risked the lives of Syrian Kurdish allies who helped the U.S. bring down the Islamic State group in Syria.

    Turkey, however, regards those Kurdish fighters as a terrorist threat and has launched a military operation against them.

    Trump said the U.S. cannot fight “endless wars.”

    “We have to bring our great heroes, our great soldiers, we have to bring them home. It’s time. It’s time,” Trump said in a lengthy and wide-ranging address to the Values Voter Summit, an annual gathering of social conservative activists.

    He portrayed the Middle East as a hopeless cause, despite years of American military involvement and financial investment.

    “It’s less safe now. It’s less secure, less stable and they fight,” he said. “That’s what they do. They fight.”

    Trump announced that he had directed $50 million in emergency aid for Syria to support Christians and other religious minorities there.

    Before the speech, Trump was joined on stage by Andrew Brunson, an American pastor who was released by Turkey in October 2018 after nearly two years of confinement. The case had roiled relations with Turkey and prompted an outcry from U.S. evangelical groups.

    Brunson led Saturday’s audience in a prayer for the president

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    1. The blood of every person killed directly and indirectly by Turkey’s invasion of Syria will be on his hands and on the hands of his enablers and supporters, from Tucker Carlson all the way down to Lindsey Graham.

    2. No, Mr. President, you are not alone. You have an enormous amount of support from the people whom which you tirelessly serve.
      As Leonoid Brezhnev said, the downfall of the U.S. will be the free press.

        • Don’t deflect, simpleton. I am an American, obviously one who votes freedom over tyranny.
          I dont need to resort to such amateur and empty rebuttals that require manufactured juxtapositions to aimlessly aid in capturing the even less-witted

    3. That ignorant man pulled troops out of the border where the Kurds were guarding ISSIS prisoners and justified it by saying that the Kurds weren’t with us at Normandy.
      Saturday he announced he’s sending troops to Saudi Arabia. As as student of history, I have found no mention of Saudi troops at Normandy.
      Does Trump know something about Normandy that we don’t know?

    4. I get the presidents point and Syria is a hell hole . However I do disagree about this . We can’t forsake the Kurds and let isis loose . I do think it’s ok to work with Russia to put Assad back in power . The free Syrian Army is incompetent and corrupt . The only solution for Syria is for our troops to get out of there and let Assad take power . Sure he is an Iranian ally. But he is the enemy that Israel can deal with . He is weak and we can smack him around easily .
      That all being said the sliver with the Kurds are a different story . Because they are such strong allies and seem to be not corrupt . Because turkey is a ferd and erdogean is a terrorist we should have stayed there . The Kurds could have been the one beakan of hope there . They are a model like form of governance .
      I do get the frustrations of the president though .

      And so yes this is what makes me honest . I call out when I disagree with trump despite being an avid supporter . Let me hear all you anti trump guys ever agreeing

    5. If he wants to abandon our leadership position then he shouldn’t expect the world to work with him. Every country for itself works both ways.

      So kurds die, russia controls a proxy state, iran operates from within Syria with Russia’a blessing and the Turks expand their sphere of influence

    6. Trump’s sell out of our Kurdish allies is the last straw for many Reupublicans who once understood honor, and our obligation to valiant allies. The Kurds are a stateless people of 30 (thirty) million who will NEVER trust America and who will now run toward our enemies like Assad for help. TRAITOR TRUMP’S REIGN OF ERROR.


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