Ramapo Police Hold Press Conference On Stabbing Of Monsey Jew


MONSEY (VINnews) — As reported by VINnews, a Jewish man was brutally beaten and stabbed Wednesday morning in Monsey, NY. The attack occurred at approximately 5:45 AM on Howard Drive in Monsey as the victim was making his way to Mosdos Meharam Brisk Tashnad. The victim was transported by Hatzalah to Westchester Medical Center for emergency surgery.

Ramapo Police Chief Brad Weidel held a press conference Wednesday to address the attack, saying that he can not speculate on the motivation for the attack at this time. “At this point … I am not willing to say this is a hate crime,” he said. Although the crime may be classified as such at some point in the investigation, Weidel says “A person’s religious affiliation “in and of itself does not necessarily mean we have a hate crime. We have to establish motivation and intent, and we’re just not there yet.”

Video footage obtained by Ramapo Police shows the two attackers driving around the neighborhood in a vehicle before the attack. Police are still reviewing the footage, however Chief Weidel said “I wish it was of better quality.” Police are hoping for a better quality video to surface.

Although the Police are not willing to call it a hate crime just yet, many in the community feel that is the case.

“Bigotry, hatred, anti-Semitism. When you have daily and endless accusations that every problem in Rockland County is the fault of Hassidm and everything that Hassidm to is bad then I wouldn’t be surprised that people take it to the next level,” says community advocate Yossi Gestetner.

Sen. David Carlucci (D) issued a statement saying, in part, “This act of violence is horrific and not reflective of our peaceful community. Violence or hate of any kind is never tolerated. I pray for the victim’s recovery and expect police will find the suspects and bring them to justice.”

Rockland County Executive Ed Day said that the people of Rockland will say with one voice: “We will not tolerate any violence.” As a former law enforcement official, Day said he had complete confidence in the Ramapo Police Department.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted, “This attack is horrific. I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to assist in the investigation and examine all potential motives. The rise in anti-Semitic and hate-fueled attacks MUST end, and I urge all NYers to denounce hate. whenever and wherever they see it.”

The ADL has since offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who can provide information about the assault.

According to reports, the victim is a 29-year-old teacher, who is married with 4 children.

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  1. It is so sad that the PC version of this is to claim that anti-Semites are a minority, and therefore a victim of discrimination. When these cases get to court, it is the exception that the thugs are incarcerated for very long, under the belief that they have remorse and are changed people. Yet, the criminals imprisoned for white collar crimes get many decades of incarceration, even though their victims might be able to get some compensation from their being outside and free. That could be managed far more easily than violent criminals. Our system is senseless, and our world corrupt, not just the DemocRats.

        • Why is that? Because he speaks the truth and calls out the over building and people living on top of each other like in the ghetto and all the other shenanigans that go on? Look what’s happened to Monsey. The traffic and quality of life is insane. You have these Machers/so called “askanim” that don’t give a hoot about anyone else but their own selfish agenda. This hatred is brought upon the whole from community NOT by Ed Day!!

  2. The idea that the police or governor are going to end attacks so, going forward, we have nothing to worry about is stupid and evil. Yet, stupid Libtarded politicians and other Left-wingnut kooks say this every damn time there’s an attack.
    The Left has taken so very, very much liberty from this nation’s population.
    The only reasonable, decent, moral, religious obligation a person has is to protect herself or himself and those innocent people around them when an attacker attacks. Or, better, before it attacks.
    The Jewish law is clear as day. If someone arises to murder you, kill them first. It doesn’t say wait. It doesn’t say call the police. American law should damn well reflect this God-given value. And, the one that says to scrupulously guard our soul.
    Violent crime strikes constantly everywhere. There is no good reason why decent, law-abiding citizens shouldn’t own and carry a good pepper gel and a pistol, period!
    I’ll never understand how so many millions of people in Libtarded states think there’s something wrong with good people being armed.
    Instead, they’re going to wait for the police, who will always arrive at least serveral minutes AFTER an attack.

  3. weak cameras !! its so frustrating that when you finally need the footage its grainy , upgrade to high res cameras and if you dont have any yet & you can afford it have them installed today


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