Virginia Democrats’ Speaker Pick Would Be First Jewish Woman In Job

    FILE - In this Feb. 21, 2019 file photo, Del. Charniele Herring, D-Alexandria, left, and House Minority Leader Eileen Filler-Corn, right, speak to the media at the rotunda inside the State Capitol in Richmond, Va. Virginia's House of Delegates is poised to have the first Jewish female speaker in its 400-year history, with the chamber's Democrats choosing a veteran legislator for the post. Democratic delegates for the upcoming session meeting on Saturday, Nov. 9 chose Filler-Corn of Fairfax County as their nominee. (Bob Brown/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP, File)

    RICHMOND, VA (AP) – Virginia’s House of Delegates is expected to soon have its first female speaker in its 400-year history, as the chamber’s incoming Democrats chose a veteran legislator for the post Saturday.

    Democratic delegates for the upcoming session picked Del. Eileen Filler-Corn of Fairfax County as their nominee.

    Filler-Corn’s election as speaker on the session’s first day in January is anticipated because Democrats on Tuesday won a majority in the state House for the first time in two decades.

    Republicans lost their slim seat advantages in both the state House and Senate , giving Democrats led by Gov. Ralph Northam the ability to pass stricter gun laws and a higher minimum wage, as well as change rules barring the removal of Confederate war memorials.

    “This is a tremendous honor I don’t take lightly and I’m ready to move forward,” Filler-Corn told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “We had a historic night on Tuesday and we had a historic day today, so I’m looking forward to continuing to stand up for the issues and values that are so important to Virginians. And we’re thrilled to be in the majority.”

    House Democratic Caucus members on Saturday also picked Del. Charniele Herring of Alexandria as the new majority leader, meaning she’ll be the first woman and first African American to hold that job.

    Tuesday was the third election in a row that Virginia Democrats have made significant gains since President Donald Trump was elected.

    In a news release, Northam said he and the House Democratic leaders that were picked Saturday “share a commitment to serving Virginians and advancing a more progressive and inclusive Commonwealth.”

    Filler-Corn, who joined the General Assembly in 2010, would also be the first Jewish speaker in state history. She’d succeed GOP House Speaker Kirk Cox.

    Outgoing House Majority Leader Todd Gilbert congratulated Filler-Corn and other new Democratic leaders. He said Republicans are concerned they are all from “the deepest parts of northern Virginia” and want to ensure people in other parts of the state get a fair hearing.

    Filler-Corn said she would ensure geographic diversity in committee chairmanships.

    Filler-Corn, 55, works for a lobbying and consulting firm in northern Virginia. She doesn’t lobby Virginia state government and will continue to recuse herself from certain state legislative matters that the firm works on, a spokeswoman has said.

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      • What a stupid comment coming from someone who is “educated”. What difference does it make if she is Chareidi, Orthodox, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Reform, or Ultra Reform? Does the U.S. Constitution, or the Constitution of the State of Virginia promulgate levels of religious observance, among various religions? Did it matter to the Nazis, when they came to kill the Jews, how religious their victims were?

        • It makes a huge difference yoni. Our lives are determined first and foremostly by being frum jews who abide by the torah and its laws. Our institutions and lifestyle are part and fabric of whom we are. When a secular jew is a polcitcan they foten try to uproot and disrupt our lifestyle. (if they don’t then kudos to them.) When a frum jew represents us even if not so religious like Kushner they protect our lifestyle and enable kall yisroel to flourish. We are on this world to grow in yiddishkit. Its the front for everything we do and the only thing that matters.

          And no it didn’t matter when the nazis came to kill us. But that has nothing to do with the discussion on hand. Its a red herring and nonsense argument. Sure secular non frum jews are jews like the rest of us (as you prove from your Nazis illustration). However, when they hold public office it matters. They are setting forth policy that can either help us or obstruct us. Without troah those polcies end up harming us.

        • In general most of rosevelts jewish advisors like rabbi Stephen Weiss the rasha marusha turned a blind eye on our plight .
          This is classic you and your fake news tactics . You pick on one factual detail without painting the whole story . Non frum Jews generally are a thorn in our eyes . There are always exceptions

    1. Her religious affiliations are irrelevant.

      In her new position she will be able to do more to protect classic American values like democracy, common decency, and true Conservatism from DJT, the KKK, and the rest of the Alt-Right.

      • Yep keep supporting the commie fascists who want to ban religious freedom and ban speech they don’t like oh and full on support for killing babies yep keep supporting them you deranged loser.

        • I can’t think of one religious freedom of mine that was abrogated by any Administration, Republican or Democrat. As for abortion, tell me why all the Ultra Orthodox upstate host every NY Dem who has a shot at winning. Are you that certain that you have an obligation to vote for a secular government based upon whether it enforces one of the sheva mitzvos. If you have a teshuvah from a qualified poseik then I will note Republican down the line but I haven’t come across any. Abortion is paid for in Israel by the state even though the last several governments had the chareidim in their coalitions. Where did you get the idea that goyishe abortion is a litmus test issue for Jews.

          • I can’t think of one religious freedom of mine that was abrogated by any Administration, Republican or Democrat

            I can. And so can you. So stop lying nachum. You know how to annoy people and you are a great lair.
            Lets start with the NY. Whether its bris ,mila or forcing our mosdos to teach secular studies against their mesora. These are the democrats and its a fact. So shut up and get lost you lair. Wait till they punish a yehsiva for fring a teacher who is gay. I guess you are Ok with gay teachers teaching your child. I am not.

            • I did not write the article that you are specifically referring to. Therefore, stop calling me Nachum, when I didn’t write a specific article. Secondly, regarding what I did write (at the top of the screen), when you responded, you referred to me as “Yoni”. How many times do I have to mention to you that my real Hebrew name is Nachum, and not Yoni, and not some other screen name. I’m not ashamed of using my Hebrew name, unlike you, who posts a photo of a farbisen tv character, who hated all ethnic groups, other than his own.

            • Bris Mila? Because of metzitza b’peh? WHat are you talking about. Even Rav Tendler said you don’t do metzitza b’peh during a sickness outbreak. Secular studies? Depends what. The secular ignorance at some of these yeshivas does nothing for the talmidim and not knowing the continents, basic geography, math, biology has no source e is any prior learning system. Gays? We have some in West Hempstead. There was an article about it. If they effected me, I would know who they are but I didn’t recognize one name and they will exercise their bechira and be answerable but not to me.

          • The dems want to force everyone to support gay marriage, and so called gender reassignment just lokk at the cale shop story and the photographer or the venue story, all democrats are all for forcing religious people including frum Jews to cater gay weddings etc but you are too ignorant to know anything.

      • Is democracy such a great thing ? I don’t know . Not convinced .

        As long as she doesn’t cheeper with our Torah or our Mosdos than ok it’s all great . The problem with non Torah Jews as politicians has been that as of lately they are trying to destroy our kedosha and Torah . Whether it’s mesora on bris mila , or kapparas. Whether it’s mixing in to our Mosdos that want to teach our tinkas shel bes raban Torah bkedusha or whether it’s forcing our gyms and swimming pools to have Mixed or gender neutral hours , public spaces to have gender neutral bathrooms , bakers to bake cakes or cater at gay parties etc … These are real issues

    2. Phineas / nachum

      The issue isn’t what rabbi tendler holds or doesn’t hold ( I also won’t get involved with if he is main stream ) . The issue is respecting what others believe . You know that chasdim and other sects disagree and take that issue every serious . For them govt intervening in our rich tradition is sacred. We need a govt tnat will let us all practice Yiddishkiet based on our mesora . Unless there is no mesora like helbrans clan .
      Same is true with education .And part of the secular circulam is evolution , how to have safe intercourse and the marriage equality act . These are things many of us are opposed to . Maybe you are ok with gay teachers , teaching your son but I don’t want that pervert near my kid and it’s bad chinuch . Sorry it’s against our mesora
      Maybe your name is Yonason nachum phineas . I don’t care . Just grow up and stick to one screen name

      • You can teach evolution as a false theory. You can cover evolution in one class. I went to yeshiva university high school for 10th grade. They said we have to teach you this. Enough with the nonsense. I can honestly state I have not commented under other names. I have no idea how to attach a picture but I’ve given my whole history. YcQ, 2 years mta, 2 years haftr, year and a half ohr yerushlayim, y.u., deferred law school one year and went to ner yisrael and then NYu law
        Great up in kew gardens hills, live in west hempstead. Even though I was modern orth, we advanced in rabbi oelbaums shtiebel


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