On Kristallnacht Anniversary, Yellow Stars Appear On Jewish Homes In Scandinavia

    A Yello star sticker on a Jewish grave in Denmark on Nov. 10, 2019. (Courtery of Rabbi Yitzi Loewenthal

    DENMARK (JTA) – Stickers shaped like yellow stars that Nazis made Jews wear during the Holocaust were placed on multiple Jewish sites in Denmark and Sweden on the Kristallnacht pogroms’ anniversary.

    In Denmark, the stickers were found on Saturday on the mailbox of Ella and Henrik Chievitz, a Jewish couple from Silkeborg, a town located 150 miles west of Copenhagen, on the home of another Jewish family in the Copenhagen area and on the Jewish cemetery of Randers, a town located some 30 miles north of Silkeborg, according to Rabbi Yitzi Loewenthal of Copenhagen.

    In Sweden, the same stickers were found at the Bajit Jewish café near the Adat Jeshurun synagogue and also on the Great Synagogue of Stockholm.

    Jewish buildings in Helsingborg, Sweden, where a Jewish woman was stabbed and severely injured earlier this year, and Norrkoping also received the stickers on Saturday, the 81st anniversary of the pogroms in Germany and Austria, which marked the beginning of wide-scale violence by Nazis against Jews.

    Authorities in Sweden and Denmark are treating the stickers as anti-Semitic hate speech, according to Lowenthal and Aron Verstandig, president of the Council of Swedish Jewish Communities.

    “It is no longer possible for anybody, Jew or non-Jew alike, to be shocked by the callous reminders unleashed against our communities in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe this past Shabbat that antisemitism is alive and well, and right at our doorsteps,” Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote in a statement. He called for “deliberate and targeted action.”

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    1. Nazi Steve Bannon and his volk have been busy again in Europa. ‘Fine People’. And in the U.N. herr trumpf VETOED an anti-nazi declaration last week. Look it up, shayna Yidden.

    2. So what’s the surprise? Kristallnacht was on Nov 10, the birthday of Martin Luther, father of the reformation.
      Luther incited the Germans to burn all synagogues and expel all the Jews from Germany.
      The Nazis announced that Kristallnacht was a birthday present for Luther.
      Lutheranism is the official established church of all the Scandinavian countries.
      Surprise surprise!!

    3. It is incredible how the Scandinavian countries have tilted against the Jews; At one time, they were very sympathetic to the Jews. When I visited Copenhagen in 1968, I met a Dane, who told me how he helped Jews in Denmark, during World War Two. Then, in 1943, the Danes helped nearly the entire Jewish population of Denmark (thousands of Jeews) escape the Nazis, just before Rosh Hashanah. They were taken out of Denmark by small boats, and taken to Malmo, Sweden, where they survived the war. They were the only country under Nazi occupation, which helped to rescue its Jewish citizens on a large scale. When they came back to Denmark, after the war (unlike in Poland), they were warmly welcomed back by their Danish neighbors, who looked after their homes, in their absence.
      While in Denmark, I noticed that the manager of an establishment where there was music playing, would not let in a certain guests. He told me “they are Arabs; if you had been a little more careful, Mr. Kennedy (referring to Robert F. Kennedy), would still be alive”.
      Also, I visited the Resistance Museum in Copenhagen, where there were many plaques of appreciation from American Jewish organizations, thanking the Danes, for saving the Jews.


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