Federal Probe Opened On Anti-Semitism In NYU After Jewish Student Complains

Adela Cojab, who was the president of an Israel advocacy group at NYU and was a representative for Jewish students on student government, graduated from the university in May and filed the complaint one month before. (Adela Cojab)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — Last April, a complaint was filed by Adela Cojab,a 22-year-old senior at NYU, about anti-Semitism on campus. Her complaint mainly centered around a group called Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), an on-campus pro-Palestinian group. According to the complaint, Adela alleges that SJP has created a “hostile atmosphere” for Jewish students, and that NYU has allowed “extreme anti-Semitism” to thrive.

Initially, the NYU administration declined to take any steps against the hostile organization. “It was breaking my heart and I immediately went to the administration from the very time SJP put Zionism in the same equivalent as Nazism,” Adela told Fox News. “I told the administration that SJP was creating an unsafe environment where students felt they were being threatened and targeted. The administration essentially told me that they were supportive of the Jewish community, but no concrete actions would be taken against SJP.”

But after filing a formal compalint with the US Department of Education, it appears that Adela’s efforst were worthwile. The Department of Education has sent a letter to Adela’s attorneys, stating their intention to investigate “whether, as a result of incidents that occurred at the university, a hostile environment existed for Jewish students on the university campus and, if so, whether the University responded appropriately.”

Adela was the president of an Israel advocacy group at NYU, as well as a representative for Jewish students in student government. She graduated in May, but filed the complaint with the Department of Education one month before garduating.

“The reason why I filed this complaint is so that no student has to go through what I went through,” Adela said.

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    • This problem is in every major city that has a university. These liberal Bastion of education has been taken over by Moslems and socialists in other words anti American Jew haters
      Same people stocking the only president with Jewish a Jewish child and grand children

      • I read the story. It did not indicate why the student felt threatened. From this story it is not clear any member of this group even spoke to her. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

        • You are mistaken,
          “during the singing of the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah a student made his way toward the stage and grabbed the arm of a female student who had the microphone.”

          Got it Lyin Paulin ?

    • As I’ve stated before, PaulinSaudi, it is impossible for a gentile such as yourself, especially someone who resides in Saudi Arabia, to appreciate or understand the hostility that Jewish students face on campus, with threats of violence and intimidation, by Muslims, who hate Israel and Jews.

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        • Archy, you are what is defined as a psycho, who should be on anti-depressants and/or tranquilizers. I am not a spammer, a fool, or a liar, as you have alleged. The reason that you have gone on the warpath against myself, is that you can’t stand anybody who criticizes you, or your meshpucha, Trump. As Trump stated at the White House the other day “I have the right to freedom of speech”. I would venture to state that the majority of commentators on this site, have your number, Archy. Incidentally, do you really think that VIN is going to ban me, for writing the truth? Wake up!!

          • again let me repost your comment

            “As I’ve stated before, PaulinSaudi, it is impossible for a gentile such as yourself, especially someone who resides in Saudi Arabia”

            You really believe that? No its because you are pualin you fool.

            Furthermore, I am commenting on here for a few years already, when your new name “nachum” came up as a comment it was obvious that you were quite familair with the system and it wasn’t your first time writing a comment.

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            I have quite a long list of circumstantial evidence that you are indeed a liar and spammer. This is not just a wild fox news theory. Its pretty damming. The writing is on the walls.

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