European Jewish Association Protests Against Auction Of Nazi Memorabilia


BRUSSELS (VINnews) – The Grassbrunn based auction house Hermann Historica known for trading historical weapons has planned the auction of many Nazi memorabilia items.

These items include possessions of Nazi leaders Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler. Among the 842 items in question there are framed photographs, silver dinner services, plates, letters or jewelry by Goering’s wife. An “honorary issue” of Mein Kampf , which belonged to Goering, can be found there as well as a folding cylinder from Hitler.

The European Jewish Association (EJA) is protesting against the auction with the argument that the trade of the Nazi memorabilia is morally wrong as they are likely to be purchased by those who glorify and try to justify the deeds of Europe’s greatest disaster.

In a letter to the auction house, EJA Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin explains that while the auction of these items is not illegal, the items should not be sold considering the recent rise in anti-Semitism in Europe and Germany and doing so can only cause harm.

A similar case occurred in Israel recently. A letter written by a child that was murdered by Nazis in the Holocaust was put up for sale. The case went to court and the sale was not made. In the words of Margolin, “With some things simply no trade can be driven.”

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  1. I’ve even seen ads in the Jewish War Veterans magazine of collectors (presumably Jews), who collect “memorabilia”, from World War Two, such as Japanese swords, or German firearms. There appears to be a market for such items.


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