Multiple Boro Park Jews Targeted In Friday Night Assaults [VIDEOS]


BORO PARK (VosIzNeias) — In what has become an all too familiar scenario in New York, multiple Hasidic Jews were attacked on the streets of Boro Park Friday night.

The first attack occured at approximately midnight on New Utrecht Avenue and 53rd Street. Two Hasidic boys were walking down the street, when a vehicle stopped next to them. A few men jumped out of the vehicle and began chasing them down. Luckily the boys managed to escape them. The men then jump back into their vehicle and fled the scene. This attack was caught on film.

Next, the same group of attackers drove to 48th Street in the area of the Bobover Bais Medrash, where they encountered a Hasidic man walking. They punched the man from inside the vehicle, and once again fled the scene. This attack was caught on film as well.

According to reports, 2 other Hasidic victims were punched as well that night, one on 14th Avenue and 51st Street, and the other on 14th Avenue and 55th Street.

In a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise and attacks on Jews are becoming more and more frequent, Jews in NYC are left wondering when authorities will exercise the law to crack down on these lawless and hateful individuals. Residents of New York deserve safe streets. The Mayor’s office is advised that history will not reflect kindly on those who sat idly by as citizens were being attacked in the streets. We’ve all heard enough talk. It is time for action.

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  1. The mayor is an useful idiot.he discourages police, when they are attacket with water like past summer or milk like last week etc. he is nowhere to be found, sends wrong & dangerous massage to criminals & thugs

    • The idea of letting thugs get away with crimes is beyond…even crimes like not paying the subway fair day after day with an excuse that students don’t have the $2.75…..I understand when someone doesn’t have on the moment but to allow them to get away each and every day they all have expensive smartphones on them

      • To: Howard Johnson- Where have you been? Have you forgotten about the attack and murder of a Chassidic man on a subway station in Crown Heights in 1986? What about the attacks which took place in Crown Heights during the pogrom of 1991. What about the attacks which took place in Borough Park in the late 1970’s. I remember when a Rabbi was murdered in Williamsburg in 1962, when Mayor Wagner was Mayor.

        • “1962,1970,s 1991” YEP WHITE Christian Male s. We were safe in 2008-16 under Obama like we Jews always did better under Muslims in our history. Thank you for reminding us. Michelle Obama 2024 (Maybe even 2020) More electable than Biden. The only Potus/First Lady with Integrity/honesty etc . 76% approval rating Not a single question even from Reps on character etc.

  2. Not surprised. Lakewood has robberies every Friday night. I’m convinced it is an inside job because somehow they aren’t caught for months!
    Time for us to unite not divide!
    Btw- Learnt and learned are both correct although learned is more accepted in the USA…..

  3. Vote with your feet. Broward & Palm Beach counties in Fl. would welcome you and you could be armed to defend yourselves if needed. Escape the anti-Semitism and NYC’s high taxes. Florida has no personal income tax. No need for heavy winter clothing and snow tires. Buy a single family home and grow your own fruit trees. Fresh oranges, tangerines & grapefruit, mangos & avocados, papayas & bananas etc. I also have a fig tree and a lychee.

    • “Broward and Palm Beach Counties” FYI there are no frumm yiden in Broward or Palm Beach counties. All frumme live in Dade County. 3 Yiden were killed there in the last few years with guns. There is a reason why 99% of frumme live in liberal anti-gun sanctuary cities like NY LA etc. In Tump voting , machine gun toting cities it would have been friday night massacres like in Pittsburgh. R”L In Miami Beach every Shul has on Shabos a hired guard . There is a good reason why. Oranges grown in Florida are not edible at all, its for juicing only you obviously dont live in fla.

      • Yingele, crawl out of your basement and look around. There are large frum communities in Coral Springs (Broward County) and Boca Raton (Palm Beach County). The rest of your comment is equally ignorant of actual facts.

  4. It’s surprising that these cameras can’t get a license number off a car. The problem is that there are certain secular Jewish groups like the ADL looking to count up every anti Semitic attack in order to make Trump look bad. It has nothing to do with Trump. It’s the radical lefty mayor who has tied the hands of the police. Going to the general media every time an anti Semitic graffiti is scrawled only encourages more. The second group who wants these attacks is a group of heimisha self appointed machers. They want to cash in on it by getting funding to fill their pockets. These are the same bums who supported Hillarey and twisted arms of rabbis to remain silent or urge people to vote Hillary. You don’t believe it. I was behind the scenes and myself got threats from these machers because I was able to convince many to support Trump.

  5. “Make trump look bad” Antisemmitic attack are up 85% since Trump, not only in NY but all over USA like Pittsburgh, Dallas etc all republican controlled cities and states. Deplorables hate jews everywhere. Facts speak for themselves.

      • So we all agree that anti-semitism is caused by Trump not by DeBlasio or others. “Never Trumpers” or “Trump in 2020” makes no different for the victims. DeBlasio was the Mayor 2015 – 16 many years before Trump was elected and the antisemmitic attacks only started in the last 3 years. Just remember what you saying next time you vote. This anti-Jewish violence is not caused by some 500 lb idiot sitting in his bed or some Israeli teenagers as many here trying to convince us.

  6. In the late 1950’s, there were scores of anti-semitic defacements of Shuls in the NYC area, including Long Island. Trump was a teenager then. Are the same idiots on this post, also going to blame Trump for those attacks, going back sixty years?

    • Mitzzvah??? Are you for real? I have yet to meet a Rav,Rebbe,Rosh Yeshivah, ehriche Yid with a gun. (In the USA) We are the people of the books not guns. Let the White trash in Republican States have the guns. NYC is the largest in the USA and all mass murders are in different states (republican controlled) What a coincidence? The Largest City did not have a mass murder. Every Republican Trumpist place did. I cant even think about NYorkers with guns. (Crown Hights Riot with guns?) Unless some of you Evangelists would rather have Friday Night massacres instead of beatings. Is this the Evangelists plan to move us to Israel to get what they pray for?

  7. All this blame on Trump and Di-Blasio is nonsense.There was bigotry and anti-Semitism long before those 2 came to power. The 70’s-90’s were a lot worse than nowadays.

  8. Cameras? How about FIGHTING BACK FOR A CHANGE! Somehow 2 teenagers outnumber a minyan of chickens. No wonder how the Curban happened. No one but ZIONISTS fought back.

  9. There are Rabbonim (including the Rabbi of the Chabad in Key West, Florida), who carry a concealed firearm, under their suit jackets, in Shul. The Rabbi is legally authorized to do so.


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