Jewish Student Assaulted, Verbally Abused At Fitness Center In Freiburg, Germany


FREIBURG, Germany (VosIzNeias) — Samuel Kantrowitz, a 19-year-old Jewish student, was doing his regular workout at the fitness center in the city when a man grabbed him from behind, threw off his Kippah and shouted “Dirty Jew” and “Free Palestine.” The attacker then added “Do you want me to hit you? Get out of here, filthy Jew.” He also took Samuel’s Kippah, spat on it and threw it in the garbage.

During the entire episode none of those present in the room tried to intervene until one older person came over and tried to calm things down.

Kantrowitz later told Israeli news outlet Kann that “the room was full of strong, youthful men  and none of them intervened. I understood that I am alone. Until now I thought that it its’t really dangerous here and I can feel free in Freiburg but now I realize that I was mistaken and that if something would happen to me in the street nobody would want to help me.”

The shaken Kantrowitz decided not to continue wearing his Kippah in public adding that “it’s important that people know what happened because the prevalent view here is that anti-Semitism exists only on television or in Berlin. I admit that I’m afraid to see the guy who attacked me in the street, because next time he might try to hit me as well.”

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    • I assume you are referring to the lack of intervention from the bystanders. The attack was from an Arab, not from a naxi or skinhead, and is as likely to have happened anywhere in Europe.

      • The German government can’t or won’t control the Arabs who emigrated there from other countries. That is why the right is gaining power in Germany. In a battle between neo-Nazis and radical Islam, I wonder who we should be rooting for…

  1. If this guy had a bit of brains he would not stay in Germany. Leopards don’t change colors. Now that there is B’H a place to go to, where Jews are in control of the country, why live in acursed Germany?
    All these attacks are a blessing in disguise – – to help Jewish people see the light.

    • If Jews are in control of the country of which you speak, perhaps you can explain why the local “leopards” there are still at times in a position to attack and kill Jews, and unfortunately do so relatively often. Maybe the establishment of said country is not the “aschalta digeulah” that some think it is?

      • Jews are the leaders of Germany or is your hatred of isreal that great
        Or do you have problems with reading and understanding the written word

        • Reading comprehension is your friend. “Charedi Yid” spoke of “a place to go to, where Jews are in control of the country,” referring to Israel, not Germany. I countered that unfortunately, Israel is not quite the safe haven he thinks it is, what with Arab terrorism. (My reference to “aschalta digeulah” might possibly have clued you in…)

          So, not to say that the Jewish student in this story shouldn’t move to Israel, just that “Charedi Yid” is incorrect in saying that that’s a guaranteed panacea. Whether in Israel or in Germany, we’re still in galus.

  2. It is not a good idea to wear a kippah in certain places, especially in Germany. Halacha mandates not to do anything to place our lives or health in danger; certainly, this specific situation would fall into that category. I know that there are some on VIN who take the opposite approach. However, there are prohibitions against suicide. Wearing a kippah, in certain areas in Germany, is akin to that.


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