Mexico – Mexican Army Says Gunmen May Have Mistaken SUVs

    Austin Cloes points to a photo of relatives Rhonita Miller and her family, who were killed in Mexico, on a computer screen Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, in Herriman, Utah. Drug cartel gunmen ambushed three SUVs along a dirt road, slaughtering at least six children and three women all of them U.S. citizens living in northern Mexico in a grisly attack that left one vehicle a burned-out, bullet-riddled hulk, authorities said Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

    Mexico – Mexican officials say gunmen who killed nine U.S. citizens — three women and six children — may have mistaken the group’s large SUVs for those of a rival drug gang.

    Gen. Hector Mendoza, Mexico’s army chief of staff, said Wednesday that the attackers let some surviving children go, indicating that “it was not a targeted attack.”

    Mendoza said the ambush consisted of two attacks, two hours apart at two places along the road. He said at 9 a.m. a Chevy Tahoe was hit by bullets and exploded in flames, and at 11 a.m., two Suburbans — one carrying the mother and her baby — were hit by gunfire.

    The Americans were all living in northern Mexico.

    The Juarez drug cartel and its armed wing, known as “La Linea,” or “The Line,” are fighting a vicious turf war against a faction of the Sinaloa cartel known as the “Salazar.”

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    1. Don’t believe this nonsense that the gunmen didn’t know whom they were killing. It was reported that one of the victims told the gunmen that there were women and children in the SUV’s. They clearly saw that they were North Americans, and opened fire and killed them anyway. They did it, because they are savages who wanted to send a message that they control the area. They could care less if they kill innocent civilians. They’ve done it before, and they will do it again. Mexico has a central government which is useless in stopping the violent drug cartels. It is an extremely violent country. It’s population is about 37% of the USA’s, yet, it has a homicide rate is 33,000 per year, compared to 16,000 per year in the USA’s; therefore, on a per capita basis, its homicide rate is nearly six times that of the USA’s. American tourists should stay away from Mexico, and not book any cruise which stops at Mexican ports. They should be hit in the pocketbook, where it hurts. In 1975, and 1976, there was a boycott of Mexican hotels after it voted for the “Zionism is racism” resolution at the UN. Mexico got the message at that time. If the
      President of Mexico had any backbone, he would send in the Federales to destroy the drug cartels. Unfortunately, he lacks the guts to do so.


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