Jerusalem City Councillor: Don’t Close Roads, Erect Tent Of Honor For Satmar Rebbe

FILE - Satmar Grand Rabbi, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum, speaks in the ultra orthodox neighborhood of Meah Shearim on January 28, 2013. Photo by Mendy Hechtman/FLASH90

JERUSALEM (VINnews)— A member of the Israeli secular Hitorerut party in the Jerusalem municipality has lodged a formal complaint with Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon over the erecting of a tent to honor the visit of a New York Rabbi the leader of an Anti-zionist movement to Israel next Tuesday.

Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum is due to visit Israel for ten days, during which he will inaugurate a new Beis Medrash for the Chasidus in Yoel Street, Jerusalem. A special tent has been erected there, where the Rebbe will conduct his prayers and a tish for thousands of his Chasidim from Israel and abroad.

City Councillor Yovav Tzur said that during such a sensitive security period for Israel it would be wrong for the city to give such honor to a Rebbe who is known for his opposition to the state of Israel and the IDF.

The Rebbe is known as one of the leaders of the struggle against conscription of Yeshiva students and he also encourages institutions not to take any money from the state of Israel.

Tzur wrote in his letter that “besides the fact that the rebbe attacks the state of Israel and its institutions on a regular basis and encourages his Chasidim not to enlist in the IDF and to oppose enlistment in every possible way, the decision to close the road and erect a tent causes unnecessary harm to neighborhood residents.”

In an interview with Israeli site Bechadrei Chareidim, Tzur added that “the decision by Mayor Leon to allow the total blocking of a road proves once again that he is controlled by extremist forces at the expense of local residents. It is unthinkable that a road should be blocked for two weeks  and it is my duty to deal with the needs of all local residents including those in Chareidi neighborhoods. Unfortunately the municipality prefers to treat these neighborhoods like its own back yard and this policy must change.”


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    • “Should be banned from Israel” and from the USA. Unlike the illegals they dont work and dont pay taxes. Huge Chillul Hashem. They are most of the 10-15% of Jews who vote for Trump.90% of Jewish Trump voters live in Brooklyn, Monsey etc. Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionism, Anti Liberalism, Anti- Everything what The Torah says. Love your fellow brothers, love the immigrants, love Israel.

      • That actually sounds morally consistent, if they don’t pay taxes,at least they don’t take other taxpayers money from the Government for their schooling etc… I don’t see a problem with that if it’s not illegal.
        To your other point, people who vote for Trump are Zionist. It’s hilarious you would think the opposition is a place for any Jew with a brain.

      • Your comments sound like they came from Der Sturmer. And they probably did. “Love your fellow brothers,” you say, even as you’re dripping with hatred towards them.

      • You are the one dripping with hate.
        If you loved all the Jews, you would live and let live and not speak in such an ugly manner against a Manhig Yisroel who decries the secular state that deliberately undermines yiddishkeit in every way possible.

  1. Sad. It sounds like you are the Jew-hater. All Jews are welcome here or should be, of whatever politic. In unity, we will be strong. Haredim, left, right, center, Not just a unity government, but a unity nation.

    Shalom al Yisroel

    • No, he was not. The Satmar Rebbe was saved by Rudoph Kastzner, an individual operating his own rescue operation. Kastzner happened to be a Zionist, but he did not have the backing of the Jewish Agency or anyone else in the Zionist establishment. In fact, the official Jewish Agency representative in Budapest refused to cooperate with Kastzner. I suggest you read “Kastzner’s Train” by Anna Porter.

      Please note also that the Satmar Rebbe’s place on the train was secured by Pinchos Freudiger, who put up a substantial (25% or so) part of the $1 million bribe (in American currency) that Himmler demanded for the train. Kastzner didn’t care who went on the train as long as all the places were taken.

      • Lawrence, and Ann Porter wrote in the same book:
        Anna Porter, on page 140 (see footnote 11 on page 390) of her new book, Kasztner’s Train, has this to say about the “Grand” rabbi of Satmar:

        A Zionist activist went to the Satmar Rebbe to warn him and his followers that the Nazi deportation trains would be taking them to their death, not to a ‘relocation site.’
        The Satmar Rebbe threatened this man with with excommunication and ordered him to be silent. He did not want his followers “panicked.”
        The Satmar Rebbe never told the Jews of Satmar where those trains were headed. The Jews of Satmar went like sheep to slaughter. The Satmar Rebbe, on the other hand, went into hiding and was later among those saved by Rudolph Kasztner

        • The Satmar Rebbe did not believe that Ausshwitz existed. He wasn’t the only one, by the way. Ben Gurion, at first, refused to believe what he heard about the gassings. If you read Eli Wiesel’s introduction to David Wyman’s “The Abandonment of the Jews,” Wiesel and father refused to believe what they heard about the gas chambers from the Jewish workers in Auschwitz when they got off the trains!e

          It’s interesting to note that the only person we know the “Zionist activist” spoke to was the Satmar Rebbe, who would be naturally disinclined to listen to him. What about the other Hungarian rabbis? Did our Zionist activist try to contact them? How did they react?

        • That’s what the zionists are happy to sell about the Satmar Rebbe Zt’l. It perfectly suits their agenda to maintain this.
          But we all know what the big zionist said at the time when the worst horrors and atrocities were committed against our brethren and the zionists had the funds and mean to save more Jews:
          “It is with Jewish blood that we will build our land”
          Need one say more?????

        • Betty: Don’t overstate the case. The Zionists did not have either the money or the resources to save more Jews. The Jewish Agency was not rolling in cash by any means. However, the Zionists were far more interested in lobbying for a Jewish state after the war than in saving Jewish lives during the war. Anyone who doubts that should read “The Abandonment of the Jews,” David Kurzman’s “Ben Gurion – Prophet of Fire,” or Tom Segev’s “The Seventh Million.”

          And by the way, there is no evidence of “Kastzner’s dream,” except in the collective minds of all those Satmar apologists who can’t stomach the idea that the Rebbe was saved by a (man who happened to be a) Zionist.

  2. Satmar loves all jews. They only don’t want to be tainted ideologically with modern Zionism.
    As long as they are friendly and humane, and can keep to agreements, they should be welcomed and assisted.
    They are not BDS or terrorists of any sort. Government officials can also include condition the the rebbe himself announce that his hasidim should always be civil and polite and remain loving to everyone as jews, which satmar ideology has no problem with!

  3. The opposition to the government accommodating the Satmar Rebbe is understandable due to his opposition to the State of Israel. However they should accommodate him during his visit.
    The Rebbe is not a “Jew hater” just a man opposed to the creation of a Jewish state before the coming of Moshiach.

  4. A klal gadol for too many posters on VIN is “…I know the truth, and anyone who disagrees with what I say is to be vilified and disgraced as evil…” Makes one wonder how many of you understand the significance of shachla v’taria in Shas.

  5. Why don’t you anti Samar commentators keep silent when gay parades are allowed in Israel a so called Jewish state. If anything satmar is very supportive of Israel they just built a big new Shul in Jerusalem. I saw it.

  6. Lets think positive. If Bernie or Warren gets elected (50% chance) they already announced they will cut some of the money to Israel. Satmar is against taking any money from the State. This should be good for Israel (more money for defense etc) unlike what the so called pro-Israel Misnagdim in Flatbush, 5Town, Monsey etc. do. They sending their confused teenagers to Israel to Yeshivos (Some learn, many many just hang out)supported by the State (Middle Class Taxpayers ) draining money from Israels Security, welfare etc. BKitzur. Satmar does more for Israel than the Lutvaks .

    • Peace: It’s actually a fallacy that Satmar does not take money from the state. They preach it, but it is a fact they do take it.

      While i am not a litvak, yeshivish, chassidish or anything. Just a pashtia yid, I have not see any gedolim generated by the chassidim in decades. Very few. Most rebbe’s are born into that position, regardless if they deserve it or not. At least by non chassdium, they strive to be the next gadol (even if some hang out).

      • Satmar DO NOT take money from the State.
        Do you even begin to know how many tens of millions are sent over each year to their mosdos and the families?
        You would be astounded if you knew the amount.

  7. I think it would be wrong not to build the rebbe a very big tent. However, it ought to be located across from the Gaza security fence, on the Israeli side if the rebbe prefers. If the rebbe wants protection it should be provided and charged for by the IDF.

    R’ yoelish apparently could never get over who he dealt with to secure his release. rabid anti-Israel feeling continues t this very day

  8. Peace , Do you have any idea what the cost is to send the confused teenagers to Eretz Yisroel . Over $25,000 and that isn’t in Shkolim.
    Perhaps you are the here that is confused.

  9. Whomever loves to hate this group should pray they never have to be hospitalized in order to witness their incredible Bikur Cholim services that they supply free to patients and their families, no matter who they are. Among the many wonders that I personally have seen them do, was an older women bringing in a wagon full of freshly made foods early in the morning to a NY hospital so that families of patients, as well as the patients, who needed to be in the hospital overnight had Kosher food to eat. The woman traveled miles from Williamsberg to NY to deliver the food that had been cooked early that morning by the Satmar ladies. Their activities go all over the city in many hospitals.

  10. There is no point in arguing over who tried to convince the Satmar Rebbe to warn his flock and flee. Or how he managed to escape leaving all else to destruction. What matters is that since 1948 the Satmarers have waged war against THE FIRST JEWISH STATE IN 1,930 YEARS and want to remain in golus as doormat stateless exiles. They also HATE any and all Jews who aren’t them. Meanwhile the Brothers want to kill each other. Nice.

    • Israel is a state of Jews but not a Jewish state. They have chillul Shabboss,tattoo shops,pork stores,gay clubs and parades,and a million kids in secular public schools. Is that a Jewish state. A shanda

    • Have you ever opened up a Chumash to parshas bereishit and read what our Torah has to say on this subject:
      We were sworn with a few oaths with one of them being that we must not self rule in Eretz Yisrael until the coming of Messiah.
      The secular zionists have broken this oath.
      True religious Jews have the right not to accept the legitimacy of such a state and be against the zionist ideology, which is anti torah.
      So yes, Satmar is right for waging war against a forbidden entity and be moicha for what the secular state is doing against our own people with the promotion of everything that goes against a Jewish state, as per what Heshy wrote.
      Yes, we are in exile still and we pray several times a day for G-d to redeem us from our exile and bring us back to Jerusalem with the coming of the Messiah. And then, ONLY THEN, will their be full peace.

    • It will be a Jewish State Bezrat Hashem when Moshiach comes. Up until then, it is NOT a Jewish State and will never be one. It is manned by secular people who are hell bent on uprooting true Torah Judaism.

    • Golden Medina:

      Waged war? With what, words, writings, demonstrations? Halvai the Arabs waged war in that manner; there would be far fewer Jewish deaths. And by the way, there is a substantial Satmar community in Eretz Yisroel. And also, Satmarer don’t hate all Jews with anywhere near the intensity that you seem to hate them.

  11. Religious Jews have legitimate reasons for opposing a secular Zionist State, after the brutal secular coercion inflicted upon them and their children by socialists who believed that all Jews should “look (and act) like them.”
    Go learn what was done to Yemenite families, for example, now that the government opened up those records.
    A Truth & Reconciliation Commission, as has been suggested, might bring at least a ceasefire and a measure of peace, iy”H, between secular v. religious, especially since the virulently anti-religious attitude is again boldly raising its ugly head.
    Perhaps the Satmar Rebbe, shlita, and other rabbonim would reconsider and urge their followers to go vote in elections — for the sake of preserving Shabbat and respect for Torah learning and the honor of HKB”H in EY, b’ezrat HaShem.
    Boruch Shem kivod malchutoh le’olam vo’ed.

  12. Voting will never be reconsidered. Satmar do not recognize the entity of the State of Israel.
    With all due respect, the Frum MK’s have not been able to stop the chilul shabbos nor any of the other terrible anti torah things that the secular government allow, as Heshy so rightly pointed out:
    “Israel is a state of Jews but not a Jewish state. They have chillul Shabboss,tattoo shops,pork stores,gay clubs and parades,and a million kids in secular public schools. Is that a Jewish state. A shanda”

    So pray tell me, of what use it is to even have frum MK’s. They should not be sitting together in the Knesset with such kind of people who promote and support all this. Doesn’t is say: אוי לרשע אוי לשכנו
    and הַרְחֵק מִשָּׁכֵן רָע…..

    G-d commanded us that we may not rule the land as long as we are in exile, even if the Non Jews tell us we can.
    It will only be the Jewish Homeland with the coming of Moshiach and may it be the will of Hashem that this happens speedily.


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