Liberman Roundly Condemned For ‘Anti-Semitic’ Slurs Against Chareidim, Satmar Rebbe

Leader of the Israel Beyteinu political party Avigdor Liberman leads a press conference in the Israeli parliament on May 18, 2016. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

JERUSALEM(VINnews) — Yisrael Beitenu chairman Avigdor Liberman may not have succeeded in creating a unity government in Israel, but during a fiery political speech delivered Wednesday afternoon,  he succeeded in earning the condemnation of the entire political system in Israel with his inflammatory comments against Chareidi Jews and against the Satmar Rebbe.

In his dramatic announcement Wednesday just hours before Blue and White chief Benny Gantz’s mandate to form a government ends, Liberman announced that he would not support either a minority government headed by Gantz or a right-wing government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seemingly dragging the country into its third election in less than a year.

But Liberman sought at the same time to rebuke the Chareidi parties, whom he accused of collaborating with the “fifth column” Arab parties in order to promote their own interests.

“We should say it as it is — the Joint List is really a fifth column. But unfortunately the Chareidi parties are also becoming more and more anti-Zionist,” Liberman charged, comparing them to “Satmar extremists.” He also referred to the visit of the Satmar Rebbe to Israel and stated that the Rebbe “gave out millions of dollars” in an act of apparent “money laundering” which he said should be investigated by the tax authorities.

Chareidi MKs reacted furiously to Liberman’s criticism, denouncing him as an “anti-Semite” and calling his speech a “horror show.”

MK Yisrael Eichler (UTJ) said that “We don’t need to search for anti-Semitism abroad when Liberman announces a coup and third elections. What Liberman said today about the ultra-Orthodox community is a war crime. He is using methods of the Russian czar, who said ‘Strike at the Jews and save Russia.'”

MK Moshe Gafni said at a UTJ faction meeting that “We don’t remember this kind of anti-Semitism in the Knesset ever, even from Joint Arab List MK Ahmad Tibi. He[Liberman] has done damage to this country, and doesn’t know how to bow out respectfully. He needs to leave politics… he’s a nothing,” while his fellow UTJ MK Health Minister Yaakov Litzman termed the speech “a disgraceful ugly horror show… full of lies, ignorance and hatred.”

Tibi himself, who was singled out along with Gafni in Liberman’s comments, said that Liberman’s “incitement against the Arabs and the ultra-Orthodox is pure racism and anti-Semitism. We will continue building bridges with the Haredi parties despite the differences of opinion.”


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    • Lieberman just followed the Trump wagon. “Mexican rapists,hates disabled, against captured soldier Hero (McCain) got him 42% of Americans on his side. Lieberman does the same to the Arabs and (Lohavdil the Chareidim) Its easy to hate the arabs and its not so hard to hate the chareidim for 80+ of Israelis who are Chilonim and the ultra-orthodox minority is disturbing their lives. So Where did they learn this? Trump and Lieberman?? As Pelosi would say “All the roads go to Putin” It does seem to work. Putin is Lifetime President with 99% of the vote. Trump is the President (Named by a minority USA Voters) and Lieberman is the new King. Bibi self distructed, Ganz didnt get over the line.

      • When do or did any of the Satmar Rebbes make ad hominem attacks? The path of Satmar is to attack ideology, not people. The Satmar Rov zya was always careful to avoid naming those he disagreed with by name unless it was a very severe situation.

  1. Is VIN suggestions that MK Lieberman was badmouthing the Satmar Rebbe by saying he’s anti Zionist ?

    MK Lieberman simply posed the question if any of the monies brought from the US and given to Israeli residents would be audited by the tax authority ….

    Is VIN suggesting that the Satmar Rebbe didn’t pay all the necessary taxes to the State of Israel?

  2. Meir was barred from office stripped if his parliamentary seat for saying less about Isreal’s 5th column We isn’t he barred and stripped of his

  3. Lieberman, is a secular Russian slob, who knows nothing about Yiddishkeit. There is anti-semitism in Israel, among secular Israelis. As I stated previously on VIN, in 1981, the Israeli government authorized its brutal cops to raid the Toldos Aharon Shul, in Mea Shearim on Erev Shabbos. The cops broke down the door, which was very similar to what the Nazis did; then, they proceeded to beat the hell out of everyone in site, with their clubs, breaking many bones, of Chareidim, who had not violated the law. The cops were angry, because a few Chareidim had stoned workers at a construction site; hence, they took their wrath out on anyone who looked too religious to them. If that wasn’t anti-semitism, I don’t know what was.

    • Nothing to do with Anti-semitism.A Jewish teenager fighting with his/her frumm parents are not anti-semitism at all. Yiden fighting between themselves are not anti-semitism. Satmar(Zali) fighting Satmar (Arajni) is a nice fight but not antisemitism.Young Satmerers throwing Old Chabad Chassidim on the floor is not Antisemitism. (1981 Hmmm?) . Chassidim vs Misnagdim. A Yid Calling onather Yid “Russian Slob” is not antisemitism. Throwing Stones on passing cars on Shabos is Mechalel Shabos Befarhesye but not anti-semitism, Cop beating up demostrators are not anti-semitism. Lets go a little further. Blacks rioting in Crown Heghts after a child was killed is not antisemitism. MAGA bombers killing Yiden in a Shul for no reason at all is Antisemitism Get it..

      • No. It has everything to do with anti-Semitism, much more than you likely realize.

        You are basically positing that if a Jew were to engage in an act that would be considered anti-Semitic if committed by a gentile then that offending Jew cannot be called an anti-Semite due to the offending Jew being Jewish.

        That makes no sense. If a Jew hurts another Jew specifically because that other Jew is a Jew or because of anything particularly Jewish about the other Jew (as opposed to for any other “secular” reason) then that is simply anti-Semitism.

        In addition to the above, Zionism is the greatest form of anti-Semitism ever because, its raison d’etre is to, regardless of the cost in Jewish blood, change the Jewish people from a Torah-based people into a Nationalist gentile nation, while under the guise of “Jewish Nationalism”.

        As opposed to, and not to directly compare, for example, the Nazis, whose motivation for their evil was their own purposes but not to ostensibly make Jewish life any better for Jews. Unlike Zionists.

        So when a Zionist Israeli cop acts just like a Nazi in breaking down a door to a shul and indiscriminately beats Jews there solely because they are (real) Jews, that is very clearly anti-Semitic.

      • Except there is no Maga bomber. But there is plenty of anti-Semitism from RaahidabTlaib, Ilhan Omar. AOC. Louis Farrakhan,the women’s match leaders and plenty of liberal organizations and democratic party darlings and pin up poster kealvaot. The black guy who made calls with bomb threats to many synagogues, jcc’s and day schools? Yes you guessed right. Also a democrat. All Sharpton who promoted violence again Jews in crown heights? Also a democrat. KKK founders? Also democrats. David Duke the kkk grand wizard? He backs ilhan Omar and she didn’t disavowed him. Kkk California chapter? Donated to Hillary campaign and she didn’t disavowed or returned money.

  4. It is sad that the Satmar Rebbe does not care about Israel. He is not a true rebbe- a true rebbe would have love for and be concerned about every Jew. Instead of being concerned that Jewish lives are in danger of Arabs who would like to evict them from their land, the Satmar movement and chareidi parties are concerned with their own interests.

    • Your comments reveal nothing about the Satmar Rebbe.
      However, your comments do reveal how ignorant you are about the Satmar Rebbe, his love for every Jew, and his love for Eretz Yisrael.

    • The Satmar Rebbes care more about Jews than all of the Zionists (who put Jews into harm’s way by instigating wars and terrorism) put together. 20,000 Jews have been killed in wars and terrorism since 1948. If they would have listened to the Satmar Rebbe, all 6 million could have gone to Eretz Yisrael and other countries. It is well-known that the Zionists wanted Jews to die in the Holocaust so they could get their medinah after the war by asking for “compassion”. Hayyim Weizman, the first President of Israel, openly wrote and published in the 1930’s that he wanted the religious Jews to die in Europe and not come to ruin “his” Tel Aviv. The only reason the British stopped Jews from coming into Eretz Yisrael is because of the terrorism of the Zionists.

  5. All of you are mixed up.
    Satmar is building Shul’s and schools in Israel as well as donating money to Jews which helps the Israeli economy. Ben Gurion once said that Jews living in meah shearim are bigger Zionist than those Jews living out of Israel. Lieberman is not a bad guy. His wife,daughter and son are Frum. He visited the ribnitzer rebbes gravesite in Monsey. He gets along very well with chareidim. He does not want a government because he knows something all of you don’t. He does not want American pressure on Israel which would begin the moment a new government is formed. The peace deal that was to be introduced would allow Israel to live in all areas where Jews are living now but also allow Arabs to live where they are living. But Arabs would have more of a control on their areas and easily attack Jews and get away with it,causing Jews to be forced to move. Lieberman is great for Israel. His interest is where he lives in the settlements as well. Don’t be fooled. Lieberman is probably the few politicians who wants Israel secure. We saw how SHAS joined Rabin and signed onto the Oslo peace charade that caused over one thousand Jews to be blown up. Bi bi as well is all talk trying to save his neck. He gave up chevron if you recall. Best thing for Israel is another election and another one after that.


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