Mike Pompeo Vows To Fight Anti-semitism During Visit To German Synagogue Targeted By Gunman

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to the microphone, and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas flanked by Josef Schuster, leader of the Central Council of Jews, and Saxony-Anhalt Gov. Reiner Haseloff in Halle, Germany, Nov. 7, 2019 (Sean Gallup/Getty Images-JTA)

HALLE, GERMANY (JTA) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with members of the Jewish community at the German synagogue targeted in a fatal shooting by a far-right gunman..

“Our whole team has made a major focus on stamping out anti-Semitism wherever we find it,” he said. “We can find it everywhere … like in Pittsburgh. We must work together against this vicious attack on religious freedom.”

Accompanied by Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog and German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Pompeo laid flowers at the Halle synagogue and a kebab shop, where the gunman killed another person on Oct. 9 after being unable to break into the synagogue. His flowers at the kebab shop added to a sea of bouquets and candles there, AFP reported.

Pompeo’s state visit to Germany coincides with the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht, a series of pogroms that marked the first wide-scale use of violence by the Nazis against Jews.

“November 9, 1989 is a day of joy for Jews, too,” because tens of thousands of former Soviet Jews moved here following the fall of the Berlin Wall that day in 1989, said Berlin Jewish community president Gideon Joffe in ceremonies Friday at the Jewish community center in former West Berlin.

But recent attacks on Jews bring up old fears and require a tough response, he said.

The ceremony and wreath laying on the site of the Fasanenstraße synagogue, destroyed on Kristallnacht, was attended by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller and other dignitaries.

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    • Except his boss wasn’t referring to neo-Nazis or such types with that phrase, as you well know but continue to lie about. So you’re asking the man to ignore real threats and focus on a fantasy of yours. I’m sure the real neo-Nazis are grateful for your support.

      • So you disagree with my opinion?

        Nu, nu, you have every right to not be impressed if he vows to fight the anti-Semitism of his boss’s Many Very Fine People of the Alt-Right.

        • No, disagreeing with your opinion would mean that you’ve said something that may be true but with which there can be reason to differ. But yours is not an opinion, but a contemptible lie and libel; it’s not necessary to “disagree” with it, just to point it out as the lie it is, and at its consequences, which include your encouragement of actual Jew-haters at the expense of those whom you falsely accuse of such.

          • I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want him to work against the anti-Semitism of his boss’s Many Very Fine People of the Alt-Right, but b”h, despite the best efforts of Trump and the Many Very Fine People in the GOP, KKK and the rest of the Alt-Right who support him, Americans are still protected by the constitution, so I respect your right to be proudly and loudly wrong.

  1. Did you see that the Secretary denounced wall in a speech on the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall? He works for a man who wants to build a wall.


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