Multiple Boro Park Locations Targeted In Egging Attacks Saturday Night [VIDEO]


BORO PARK (VosIzNeias) — Saturday night saw a group of youths target multiple Boro Park locations in an egging spree.

All the targets were in the Dahill Rd area, and included a shul, a girls school, a bus, and multiple residences.

Khal Bnei Torah Sanz on Dahill Rd near Cortelyou Rd and 37th St was one such target. That attack took place while Jews were present, and was caught on film.

In the footage below one can see the group of youths pausing at the entrance to the Synagogue. When the door opens, they seize their opportunity to hurl eggs inside, after which they flee.

The Belzer girls school in the area was targeted as well.

The NYPD has collected the security footage and is currently investigating these attacks.

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