Giuliani Associate Lev Parnas Will Cooperate With Impeachment Investigators

Lev Parnas arrives at federal court in New York City for an arraignment hearing, Oct. 23, 2019. (Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Lev Parnas, the Ukrainian-American businessman charged with campaign finance violations related to the Trump-Ukraine scandal, said he will cooperate with congressional impeachment investigators.

Parnas’ attorney told Reuters that Parnas, who has ties to President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, will comply with requests for records and testimony. Parnas helped Giuliani coax Ukrainian officials to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Last month he rejected requests from three House of Representatives committees to provide documents and testimony, according to Reuters.

Attorney Joseph Bondy told the news service that he would “scrupulously” protect Parnas’ Fifth Amendment constitutional protection against self-incrimination.

Parnas and another Ukrainian-American Jewish businessman, Igor Fruman, have pleaded not guilty to charges of campaign finance violations related to the scandal.

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  1. I understand that Parnas decided to testify after Trump denied knowing him. He took that as an insult.
    His testimony about Rudy’s dealings with the Ukraine on behalf of Trump should be interesting.

    • Some insult.

      I would think a guy who sleeps with porn stars while his wife is home with a new born and goes broke in the casino business saying he is a friend of his would be humiliating to a normal person.

  2. Parnas and Frum-man are both under arrest as ‘flight risks’ so they wear trumpf ankle bracelets, like Mike Coy-hen, Manafart, Roger Stoned, In-like -Flynn and 42 others. We can thank Disemboweled Donald for draining the sewer of his own goniffs. FEH

  3. Wow 4 very wise comments all from the same moron . So convenient. Nothing will become of this . Trump ain’t getting removed . He is trying to pull off a Cohen stunt . I’d do it too if I were in his shoes

        • 1) 90% of frum Jews support Trump. Why would 90% of vin not represent that ?
          2) new mysterious names that pop up on bundles all of a sudden ? Kind of odd
          3) all next to each other
          4) somewhat same style .

          There are more circumstancial facts but that should be a start . You are not that bright

          • truth is I’m not any of those ‘mysterious’ names that you are so familiar with. having said that, why must we agree with this educated archy – there are plenty of people who don’t agree with anything he says. 90% support? och n’ vey! I also noticed that 90% hate Obama – the man who stopped us from a major recession, if not depression, who provided Israel with all the weapons it needed , for a full 8 years.
            I think 90% of frum Jews should be ashamed of themselves for not giving him a hakoras hatov.
            when trump turns on Israel, as he has with the kurds, will 90% of the Jews still think of him as the messiah?
            ‘next to each other’ ‘somewhat same style’ ? when you cant stand a con artist like trump, how much different can we write?
            I know I’m rambling – but most of you make me sick to my stomach
            to be so enamored of a sleazeball like trump.
            he move the embassy? whoopeedoo. how has that helped Israel???


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