MK Yulia Malinovsky: We’re Crazy To Close Roads For Rebbe Who Opposes Israel’s Existence


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — MK Yulia Malinovsky, a member of Avigdor Liberman’s secularist Yisrael Beitenu party, sharply criticized police and municipal officials for closing roads in Jerusalem in honor of the visit of the Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe to Israel.

Police announced that during the visit which begins on Tuesday, certain major Jerusalem arteries would  be closed.  A huge event will take place Tuesday in Malchei Yisrael street and the surrounding roads will be closed during the event. The police explained that the closures would enable the event to take place “with alternative traffic routes in order to minimize the disturbance to local residents.”

Malinovsky tweeted: “Have we gone totally crazy? Closing roads because of an anti-Zionist rebbe who opposes the existence of the State of Israel? I don’t even understand how we let him into the country.”

The rebbe is arriving in Israel for the dedication of the new Satmar Beis Medrash built on Yoel Street in Meah Shearim. He is also bringing with him an estimated 4 million dollars to support institutions and individuals who do not take money from the state of Israel.


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  1. I think that MK Yulia Malinovsky is not so wrong. Granted that Satmar, unlike the BDS movement, is not anti Israel because of anti-Semitism, they nevertheless don’t recognize the Government of Israel. And they create strife between secular Jews (who resent the Charedim for not serving in the Army) and frum Yidden. I would deny the Satmar Rebbe entry, if he weren’t bringing a few $million.

    • “I would deny the Satmar Rebe entry” Ok Lets add it up
      85% of Jews voted Hillary (Self hating Soros libtards etc) so lets “deny entry” to Israel
      4% ” ” are Satmer deny entry.
      3% ” ” Other anti Zionist Chassidim like Chabad etc, deny entry
      the rest of the Jews a few blocks in Flatbush, 5town and Tenack,NJ are Kosher. T loving pro Israel Jews who send their boys to Israel (many of them gets support from Israeli taxpayers) are allowed to Israel. No wonder why most Israelis are willing to partner with their Palestinian fellow Citizens to form a Govt. With Jews like them ( Hate 92-95% of other Jews on daily hate speech who needs enemies. Moshiach Now

    • “ And they create strife”. The Rebbe is just sticking to his beliefs with discipline. He hasn’t created a drop of strife. The strife eminates from the reaction of observers and at their own free will of how to react to someone with whom they disagree. He is inherently good and not evil, which is what distinguishes making this defense for the Rebbe but disallowing it for Abbas or Iran’s Koulmeni

  2. What about us in the America. Think of all those inconvenienced by closing the BQE. People sitting in traffic, late for a meeting, because some Rabbi wants to go to Israel. Let him get on the highway like every other citizen. What purpose does he need 15-20 cars with sirens blowing. What security does he need? Who is interested to kill him?? (except maybe his brother)

  3. This whole “shpiel” is done only to out do his brother. Think off how his brother feels with a send off like this. He must be crying in his coffee. Just for this fact Israel should let them in. When his brother tries to out do this on his visit, he will cry from envy
    This is the only way these 2 fake anti-Zionist Rebbes can suffer and let them rot.

  4. Think for a moment – you’re absolutely right he doesn’t agree with the zionists. But think of how much money he’s pumping into the Israeli economy on this trip…..Hotels are booked solid, food establishments are working overtime, he’s distributing $4 million, where do you think all that money will go to? Right back into the economy of course. Don’t forget about all the airline tickets that were purchased for this.
    Yes, I don’t agree with his shitah, but lets be mature and look at the overall picture….for all this money he’s pumping in, it’s definitely worth closing some streets for a few hours. I bet you the stores in that area are chalishing to have this more often.

    • Are you sure airline tickets were bought for the trip? Didn’t the Rebbe fly on a private jet? I can imagine there are wealthy supporters who would do this for the Rebbe.

  5. MK Yulia Malinovsky why get so upset. A generation ago we let in the Avi Havos Ha’tumah against Hashem and his Jewish land, His name was Reb Yoli. This guy is a clown, just repeating and towing the line. Aron is at least shrewd and knows how to learn, This guy is nothing special, he does have a hadres ponim and is a simpleton of a nice individual. They only took him to counter his hoodlum of a brother. Hamavin Yovim

    • RUSHA!
      Your comment didn’t come out of “grois chochma” it just showed what a low life and how stupid you are!
      Talking about Tumah, I bet you have very little yiras shumiyem. and I would guess that you are a bal avierah as well.
      Reb Yoel Zatza”l loved every jew and loved Hashem and loved his land!
      His shita was that it is not allowed to have a medina run by jews before Moshiach comes! how is this hate towards jews, Hashem and his land?

  6. FYI Satmar does not fly El Al so the money might go to a German, Russian or other EU Airlines(or Delta) by the same reasoning of yours they should invite AOC and the other 4 + ever anti-israeli org so the money they spend will go to the econ…Yep tell Bibi and T to be mature and let the muslim congresswomen in….

  7. If not for the Jewish Agency, a Zionist organization, the satmarer Rebbe would have not been able to leave romenia and be saved. It is a ZIONIST ORGANIZATION who saved the satmarer rebbe

  8. The very obvious point that she missed is that the Zionists invaded E”Y and made a tremendous disaster there for all its inhabitants, including the chassidim. The Zionists don’t belong there and never did.

    So the very least that the Zionists should do is accommodate those who were negatively impacted (all Jews, really) by the Zionist State.

  9. I have no problem with the roads being closed in the USA, or in Israel, to make way for the Satmar Rebbe, and his entourage. If they were inconvenienced for a short time, that is regretful. However, the Yidden, as well as the goyim to know what a Tsakik that man is!


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