School Apologizes After Student Don Halloween Costume As Hasidic Jew


EMMAUS, PA (VosIzNeias) — Two Pennsylvania High School students said they were horrified after a fellow student wore Halloween costumes that conjure Jewish stereotypes.

Sister Stefania and Pandora Schoen, who are Jewish 11th and 12th graders at the Emmaus High School, told The Morning Call, that they saw the student in the Hasidic costume with black clothes, curly sideburns called pais and white scarf meant to be a tallit.

They said the costume were offensive and evoked images of Jews shown in 1930s Nazi propaganda in the years leading up to the Holocaust.

Pandora said she cried, while other student were laughing.

The Schoen’s said, they reported it to the school guidance office and thought the incident was handled appropriately.

The school acknowledged the inappropriate costumes and issued the following statement:

“Yesterday morning, the administrative team at Emmaus High School was made aware that two students wore Halloween costumes that were offensive and/or upsetting to members of our school community. Both issues were swiftly addressed. … We want to assure the community that Emmaus High School is focused on creating and sustaining a safe and supportive school environment and will address behaviors that interfere with that purpose.”

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  1. The problem is the idiots who manufacturer these costumes, and the retailers who sell them. This is not a Purim party, but goyim wearing those costumes, in an effort to evoke laughter, and make fun of an ethnic group. Imagine the repercussions if the students dressed up in blackface!

  2. What about the goyish students who were laughing at, and mocking the Chassidic person, as depicted in the costume? You don’t see anything wrong with that? Would you encourage students to walk around with a Blackface costume?

  3. i am chassidic & dont get it , are we scrutinizing every purim costume let the school know that no offense taken . you can print cartoons ridiculing the president but a hs kid cant dress up ? weve lost our compass


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