Brooklyn Man Sues Borough Park Yeshivas


BROOKLYN, NY (VosIzNeias) – A NYC man who was raised in the chasidic sect of Bobov has filed a law suit claiming he was repeatedly raped as a child by two Hasidic rabbis at A Yeshivah in Borough Park.

Publishers note: Rabbi Yair Hoffman has advised VIN News that this story may infringe on Lashon Harah and, at this point, does not fit into the guidelines of when a Jewish media organization may report upon an allegation.  One factor, but not the only one at issue here is that the individuals accused are no longer alive to defend themselves nor are they currently a threat to others – therefore the content has been removed.  This ruling is specific to the particulars of this case and should not be viewed as siding with one side or the other, nor should this ruling discourage victims from coming forward.

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  1. Sorry I don’t believe these guys . Something rubs me the wrong way about the bitter footsteps people . How come no frum guys ever come forward ? Till I hear about this from a frum ehrilich Jew it’s all a bunch of lies

    • You likely don’t hear from people who you think you respect because these boys, who are victimized, are shattered and are never the same. They suffer all their lives. Perhaps you’d be more empathetic if you understood the silence they are forced to endure because they are told it’s their fault. It’s a tragedy.

  2. It is totally inappropriate for Vozisneies to publish an accusation that defames in this manner and can cause severe damage to another person on the bases of a lawsuit. I thought that in America people were innocent until proven guilty.

    If it was me you would hear from lawyers, with good cause. Shame on you!

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