Men Dressed As Jews Hand Out Holocaust Denial Fliers At Boulder Mall


    COLORADO (JTA) – A group of men wearing large white kippas and tallesim handed out fliers promoting Holocaust denial and hung up cards bearing anti-Semitic canards on a pedestrian mall in Boulder, Colorado.

    The fliers handed out at Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall by the men who appeared to be posing as Jews claimed the Holocaust was “impossible.” The men also hung notes on index cards around the mall that claimed “Academia is dominated by Marxist Jews,” Jews run the porn industry,” and “Jews ran the Atlantic slave trade,” the Daily Camera newspaper reported.

    The men livestreamed their actions, according to the report.

    As of Sunday morning, no reports were filed with police about the fliers, Boulder police told the newspaper.

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    1. Why not? Shekker has a special koach in our days.

      Look at who is sitting in the Oval Office – a failed businessman claiming to be a self-made billionaire, a business school graduate who is embarrassed to release his grades but claims to have great and unmatched wisdom, advertising himself as a stable genius while unable to spell the words in his third grade vocabulary tweet-storms.

        • I’m where I am supposed to be, give or take, davening with a minyan, learning the little bit I know how, supporting my shul, and giving ma’aser kesofim, using whatever HKBH gave me as best as i can to help my kids put their’s thru yeshiva/bais yaakov.

          In other words, being a normal, ehrlich ba’al habayis, part of a world of normal, ehrlicher ba’alai batim, where the difference between shekker and emes still matter and we are still disgusted by the immoral Trumps and amoral Kushners.

          El Presidente, on the other hand, has 7 mitsvos to follow and has managed to trample on every one of them.

          Obviously, you live in a world where winning matters, not shekker and emes. B”H we’ve been zocheh to keep such values away from our children and grandchildren.

          • Everyone of them? Do you even know what the 7 Noahide laws are? They include idolatry, killing, etc. You are ungrateful to a president who has done more for Jews than many of his predecessors. You are — in all likleihood — a moronic Clinton fan, failing to realize that they’re the crime family of the century, who are a lot closer to having transgressed all 7 laws.

            • Please explain why I am not entitled to express an opinion about Donald Trump without triggering a nasty meltdown from his defenders.

              Yes, I know the sheva mitsvos bnai noach and I believe that any Trump has not violated directly he has violated by proxy.

              No, I do not believe Trump has done more for us than any other president. I actually do not see where he has done all that much for us.

              No, I am not a Clinton fan.
              Your need to throw in ‘moronic’ revealed more about you than anything else you wrote, by the way, that is until you flew off into the Kellyanne Conway world of alternative facts. (While you’re there, please send my warmest regards to Q-Anon, JFK’s second shooter, Lindsey Graham’s spine, Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin.)

      • The biggest embarrassment is you, hashomer, a know-nothing illiterate imbecile who uses numerous screen names to make it appear as if he has support for his Jew-hating remarks, and TDS-obsessed rants against the president. It’s sad that you’re too mentally ill to realize how nuts you come off. Get help, especially before the next election when Trump’s reelection will push you over the edge!

    2. No one stopped them. No one confronted them. No one reported them to the police. As long as Yidden remain as ‘sheep’ we will be victimized by the far-white trumpfniks.

    3. Their flyers were filled with lies. It stated that “six million Jews didn’t live in Nazi occupied territory. In fact, there were about 8-9 million Jews in Europe and Russia at the start of World War Two. Zyklon Gas was a deadly nerve gas; its sole purpose was to kill, and not delouse. Also, this garbage about movie theaters and restaurants in concentration camps, were for the use of the SS, and not for Jews. Unfortunately, there are nitwits who believe that garbage, including some anti-semites who troll this site, and even comment on this site.

      • Not much different than GoldnMedina here, who keeps on claiming that Trump and the Republicans are Nazis, thus trivializing and denying the crimes of the real Nazis.

    4. Sadly,there’s lots of proof that the holocaust happened, there’s no proof that it didn’t. Talk is cheap.

      These grand idiots are entitled to their dumb opinions but ARE’NT entitled to their own set of facts. The facts of the holocaust cannot be altered or denied.


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