Judge Who Linked To Article Saying ‘Jews Should Get The **** Over The Holocaust’ Is Not Anti-Semitic, Panel Rules


TENNESSEE (JTA) — A judicial board in Tennessee cleared a judge who linked on social media to articles saying the Jews should “get the f*** over the Holocaust” of being anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigrant.

Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Jim Lammey, who had also called Muslim immigrants “foreign mud,” was reprimanded by the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct for violating judicial codes by making partisan statements.

“After a complete and thorough investigation and under the limited and specific facts of this case, the Board acknowledges that there is no proof that you made any statements that were anti-Semitic, racist, or anti-immigration,” the board said in a letter dated Nov. 15, the news website Commercial Appeal reported. “However, during the investigation it appears that some of your Facebook posts were partisan in nature, which is a clear violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct.”

Lammey is required to complete an educational program addressing ethical issues and use of social media.

The judge has agreed not to make any future comments or social media posts that could be perceived as prejudiced or biased, the board said.

The article about the Holocaust was written by David Cole, who is considered by historians to be a Holocaust denier. He has claimed that Auschwitz was not an extermination camp and has disputed the 6 million Jews killed figure as too high. He says he prefers to be called a Holocaust revisionist.

According to the judicial board letter, “The investigation revealed that the author is not a Holocaust denier.”

The Shelby County Commission had voted in May to censure Lammey before passing the case to the judicial board.

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  1. When 2000 years have passed, and there are still those who hate Jews for deicide, it smacks of insensitivity if people still recall their grandparents, parents, siblings and children being shot,gassed and burned and are told to “get over it”. It is people like him that makes it impossible to forget. Haters hate.

    • Heshy (or whatever your fake name is today), you have proof that herr trumpf is a great president? He’s getting IMPEACHED, has 6 of his cronies already behind bars, there’s dozens of investigations against him and his crooked family and he’s undermined every norm of democracy in the US. And 60 people in his crooked administration have alread quit! He’s done NOTHONG except sow discord, hate and fake fascist conspiracy theories. No one comes close to the BOTTOM as much as your Orange Fuhrer.

      • You often can tell what a person is by who their enemies are. In this case, where we have you, Holocaust denier GoldnMedina, against him, that alone tells us that Trump is a great guy. Only someone like you, who looks forward to being able to kill your political opponents, would think that all these proceedings show that he’s guilty; normal and decent people understand that it shows how utterly corrupt the US “justice” system is.


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