Former Israeli Policewoman Charged With Shooting Palestinian


    JERUSALEM (AP) — A former policewoman in Israel has been charged with assault and reckless use of a weapon for allegedly shooting an unarmed Palestinian man in the back with a sponge-tipped bullet as he walked away from a West Bank checkpoint.

    The case has drawn widespread attention since Channel 13 TV broadcast a video of the May 2018 incident earlier this month.

    In the video, the Palestinian is shot in the back nearly 20 seconds after walking away from the checkpoint.

    Border police often use sponge-tipped bullets as a “nonlethal” tool to disperse crowds, but the bullets are painful and can cause serious injury.

    The Palestinian, Karam Qawasmi, said on Thursday that other officers also abused him and should have been charged. He says he fears she’ll receive a “very light punishment.”

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      • Give her a medal? Why? Should Israel’s standards sink to the level of the world’s totalitarian regimes?

        Echoing a political figure over 150 years ago, one measures a country’s criminal justice system not by how it treats its “good people,” but rather by how it treats its “evil rascals” and the insane.

        • Because the fellow doesn’t belong in the country anyway. The choices (as they were in the times of Yehoshua) are: leave, accept Jewish sovereignty and Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach, or be considered an enemy combatant.

    1. “Because the fellow doesn’t belong in the country anyway” So your position is that this is a legitimate justification for shooting a person in the back.

      No further questions, your Honor

      • Apparently you can’t read. If he hasn’t left the country and hasn’t accepted the terms to stay in it, then he’s an enemy combatant. Where do you get the notion that there’s a difference between shooting an enemy combatant in the front or the back?

    2. I can’t believe some of these comments; the victim in this case, was an Accounting student, who just completed his studies at a technical college on the West Bank. He was walking to a business looking for gainful employment, in May, 2018, when he was struck by a military jeep, and knocked over. Then, the Israeli border cops started beating the s— out of him, just for sport. At that point, they began searching his belongings, and did not find anything illegal. All of this time, the guy was complying with the orders of the soldiers. He did not resist, and felt that the soldiers were going to kill him. He was basically profiled, and stopped for the crime of “walking, while being a Palestinian. The guy had no criminal record, and was not a terrorist. He was just trying to seek gainful employment. As far as I know, it is not against the law in Israel to look for work. At the end of the encounter, on of the soldiers yelled to him to keep walking, which he did. Another soldier videotaped the incident. For some strange reason, the sadistic female border police woman decided to use the Palestinian as a target, and fired her weapon at his back. The Palestinian later stated that the female border policewoman was worse than the men.
      I hope that they fire her dumb sadistic a–, and that this guy receives a hefty civil judgment against those momzarim. Yes, I’m sure that there will be commentators on here, who will make some snide comments such as “he deserved it, etc. However, if they were the ones who were illegally stopped and profiled, and beaten, they would change their tune in an instant.

    3. This is the problem with the foolish secular Israeli army. They tie the hands of the soldiers and don’t let them defend themselves. Only a fool would Jin such an army.


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