VIDEO: Ezras Nashim Ambulance Request Denied; Decision Heads To Albany


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Approximately 3 weeks ago, Ezras Nashim filed a request for a Certificate of Need allowing them to operate an ambulance in Boro Park and Kensington. As explained by Ezras nashim founder Hon. Ruchie Freier, the organization wants an ambulance in order to enable them to expand their services and treat the growing needs of local women more effectively.

At a subsequent hearing that took place to address this request, it became clear that not all  members of the community were in favor of this initiative. In an attempt to discredit the organization and it’s agenda, Hatzalah came prepared with a number of women who stated that they were satisfied with the treatment they had received at the hands of male Hatzalah volunteers. They also questioned Ezras Nashim’s ability to deliver a satisfactory response time.

Ultimately, it has now been reported that the NYC Regional EMS Council has not approved Ezras Nashim’s request. According to the agency, the reason boils down to the failure of either side to produce a majority vote to either pass the motion or deny it. In this scenario, the case will move up to the Albany State Council for a decision.

The vote breakdown was as follows:

7 REMSCO Board Members voted in favor of Ezras Nashim application,

12 votes against the application,

5 members abstained to vote,

2 members were absent.

It is worth noting, that of the 12 members who voted against the application, 4 are Hatzalah members. These members were asked to recuse themselves from the vote due to the obvious conflict of interest, however they declined to do so.

Ezras Nashim hopes for a positive outcome in Albany, as there are no Hatzalah members on the Albany State Council, which will hopefully serve to produce an unbiased decision.

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  1. שולחן ערוך סימן שכ״ח

    יב. כשמחללין את השבת לצורך חולה שיש בו סכנה משתדלים שלא לעשות זאת על-ידי עכו״ם וקטנים ונשים , אלא על-ידי ישראל גדולים ובני דעת.

    • We’re not talking about a choking situation. We’re talking about ‘women issues’… ask some Hatzola members, some of them love to share erotic stories of what they had witnessed… I dont wanna be explicit here, but gimme a break!!

      • yossi = sheker vechozov , most units have NEVER been on a ob delivery call. you can promote ezras noshim but to be motzee shem ra is a new low
        the % of ob calls are minimal and of those , ones that actually require home delivery is miniscule

        • And of those minuscule number of cases, many more Hatzola guys run faster than they have ever done for those cases, and love to share those perverse stories. Yossi Fried is 100% right.

          • Ain’t it interesting how often someone who claims to represent “the truth” is a 100% flat-out liar? I know plenty of Hatzolah guys and have talked with them about their experiences, and not once did they share any such “perverse stories.”

    • Many OB GYN doctors today are woman, as a matter of fact most woman today rather choose being treated by Female doctors in such situations, in the times of the שלחן ערוך it was evidently rare for a woman to hold a doctors position due to the nature society held a woman’s status…

    • Elephant, you misunderstood that halacha. The point of it is to not belittle the heiter and chiyuv to save a life on shabbos by getting a shabbos goy to do it. It davka should be done by the greatest of rabbinic authorities in order to exemplify how important it is. The mention of women, children etc. is to stress that it should be done by the most distinguished. It is not an issur for those mentioned to do it. That would be ridiculous and dangerous (for examples if they were the ones present who have the knowledge of what to do).

    • that is a halacha in hilchos Shabbos not pikuach nefesh, so everybody knows that pikuach nefesh is doche Shabbos, that no one should assume the person was michalel Shabbos.

      I don’t know if hatzoloh has a reason to be against this, but quotes like this are turning me into a ezras nashim supporter.

      Is there a medical reason to be against Ezras Nashim?
      If these women are toradick women and not uberfeminists I don’t see how this will not be an improvement. Assuming there are 2 doctors that are 100% equal in every regard, of course a woman should only go to the woman doctor.

    • Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but why was a video by the name of Queen 93 made by Ezra’s Nushim put into many theatres to be watched by members of the public, watch it and decide on which side you want to be.

  2. what a kangaroo board, its so corrupt to have Hatzolah members on the board and vote on the ezras nashim ambulance, its like the rusbashkin case, where the judge who was the prosecutor and the judge together.

  3. In my opinion the main problem with esras nashim hatzolah is that they made their contact info and stuff almost identical to hatzolah so if someone calls ezras nashim instead of hatzolah by mistake the response time changes from 30 seconds to a few minutes and those minutes can be a matter of life and death. So I think either esras nashim should close down or join as a division of hatzolah. Because esras nashim doesn’t want people to die because of them

    • I don’t think either hatzola wants ppl to die because of them, so if the reality is that some women will decide not to call haztola for their own personal reasons even if they are misjudged. Haztola is responsible to ensure that those women will receive a response, and by not having ladies volunteers they failed to do respond

    • EN was initiated because Hatzolah refused to allow women to work within it. I doubt Hatzolah will grant them to be a division of it. the response time would improve if they were granted an ambulance so if that is your reasoning it makes no sense.

  4. Hatzola doesnt allow accept women as part of their force. My wife went into labor and needed to be transported asap. She has asked me to call 911 instead of hatzola cuz she was afraid of a neighbor answering the call… we waited forever. I can assure you Ezras noshim will be way faster and more convenient. WHY FIGHT THEM??? let it be the patients choice…

    • Your wife was “afraid of a neighbor answering the call.” How does that become Hatzolah’s fault? Maybe she needs to have a little more common sense, and not chassidus shel shtus, next time.

    • You’ve perfectly described why women shouldn’t be involved in Hatzolah type activities. What if someone dying called EN or HTLH and your wife was dispatched but ignored the call in case it was her neighbor calling.

  5. B’h, we have it too good.
    There was a time when we had common sense..
    To have own vote against this license is self destruction.
    My zadie a’h, use to say,
    “Du lust mit nisht arein
    Dorden lust mit nisht arust”

  6. Yossi Fried as much as I understand and respect your wifes fear of having a neighbor help her in her time of need, however there is no question she risked hurting her baby and herself by waiting!! If she needed transport ASAP then that’s all that matters. There is no proof that Ezras Nashim or any other ambulance will be faster. If all parties go back to their mission statement i.e. saving lives, and put feelings into perspective what a wonderful world this would be. THere is no proof that your wife will like the EN staff who come to help her or if they will be any better than your neighbor. I was once sent to a female doctor for a serious issue simply because my female doctor thought that was good for me, She was terrible, misdiagnosed me in a hurried, superficial way , I ended up researching the best doctor for me, turns out to be a neighbor who did a great job, and guess what – a man. Its time we get over this.

    • Theres plenty of good doctors who are women. I feel bad for your bad experience, but being calm and comfortable while being treated is just as important. It’s a tight community and her shy feelings of exposing herself to a next door neighbor should her choice to make. If Hatzolah would’ve allowed woman on the force for such situations- that would be a different story, but they aren’t… so why fight to allow them having their own?!

    • Exactly like you wrote
      If all parties go back to their mission statement i.e. saving lives, and put feelings into perspective what a wonderful world this would be. =so dear hatzola – put your ego and feeling on side, and help to develop ezras nashim to ultimate respon time!

    • This is not about exposing ones foot or a woman opening her mouth to say aaahhh to a male doctor; its about exposing very personal intimate exposure – not to some random male doctor or EMT, but to your frum neighbor. Even if he is a trained professional, there is still some level of embarrassment, especially to those whoe are tzenua. If there is a way to avoid it, then why would any frum people be not be promoting it, Just like many Rabbonim have said its a good thing to have a separate female team. Why Hatzola has not / refuses to allow a female team for this purpose, just goes to show how insensitive and wrong their intentions are.

  7. BH. This is the first step. Now the city has to shut down their “first response” which delays the dispatch of an ambulance and a paramedic until one of their inexperienced EMTs “assesses the situation”. At least they should be mandated to notify 911 right away when they receive a call. Mamish retzichah the way they operate as the Hatzulah member wrote.

  8. As long yossie and other people and ezras nushim is busy using the victim card or the womenizer card,like touched me ,modesty and other kind of bs and crying girl ,feminism and so on you are wrong ,would she have been smart enough and all her members to hide this bs by the meeting or on media ,she would probably pass ,but now she and her members couldn’t hold back and when talking about emergency help they were busy about their nice sheitels and fancyc dressing ,and the opponents women that stood up against ezras nushim in favor of hatzala were modest women and serious…hashem made her loosing her mind to show the truth for the world

  9. Yossie: I agree with you. My wife burned herself with hot water and was required to remove her clothing. No way in hell did she want our neighbor coming over!
    This whole debate is about boys wanting to keep all their funding and not have the community divided who to support. The fact Haztalah members were on this committee shows how false this is!

    • I understand her not WANTING help by a neighbor. But if she NEEDED help, in an emergency situation arent you grateful its a neighbor? Would she prefer a stranger who might post pictures of her on social media or laugh about her at the bar later? Or worse, Dont fool yourselves, there was a reason Hatzola was initiated, it wasnt boredom or lack of fundraising projects in the community.
      In an ER setting would she refuse treatment if a neighbor or relative or friend happen to work there (male or female) ? Dont forget they all have to respect HIPAA so you wont hear about it at the next kiddish.
      Normal people would want the best care no matter what.
      Hatzolas decision was based on not condoning sending out men and women to work together. That opens the door to worse problems and dont for one second think they are overreacting. Money isnt the issue as Ezras Nashim are free to raise money just like any other organization out there. The community is strong enough to support both.

  10. The matter is simple: no Hatzola member should attend to his neighbor for OB issues. There are more than enough members. Let the member from the next street handle the call. The need for the service is negligible and the cost unjustified.

  11. I understand those who believe that the expense is unjustified and those who think that women cant do the job as well as men. I suggest that you dont call Ezras Nashim then. But what does that have to do with Ezras Nashim’s application? A good argument can be made today to have hatzalah’s license revoked. The 911 response time is far better then it was years ago. Hatzalah draws away from precious resources (insurance billing) that other ambulance companies would otherwise benefit from. There are plenty 911 system ambulances roaming the streets ready to respond at a moments notice. If Hatzala were to disappear, many private operators and FDNY would be glad to fill the void with fielding additional ambulances. And we wouldnt have to deal with all the parking and reckless driving abuses perpetrated by ego driven misogynists. But we let Hatzalah do their thing and they should let the girls have some fun too.

    • So the actual lives saved by Hatzolah – and their response times are still better than 911’s – are, to you, something just to be written off because they’re “ego driven misogynists,” though you’ll generously “let Hatzalah do their thing.” Why, how big of you. G-d willing, one day you’ll be in some kind of life-threatening situation, with no “ego driven misogynists” around to help, and there will then be one less putz in the world. Meanwhile, Hatzolah will go on doing their thing lesheim shamayim.

      • I was talking that an argument could hypothetically made to that effect. Of course I think we should let Hatzala exist, the same way I think that no one should stand in the way of EN to exist. What is the rational for campaigning against EN by hatzala? It makes them come across as jealous and petty (and misogynistic). If Ezras Nashim is so terrible then no one will call them and they will disappear.

        BTW, I wonder how many lives are actually saved by BP hatzala as compared to if we would just have 911 (assuming that private and hospital ambulances pick up the slack.) I think the number would be quite low. The many millions of dollars in resources spent on hatzala could perhaps be spent on other things in the community perhaps saving even more lives. Just sayin’

  12. This REMSCO decision is a travesty on every level. Just think about this 4 Hatzolah members voted AGAINST a Heimishe Jewish Chesed organization and other 7 members most likely non Chasidish and even not Jewish voted in SUPPORT of Ezras Nashim.
    It’s a very sad state of affairs that in our circles those in power have no shame no inhibition to fight for raw power even if it goes against the best interests of our community and don’t have to face the music. You can be sure that NOT a single heimishe newspaper will have a single word about this fiasco. This should be the headlines in OUR newspapers:

    “Hatzolah members on REMSCO vote to BLOCK Ezrash Nashim license request and fight to deny the choice of woman in our community to have the option to call woman to come to OBGYM related emergency calls”

    This is the greater problem we face our “official” “approved newspapers” have no qualms about peddling “Leshen Blei” con artists on the front pages but cannot find the space to mention such an important Chesed organization as Ezras Nashim why? is it because Hatzolah is too powerful? Is it because it perceived as a “womans” issue that’s not important to “men”? why?! don’t we all have daughters? Wives? Mothers? Why is this not on TOP OF OUR LIST of things that are important?!

  13. Why is it wrong for concerned members of a certain organization to vote on an issue that concerns their community? Do the Chiefs of FDNY that were sitting there recuse themselves from every decision that involves the fire department?

  14. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but why was a video by the name of Queen 93 made by Ezra’s Nushim put into many theatres to be watched by members of the public, watch it and decide on which side you want to be.


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