Jewish Man Stabbed While Walking To Synagogue in Monsey

The scene of the brutal attack in Monsey

MONSEY (VINnews) — A 30-year-old Jewish man is in critical condition after he was stabbed numerous times this morning while walking to his synagogue in Monsey. Rockland Hatzolah transported the victim to the Westchester Hospital where he is undergoing emergency surgery and is listed in critical condition. Ramapo Police are investigating the incident.

The victim was stabbed at 5:45 am on Howard Drive, Monsey as he was walking to his local synagogue. When the Hatzalah volunteers arrived, they assumed that the victim had been hit by a car, but after they communicated with the victim, who was still conscious at the time, it became apparent that he had been brutally assaulted by two men and then stabbed multiple times. It appears that no words were exchanged between the two attackers and the victim. They arrived in a car, assaulted him for around a minute, before stabbing him and driving away.

The victim’s story has been verified by security cameras located in the area of the attack, according to a report by Chaveirim of Rockland.

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  1. At this time I would advise people to consider arming themselves (concealed carry permits are easier to obtain outside of NYC) rather than kvetch to authorities about the rise of antisemitism.

    • “Rise of antisemitism” Correction. Rise of Antisemitism since the election of Trump by his White Supremacist followers who are now emboldened by his “Fine people” comments. Jews are not trained to defend themselves with guns in the Goles. We are less than 1% of the world population. Say thilem and vote Trump and other Republicans out of office to send a message that Racism will not be tolerated. Did anyone thought for a moment that after the Mexican rapists we will be spared.

      • We tried Thillem already on many occasions with not much success as our history shows. . Hashem said, If someone comes to kill you kill him first, which means protect yourself. If you don’t accept that, then hashem says I gave you instructions, why bother me.
        In other words move to Israel and take up arms to defend yourself against those that want to kill you. We tried everything else and nothing worked, but we still can’t get it into our heads to listen what hashem said and wants us to do.

      • Yingele – Blacks and hispanics are responsible for the 90% increase in anti-semitic attacks in NYC this year, not white supremacists. Stop blindly believing everything the democrats are telling u

      • Since we don’t like to serve on jury duty (nischt bal batish) if you live in NY or NJ the “Democrats who love criminals” will decide who is the attacker not your imagination, so please be nice to them in the future. Like the old saying. Be nice to your children, they will choose your nursing home. Be nice to the Democrats (If you live in their Sanctuary States etc) they will decide your future. Just think about OJ Simpson or (lehavdil) Yankel Rosenberg trial in the Crown Height riots.

    • thousands of Jews get killed in Israel and one guy gets stabbed in Monsey – what are you talking about? Israel is the most dangerous place for a Jew to live. More Jews die in Israel than anywhere in the world, particularly per capita!

    • How is it safer in Israel; you think that there are no murders in Israel by Jews, against other Jews? There was a case a few years ago, where an American Jew in his 60’s (he had made Aliyah) to Israel, was walking down a street in West Jerusalem, minding his own business. All of a sudden, he was accosted by Israel Jewish hoodlums, who demanded cigarettes. When he explained to them, that he had no cigarettes, they stabbed him to death! Therefore, don’t feed us with the bubba meises that it is safer in Israel, than in the USA!

  2. And yet all the yidden in monsey go out and vote for someone like Walsh just because some big shots in the community say to! Walsh is the most anti pistol permit judge rockland has ever seen. Fellow Yidden! We need to do our hishtadlus and protect ourselves. Every capable yid in monsey should apply for a pistol permit and receive the proper and necessary training to carry it! We cannot allow violence to become common place near our homes the same way it is happening in brooklyn! Like we learn in the gemara in sanhedrin, when someone comes to hurt us, we must be prepared to defend ourselves!

  3. Jews around the world are worth trillions of dollars and how much do they donate to fight against all the antisemitic propaganda doing the rounds in the press, TV, internet etc? They too are just as big a target as the guy above in Monsey. Refuah Shelaimah.

  4. Most of the random attacks taking place lately are not white supremacist but people of color that are emboldened by the left. And they know they will get away with it.

  5. Hmm. A lot of energy attacking Israel, the ONE PLACE where Jews have a great army in 1,930 years, and attacking non-whites. The connection is clear. The satan energy comes from bigoted Satmerers.

    • Antisemitism always existed and will till Moshiach’s day. True, we have to do our hishtadlus, but our hishtadlus today might not help for tomorrow’s evil. Antisemitism’s ugly head is always in a different form – because it is a gezeira! The only eternal protection we have is tshuva, tefillah, utzedaka mavirin es roa hagzeira… And that is an undeniable fact! or else you don’t believe in…..

  6. It’s the ADL group of secular Jews who hate Trump are causing this anti Semitic through their obsession to broadcast every graffiti to the national media. Reason one they hate Trump. Reason two they want to continue raising their donations. They collect fifty million dollars a year and do nothing.

  7. BDS IS anti-Semitism. .BDS destroys the minds of our college students , BDS is like a bullet aimed at the JEWSH PEOPLE A CHASID LIES DYING AND THE JEWISH PEOPLE ARE SILENT. WE SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP IN HIGHLAND PARK, EDISON, the war against BDS MUST CONTINUE,.

  8. on the other hand, if we insist on requesting meat that has a familiar hechsher of a LOCAL rav who we know and trust, so that we can try to stop such people, then we will be depriving those poor people of theire extra profits, which would then justify them doing what this man did. indeed how ironic? !!!


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