Southern Israel: Couples Tie The Knot Under Shadow Of Rocket Attacks


JERUSALEM (VINnews) – Despite the strict Home Command directive requiring people living in southern areas of Israel not to congregate in groups of more than 100, Israelis aren’t going to let a few rockets ruin their weddings. Last night couples in the affected region found all kinds of creative ways to celebrate their marriages despite the security situation. Even the red alerts blaring regularly during the night did not deter them or mar the joy. And it’s just this kind of crisis that brings out the best in Israelis.

For one couple, a surprise visit to their wedding from singing star and 2018 Eurovision winner Neta Barzilai saved the day for them. Barzilai saw the couple, Efrat and Eliran, who had planned to marry in a ceremony with 400-plus guests in Beersheba on Tuesday night, speaking about their plight on the Channel 12 evening news and decided to join them at their much smaller affair

Barzilai, who saw them on the news, said: “I couldn’t stay indifferent… I was watching TV like half of Israel and I saw you. And I just got up off the couch and said, ‘It will surely be very special here. And it will surely be fun.’ And I simply got my team and traveled here to make this amazing couple happy.” Barzilai was filmed embracing, serenading and posing for selfies with the delighted couple.

Another southern couple, Yigal and Ortal, who also cut down their guest list by hundreds, explained their decision to marry in a small synagogue rather than postpone the wedding. “It was a very moving ceremony, really fun,” said Yigal, but added that, when he planned the wedding, he had considered the possibility that there might be rocket attacks. “I worried about getting married during a period of terror, in this country,” he said, adding that although the wedding turned out well, it seemed crazy that he had to consider the security situation when planning his wedding.

Race for the Million star Karin Kleinberg appealed to her thousands of followers on Instagram to help find a venue to host a wedding for her brother, Dor Huri, who was scheduled to marry his fiancée, Orel, last night in front of a thousand guests. After announcing that they would cancel the wedding, Dor and Orel eventually chose to marry in Moshav Beit Hagadi near Netivot, with just 100 guests.

One bride from Ashkelon called into a radio show, asking listeners to find a place for her wedding further north. Listeners responded with warmth and one even found a solution to her dilemma.

The most generous offer came from Yaniv and Moran, scheduled to marry in the Tel Ya event hall near Even Yehuda, which is north of Tel Aviv. The couple offered to have a double wedding with any couple from the south who needed it, and posted their offer on Facebook.


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