Chaveirim Member Gets Ticket While Changing Flat Tire, Councilman Chaim Deutsch Outraged At NYPD

(Source: Screenshot from CBS2)

WILLIAMSBURG (VosIzNeias) — A Chaveirim member who recently helped change the tire on a stranded vehicle in Williamsburg was given an unwelcome reward for his efforts. The reward came in the form of a $115 fine.

When the Chaveirim member pulled up to the scene, he left his car parked behind the white van that needed it’s flat tire changed. As it turned out, the area behind the van was a no standing zone.

While it certainly isn’t legal to park in a no standing zone, it should be clear to all that helping a stranded vehicle on the road should not be the opportune time for writing a traffic summons.

This obvious understanding escaped the traffic agent passing by however, as he grabbed the opportunity to write out a $115 ticket to the Chaveirim member.

“Look what we’re doing. Trying to help people and you’re writing a summons?” said Chaveirim leader Aron Kohn. “A slap on your face!”

Chaveirim responds to tens of thousands of calls for help each year.

Councilman Chaim Deutsch took up the cause slamming the traffic agent on Twitter.

“Hey – maybe the Chaverim volunteer could have used some help changing the tire, instead of a $115 fine for aiding someone in need,” he wrote.

“We expect more from government,” City Councilman Chaim Deutsch told Jessica Layton of CBS2. “When I try to reach out to the traffic department it’s like pulling teeth.”

Deutsch has offered to write a letter in support of the volunteer based on his defense when he goes to fight the ticket.

The NYPD thus far has declined to offer any meaningful comment on the incident, only that the matter is “under review.”

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  1. The law is the law.

    If it’s indeed illegal- well, chaverim aren’t above that.

    The question is , would AAA be fined for that as well.

    If yes, then justified. If not, then it’s wrong of the officer.

    • We are not dumb balls who just follow laws as its written. if someone pulls over because they are dying from a heart attack should we write them a ticket too? We are nation of brains and compassion. We should use them.

      Same is true for the saying if you do the crime do the time. wrong compassion teaches us to forgive at times.

  2. This is the NYPD’s fault for their ticket quota system which forces these lowlife officers to write numerous bogus tickets for innocent drivers! I was at Coney Island DMV traffic court and the judge thankfully saw right through these corrupt cops writing undeserved tickets, and he was dismissing them one after the other!

  3. If you work boro Park or Williamsburg you are aware of these volunteer organizations. But I’ve seen traffic cops ticket unmarked police cars with signs and laugh as they leave


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