PM Netanyahu’s Grandchildren Attend Welcoming Ceremony For Satmar Rebbe


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Prime Minister Netanyahu’s grandchildren are all Chareidi, since his only married child from his first marriage, Noa Haran, became religious a number of years ago and married Daniel Roth. Their children study in the Darkei Shmuel Talmud Torah in Jerusalem, which is affiliated with the Etz faction of Lithuanian Chareidim who do not accept money from the state of Israel.

    The Satmar Rebbe who is presently visiting Israel distributed a reported 5 million dollars on Wednesday night to 150 institutions which do not accept money from Israel, including the institutions of Etz.  Over the past year, some 60 new institutions numbering 7000 pupils have been accepted into the network of institutions supported by Satmar, in addition to the 50000 pupils already supported by the network. Just two months ago, these new institutions received 18 million shekels in support from the Satmar Rebber.

    Representatives of all the institutions were present at the welcoming ceremony for the Satmar Rebbe this week. Ironically, the grandchildren of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the head of the Zionist entity, were also present at the ceremony to welcome the anti-Zionist Satmar Rebbe.

    The visit has sparked numerous diverse responses in the Israeli media. Some journalists have stressed the right of the Rebbe like any other Jew to visit his institutions despite his opposition to the State of Israel, while others condemned the Rebbe and called on him to leave. Some Israelis mistakenly identified the Rebbe with Neturei Karta, even though he eschews their ideology and tells his Chasidim not to collaborate with the BDS and Israel’s enemies.

    Others noted that the Rebbe is vicariously supporting the Israeli economy, since the money he brought will be spent on Israeli goods and Israeli services.



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    1. Satmar Rabbi has a grandchild in the Israeli army, and bibi has grandchildren in satmar what a small world…. we all love each other…..

      • Yes, its beautiful. Kol Yisroel arejvim ze bozeh. We are all one. Soros, Bibi, Satmar, Chabad etc. If someone hates one hates all. Woohavto es Reacho. I love Soros, NK, Tzionim, Satmer, Chabad, Reform, Bibi Grandkids, Trumps Grandkids (If they megayered Kohalocho) Bernie and All Yiden Educated and Uneducated. I reserve all my hate for White Christian Males for whatever they did to us for 2000 years.

        • Yes its beautiful and we are all one. Agree from soros to satmar to zionists. However, when it comes to hashkafa or political views we are not all one. Sorry. When it comes to ideals only the torah counts. Your triefa jews count zilch. ZXero their vote for dems are meaningless. farhstist?

        • Apparently, you are either ignorant in Halacha or just a real fool with no idea regarding the rabbi that oversaw the Geirus. Please take your choice. However, the fact is the Geirus is valid k’Halacha. It would be smart for you to better check out your own yichus; you probably will discover you are a Lo Yavo Bkhal Hashem for BOTH reasons stated.

    2. I really feel bad for the kid – He will be brainwashed for the rest of his life. Who cares who his grandfather is -all the others have grandfathers. The problem is what is going to become of the kids – Rabid anti everything not associated with Satmar

      • Rav Teitelbaum is presumably thrilled that even Netanyahu’s grandchildren are in learning.
        Netanyahu is probably ecstatic that even Rav Teitelbaum’s grandchildren are in national service.
        Everyone is happy, when they know how to look at the world.


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