FBI Arrests Gynecologist On Molestation Charges

Dr. Aaron Weinreb

NEW YORK (JTA) — A gynecologist in Brooklyn was arrested for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old boy.

Dr. Aaron Weinreb attempted to meet with the teen again after the alleged incident, Bklyner reported. The FBI interceded, however, and led Weinreb to believe he was meeting with the boy on Oct. 29 but then arrested the doctor.

Weinreb allegedly admitted he previously molested another teenage boy and “that he has a sex addiction to males who are much younger than him,” Bklyner reported, citing court records.

Weinreb is the director of gynecology at New York Community Hospital in Brooklyn and is affiliated with other New York hospitals. His page has been taken down from the Brooklyn hospital’s website.

Meyer Seewald, the director and founder of Jewish Community Watch, said he was “horrified by the alleged crimes.” His organization fights sex abuse in the Orthodox community.

“As a community, we should not be ashamed that ‘one of our own’ is an abuser,” Seewald said in a statement, “rather the only source of shame should be if as a community, we cover up abuse rather than facing it head-on and working together until every person who wishes to harm a child is off our streets.”

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  1. Sounds like he had no interest in molesting patients in his chosen field.
    I personally do not condone his actions but sounds like he needs a lawyer to tell him to shut his mouth. The post quotes him saying stupid stuff.

  2. w/o defending him . generally these fbi arrests are sting operations which would never actually happen without being prodded and coached in to the mess. like the shul bombers that would never get their hands on real explosives w/o an agent selling it to them.
    unfortunatly yesh machriv olamo beshaah achas , and doing aveiros beseser nifroen mimenu begaluy
    we all must be even more nizhar in inyonei arayos … yazir atzmo min hayayin

  3. He has an innocent wife and children who are suffering enough! Shame on Vos Is Nais for contributing to this family’s anguish just to feed people’s voyeuristic appetites. Leave this issue to the courts and pray none of you are ever shamed by a family member.

  4. He has an innocent wife and children who are suffering enough! Shame on Vos Is Nais for contributing to this family’s anguish just to feed people’s voyeuristic appetites. Leave this issue to the courts and pray none of you are ever shamed by a family member.

      • …silence and shame and yeshiva administrators, many chassidesheh rebbehs, many roshai yeshiva, YU, NCSY, the OU, heimesheh ‘askunim’,,,, all leshaim shomayim, naturally.

      • Why does silence protect the perverts ? No one says he shouldn’t be prosecuted . We just say that we don’t need to publicly announce jt and Shame his innocent kids . Why does publicly shaming do anything useful ?

        • Secrecy always protects the offender and hurts the victim.
          We keep secrets of shameful acts. If you are telling the victim to keep it a secret you are causing him to feel that the shame is what HE did. There is no reason to cover up what a perpetrator did. He deserves the shame of exposure. For hurting people.

      • If you understood it’s an addiction a sick one but that’s what it was then you wouldn’t ask that silly question . It doesn’t mean not to lock him up but it means protect the innocent ones from a sick father .

        Furthermore your logic is flawed. Yes he didn’t care about other kids ( don’t agree with that statement but let’s say it’s true )does that mean the rest of us as humans shouldn’t care .

        Isn’t it funny how liberals who are suppose to be the most compassionate and care for all kids are the worse on vin ? You guys yell we need to show compassion for a Palestinian kid who plays throw stones at Israeli games and yells death to the west . It’s not his fault you aka paulin
        exclaim . Yet when it’s a frum yids kid ?

        • He should be protecting his innocent kids, it is not anyone’s responsibility to clean up his mess. He deserves to be exposed and the logic to keep it quiet because of his kids is flawed and another way to protect him. Sadly his wife and children are victims as well of his heinous behavior. Shame on him!

        • If he care so much about his family, let him give his wife a get, plead guilty and demand a life sentence in prison so she and her children can move on and change their names.

      • We are concerned about them. What does making a public display of the pervert help this victims in any way . We all agree that he should be punished or locked up . Does publicity do anything more for the victims ? I don’t get you .

        Let’s leave aside our trump fights

    • His victims’ families are also suffering. Where is your concern for them?

      Let me know when this perverted, degenerate, predator’s wife amd family demonstrate concern for their family mamber’s victims and their families and I’ll start showing some concern for the offender’s family.

      Until then, spare us all from your twisted sense of tzidkus.

      • I’m sorry if I’m coming off as too judgmental, Mr. liberal qazxc, but you sound like one of the biggest idiots I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. Did you really just throw his wife and children under the bus? How could you say such a thing? That is not a Torah value at all… The pasuk says “U’banim lo yumesu al avos”. We don’t punish children in any way for their father’s sins (given that they don’t follow in his footsteps – which in this case we have no knowledge that they do ch”v).
        Would you say the same thing regarding the children of a poor inner city black man who committed a similar crime, or worse? “I’ll sympathize with his children when they beg for forgiveness on hand and knee from the victim’s family?” Something tells me you wouldn’t really care…… This is just pure sin’as chinam (yes, unfortunately on my part as well, but your words incensed me)

    • I disagree. Pray that all molesters be exposed EVEN if it is a family member. If you are protecting a family member because of YOUR shame, you will be as guilty as them. If you expose them, you are innocent.
      Innocent bystanders should not be hurt to protect family from shame.
      The evil effect of predators are far reaching, decimating the victims, the victims families, and THEIR families and friend as well.
      Saying not to expose is taking responsibility for the perpetrators, which they should have done themselves.

      • Please explain what’s the essence in EXPoUSING a perp?

        Again yes I hope that if I ever catch a family member commiting this sick crime , that I will report him and make sure he gets locked up for life so he won’t hurt anyone . May I never be tested . But we agree I need to stop everyone . But why would I EXPOSE him ? What for ? To me all it serves is vengeance

        • because shame serves as deterrence. When someone is about to commit an averos, this is what goes thru their mind:

          will I get caught
          what are the ramifications to me if I get caught

          to which should be added “what are the ramifications to MY FAMILY if I get caught”.

          If people see that the worst that can happen is they are quietly punished, there is more chance they will sin.

          If they see their entire world is going to be destroyed, perhaps they seek help / do teshuva before hand.

          Its’ terrible for the families of the molesters (and worse of course for the victims) but we must do everything we can to reduce and stop these molestations, otherwise soon some father of a victim is going to make it worse for his family by committing personal justice on the evil person.

        • He’s been out on bail/home confinement till today, when the police discovered another victim. This rash needs to be locked up forever and made an example.

          And rabbeim need to start talking about this in schools and shuls: CHILD MOLESTATION is near murder, and must be stopped in our community.

  5. This story makes me sick to the stomach. Ive used dr. Weinreb in the past. He was such a warm kind and skilled doctor and well respected member of the community! How is it that a person who’s got it all can stoop so low for sick and perverted reasons? I feel sorry for the boy, his family, and most of all for dr. Weinreb. He flushed his entire life down the toilet

      • Very wrong Edith . I cry for the predator kids and wife who are victims too. I don’t cry for the predator nor do I care about his shame .

        Your emotional response has yet to provide any substantive response as to how you help the victims by publicly shaming the predator ? What does that do for them ?

        It’s funny how with Palestinians you have a different tone . Then you are compassionate on the kids .

        Edith stifle

  6. This is a huge tragedy on many levels.He was a very talented sought after doctor, who was extremely dedicated to his patients.He raised a beautiful family and was an excellent father and loved his wife.His life and everyone around him is destroyed.I know him and his family personally, noone had a clue that he was struggling with this.And he will pay a huge price for not working harder to control his urges.His family is suffering as well as his friends,patients, community members, colleagues, everyone that knew him.because there was an enormous amount of good that he did on a constant basis, this will not excuse one bit what he gave I to and acted on,and he will pay a huge price, do we need to hurt all if those that were so badly hurt by this even more?Noone is covering this up, it’s public knowledge, but why the ugly jokes,and fascination with another man’s tragic story?Don’t cover it up.But cry as you write the story.

    • Cry for his victims. He deserves no pity. There is no excuse or validation for someone who hurts others. Do you think a cannibal can’t control his “urges” and we should weep for him and his family when we found out he ate someone?
      Lol Hamerachem al ha’achzer sofo lhisachzer al mi shtzarich lerachem alav
      There is no place here for misplaced sympathy.

      • Of course he deserves pity.

        I would venture to guess if he were your son or brother or father you would pity him.

        As another yid, he is also a relative, albeit more distant than a first degree relative.

        You can pity him, while hating what his sickness brought him to do, while feeling rachmonos for the victims, and while also feeling rachmonos for his completely innocent three year old child who will be known as the sicko’s kid and will not be judged fairly in life. That child will now grow up without finanical support, unwelcome in the community, poor shidduch prospects, etc. Also a victim.

        Anytime a criminal goes to jail his innocent family is also punished. That is a fact.

        It is sad that you are so consumed with the fashionable hatred of sex offenders that you don’t see the larger picture. It is not so black and white.

        Notice we protect the name of the 16 year old boy he was having sex with because he is a minor. But we don’t protect the accused even though he is innocent until proven guilty. And we don’t protect the accused’s innocent family.

        Inconsistent, to say the least.

  7. His family is grieving.As are friends, patients, community members,colleagues, he had a lot of good in him.But he committed a terrible act, that he will pay a huge price for. There should be some publicity for public awareness. Noone is trying to cover up anything. He admitted he did it, and it’s a crime, and he takes full responsibility.What morecdo we wantvasxa comminity?

    • We can very clearly warn other predators to get help before they get caught because there will be ZERO rachmanus for them after.

      Rachmanus for these soul killers is pure rishus.

  8. Well I am so happy that the self appointed “advocates” such as Seewald finally have something tp pass time, they were getting really jumpy for lack of media attention.

    • You are fake. What are you hiding that you need to degrade people that are willing to be criticized and hurt in order to protect others from being hurt?
      Stop blaming the wrong parties.

  9. Ouch, he delivered 3 out 4 of my children
    And became close to him in the process he is a wonderful person and good Dr.
    Even the best people can trip and fall, how sad, at least he didnt (I hope ) touch women inappropriately

    • He acted as a wonderful person and fooled you.

      Your comment of at least.. shows some sort of shock and not processing this fully. It is no Nechama at all. He is an evil person to hurt defenseless boys.

  10. Not condoning his actions at all or even trying to find reasonings for his misdeeds
    And if all is true let the system take care of it with by all means
    Yes I’m in shock because I know him well

  11. I have posted 2 comments that add perspective to this tragedy.I personally know him, his family, wife, children, parents, and many of the people that are grieving over this tragic terrible story.
    Q. For the moderator;
    Why are my comments not being posted?
    I am trying to inject a serious mature aspect to comments.So that it shouldn’t be a place for cheap lewd and nasty comments, masking as advocacy and righteous anger.
    But it seems the moderator would rather that tone, than my perspective. As the other posts fuel more of the same,and brings more buzz to the website. Think carefully moderator what you are enabling.

  12. I see my comments were just posted.
    Thank you moderator.
    I am crying for the victim, the doctor, his wife, his children, his extended family,his community.
    I am not picking one victim over another.

    • Cry for his victims. He deserves no pity. There is no excuse or validation for someone who hurts others. Do you think a cannibal can’t control his “urges” and we should weep for him and his family when we found out he ate someone?
      Lol Hamerachem al ha’achzer sofo lhisachzer al mi shtzarich lerachem alav
      There is no place here for misplaced sympathy.

  13. Q. Why aren’t his victims also all of the immediate
    people in his life whose life are badly damaged?
    Noone is saying that he isn’t ultimately responsible for his actions.
    It’s the excitement and interest in this tragedy that is unfortunate.
    He is going to pay a huge price for his actions.His life is in ruins.Why do you need to gather around the execution and watch with fascination, while cracking jokes and mocking him?
    Would you do the same at a public lynching?
    Do you watch the ISIS videos of beheadings?
    This has an effect on the people that are. constantly watching, following and talking about it non stop. It coarsens them , and they become insensitive to another person’s pain, while always on the lookout for the next tragic story to witness, and not miss any of the ugly details.
    My Rav said in a in a shiur, that the Ohr Hachaim explains that there was a special blessing that the soldiers that fought for Eretz Yisroel and against the enemies of the Jewish people, because they didn’t get coarsened by going to war as that would be the natural outcome.But that was a miracle, it’s not natural.
    So all people that traffic in such tragedies, and make sure to have a front row seat at all lynchings, should be aware that the Ohr Hachaim’s blessing doesn’t pertain to them.So they should be careful not to become coarsened in their zeal.And Vos Iz Nais should also be careful not to enable that outcome.
    Let us cry for “ALL” the victims.
    And we will all learn how strong the pull for such behaviour has become, and be extra vigilant with our loved ones to protect them from becoming a victim, “and” from not being pulled into this behaviour.May all of Am yisroel never have to deal with such suffering again.

  14. we should cry for everyone he was such a nice good person

    we cry for him and for the victimizes

    the DR did so much good for everyone i know a lot of good thinks he did

    he should of gone for help as soon he realized he has an issue

    i think what we should learn from this story is that we should make it easier for ppl to get help when they need it

    as well if someone go’s to help he shouldn’t need to be sooo embarrassed about it

    • Chazal say otherwise. Kol Hamerachem al ha’achzer sofo lehisaschzer lmi shtzarich leaches alav. It is wrong to have pity and cry for the Dr. His family? Yes. Him. No!
      He hurt people in ways that are unfathomable. Do you have rachmanos on Leiby Kletsky’s killer? Regardless of the Dr.’s reputation, what he did in secrecy (and thought he wouldn’t be caught) takes away his accomplishments.

  15. As someone very close to Dr. Weinreb I can tell you without hesitation that he is a good person, who although struggling with this issue tried to live his life as a Ben Torah. He is not a predator. He did not knowingly enter into a relationship with a minor. He joined an app on which age was misrepresented. He has thousands of patients who can vouch for his Character. Now would be a good time for them to weigh in and provide chizuk for a family that is suffering terribly! If it could happen to them it could happen to any one of us.

    • How does people coming out and sharing what a great doctor he was alleviate the terrible pain and horror of the crime he is accused of committing? Let us not delude ourselves into thinking that doctors, rabbis, teachers and other members of our community are not capable of committing terrible crimes.

    • Ok– my head is exploding form your comments–
      1) “He is a Good Person” — we are judged based on our actions. His actions imply that he is in fact NOT a good person. Yes, he probably has done some good things in his life –hey even Hitler liked Dogs and treated them well.
      2) “He is not a predator” –read the transcript. By his own admission he is a predator ( i dont want to quote the sick things he said)
      3) “He joined an app where the age was misrepresented”–where to begin. Assuming this is true– So its OK for him to commit adultery (even if this person was of age) and once he found out the real age he did what? Did he run? Nope!He pursued!
      4) “Provide Chizuk for the family”–the chizuk is that he duped everyone including you–so move on and know your family is not him!
      5)”It could happened to anyone of us”—ummm no!

  16. Its about time women learn that they should be going to a female doctor Period. as well about time to have a fully functioning Ezras Nashim EMS, why shouldn’t women be helping other women?

    • That is a stupid comment. I have seen many female OB’s in the delivery room (the ones that are used in maimo) under extreme circumstances and most that I have seen (not all) cannot handle the pressure. They are also not as compassionate to women and are rough because they feel they went through it as well. Ari was a good OB and his issue is clearly not patient related.

  17. One very serious mistake does not erase the tremendous good that Dr. Weinreb did in his life. Do any of us want to be judged so harshly? No one knows until the day he dies what grave errors he might commit. Some of you seem less concerned for the minor here (who btw was not exactly an innocent..) than in vilifying Weinreb. You’re like vultures swooping in after the kill and relishing the ghastly feast of destruction. It’s sickening.

    • Actually I find your attitude much more sickening.

      For decades excuses like the ones you offer have been used to protect predators like him. If everyone knew that were as a community have zero tolerance for people who commit these crimes and drive them out mercilessly there would be less of them and we would be the most respected community if everyone knew we are ruthless in keeping pedophiles away from our children.

    • No. It is not sickening. Some errors, as you call them, do not get a pass, or allow to be “unjudged”
      Molestation will or at least absolutely should ruin a person’s reputation.
      It is an unforgivable deed.

  18. I too know Dr. Weinreb and his family. He is a moral and decent person who really cared about helping others and doing the right thing. I am not at all condoning his actions and he will unfortunately suffer with the consequences for the rest of his life. But none of us know how complex and chaotic life is and how we could mess up anytime.

    • Stop with this nonsense already. He is a pedophile and the message must get out once and for all: Frum people will show no rachmanus to pedophiles. I hope he does suffer for the rest of his life, just as his victims will suffer.

      It is hashem’s place alone to decide if he is a moral person who committed a few evil acts or an evil person who committed a few moral acts. Our job is to make sure the next pedophile has plenty of reason to control himself.

      There are details of this story that don’t belong on VIN but they are available elsewhere for anyone who wants to know how eager he was to repeat his acts AFTER ACKNOWLEDGING THEY WERE WRONG.

      Hopefully his extreme suffering will be very well publicized and will encourage others to seek treatment (or kill themselves, I personally don’t care which they choose) before destroying another child.

      Lehalachah a person should be killed if that is the only way to stop him from committing certain acts, so don’t bother complaining about my writing that if he can’t get treated he should commit suicide. If that is the only way he can stop himself he should do it and in shomayim it will be considered a mitzvah.

      And drop the garbage about his sick acts being the result of his life being so complex and chaotic. We all make mistakes because of our complex and chaotic lives. You are trying to make it sound like he forgot his was in a rush and grabbed the wrong umbrella on his way out of shul or (chas veshalom) bought seltzer without a hechsher.

      He committed acts on par with killing a teenager, confessed to having at one least one other victim and was by his own account desperate to repeat his actions.

  19. Full disclosure, I am a relative. And the first thing I want to acknowledge is how a story like this is different when you know the accused. I am not here to defend Ari, there is not much debate that what he did is unacceptable and has caused real harm, first and foremost to the victim. I guess my only feeling is we should not lose our humanity in this situation. We should definitely be more considerate to the incredible wife and beautiful children who have had their lives turned upside down through no fault of their own. If you are reading this, please know that all who know you love you, and are davening for you, may this very dark and painful day pass, and may Hashem give you the strength to continue living with the goodness and kindness that personifies who you are. I do believe that those who are calling for public shaming mean well, the approach of protecting the accused has been a disaster for our community. But knowing Ari personally I cannot stomach the idea that he is irredeemable. I am not enough of an expert to address where we go from here, but I hope we can turn this into a moment where we take steps that will be beneficial and productive for all the parties.

  20. It seems that the underaged minor posed on an adult app looking for an adult relationship. He misrepresented his age. It doesn’t excuse the adults behavior, however if that’s the case he’s gay but not a predator. Let the facts come out before we judge and pray for him and his family. They are our brothers and sisters Bnei Yisroel, let’s show some Rachmonus. His wife and kids may be reading these comments. Give the Chizuk.

  21. One question I have:who let’s their kids go alone to a gynaecologist?????where r the parents. If its uncomfortable then stay outside. At least the predator will be afraid to do anything

  22. Bottom line is as Chazal so presciently said “Ein apitropus l’arayos” -NO ONE – no matter who they are or what their hashkafa may be , is immune from these temptations. Instead of calling him out, everyone should thank Hashem that they (hopefully) do not succumb to these impulses

  23. The “minor” deliberately placed himself on an App meant for adults. He misrepresented his age. Not at all the typical predator-victim scenario. And Dr. Weinreb should not be unfairly grouped with predators of that type. No one is saying that molestors should be protected. But each situation calls for its own evaluation. If one of you defrauded a person in an investment scam would you want to be compared to Madoff? In either case most of us will agree that this family has suffered enough. Let’s have a more realistic view of our human ability to “fall” and open our hearts with compassion to the extended wonderful Weinreb family.

    • The victim was a child. Mr. Weinreb is an adult. I’m struggling to understand how you could place blame on a 14 year old when an adult was involved. From information released it seems that the predator knew the victim was a minor. If convicted, Dr. Weinreb committed a serious, evil crime, let us not belittle that.

  24. Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanim! I challenge all you “vultures” out there to take five minutes and imagine this were YOUR son..or husband..or father. Or yes, YOU. Bet you’d be singing at least a slightly less judgemental tune then.

  25. To anyone in the Weinreb family who might be reading this: Know that we love you. We support you. We daven for you to find the courage and resilience to overcome this very painful time. And we look forward to celebrating brighter times with you in the near future. May Hashem guard and protect you and help you to heal.

  26. Who said his “victims” WHO WILLINGLY put themselves on the app are not voluntarily going after more of the same? According to NY state law 18 is the age of consent but many cultures consider 13 the age of manhood and decision making. And for those of you who wrote the most vile and vicious comments which his wife and CHILDREN are likely to read you need to beg mechila from them. Should you find tragedies happening in your own lives in the near future it is likely the wrath of heaven coming down on you for stomping on these precious innocent children.

    • Your smearing his victims by referring to them as “victims” clearly indicates you do not have any regard for them, only for your friend Mr. Weinreb. (Get used to Mr. Weinreb. He won’t have a license to practice medicine ever again.)

      Blaming the victims is the lowest, most disgusting method of defending a pedophile or any other sexual predator.

      I suggest you do some research and read the details to which he has admitted but cannot be posted on a frum website.

      His family is suffering so much from what HE has done to them, not from comments on VIN.

      He brought shame on them, not anyone on VIN.

      His innocent children have been trampled on by their own father. That is where the blame begins and ends.

      The suffering of the predator’s family should not be an excuse to let him off easy and discouraging others from seeking the help they need BEFORE they destroy another child.

      His family will likely need tremendous help and support to move on from this. Denial or minimizing or rationalizing of his crime delegitimizes not only the pain of his victims but the pain of his children too.

      His kids are bleeding inside from what their father did to THEM and you want to make them feel better by convincing them ‘no, your father didn’t really hurt you so badly’.

  27. The Community has to get together and address the issue and offer help to this ppl

    He was such a good DR and we lost him if we would have a good helping system we would of be able to safe him!!!!

    • How? The man has attraction for guys at least and very likely was interested in kids (just saying this as some claim here that he was not aware that he was getting involved with a minor…). What support does the frum community offer to such people (assuming the only issue is that he is gay)? The answer is, NONE! You know what happens with gay guys in the frum world… They eventually go nuts and run away from their wives and move in with their boyfriends and leave the frum world.

  28. Agreed. Instead of placing blame we should think of how we as a community can prevent such tragic incidents in the future. Thinking proactively is a more helpful approach to malicious judgemental comments which may well scare those who need help from admitting and seeking it.

    • No reason for these sick puppies to seek help (or commit suicide) unless we as a community viciously prosecute and, if necessary to get the message out, persecute, anyone who chooses to ignore the help available.

      So you go build some clinics for all these moral but molesting degenerates and take good care of those who choose to take advantage of your concern for pedophiles while I continue explaining to the frum world what needs to be done to those pedophiles who choose to take advantage of our children.

  29. Let me clarify b4 They act on there desires, they should know where to turn to get help. Before he does anything, not after.

    This is what I meant the Community has to get together

    So this ppl should know Wer to go b4 they act out

    • That is why there is blame. There is no excuse to hurt someone, stay away or get help.
      Don’t use the word desire, though. Do you use the word desire by a serial killer, he has a desire to kill people?
      Desire humainzes the behavior and there is nothing normal about an attraction (and for sure not acting upon) to underage children.
      Another thing, molestation is evil. Molesters are not wonderful people that have “one issue”..
      I am making an assumption, and I can be wrong, but I think that his wife and children have been suffering for a long time, before this story broke and they now have the intense shame to deal with as well.
      The automatic defense, rationalization, and protection of abuse and abusers in our community needs to be corrected.
      Stop blaming the victim! Stop feeling bad for the perpetrators! Out children and future generations deserve more. They deserve to be protected.

  30. This is very different than a classic “predator” case as heard in the past (schools etc). You can’t just hide behind the guise of protect the victim as a carte Blanche rule without analyzing each case. This victim wanted to find an older man. This victim misrepresented his age on a dating app. This victim was not coerced or cornered into a relationship like this. I’m not condoning homosexuality but that alone wouldn’t result in any news article or uproar. It’s the the buzzword of pedophile or predator that gets all the everyone here worked up. So some ppl know the dr too and are trying to at least de-vilify him in some way because the press will never do that, that doesn’t mean they are defending pedophilia. If you look closely at this case it’s not a standard predator/pedophile abuse case. But I’m sure Mr. Been there with his rigid judgement will find no grey area here as expected.

  31. I have known Ari for a very long time. He has always been a warm, caring, compassionate human being, always interested in helping others and has done a tremendous amount of Chesed on a regular basis over the years. He is suffering, and will continue to suffer, greatly from this terrible tragedy. Also, his wonderful wife and beautiful children are suffering immensely on account of what is transpiring. I am pleading to the people who have posted the venomous hateful comments to VIN regarding this tragedy, some of whom appear to know some chazal, to keep in mind several well known concepts before adding salt to the wounds of all involved in this situation:
    Havei Dan Es Chaveiro LKaf Zechus
    Lo Yehei Dan Es Chaveiro Ad She’Tagiya Limkomo
    Jews are supposed to be Rachamonim and Gomlei Chassadim
    Hamevaish Es Chaveiro Berabim, Ein Lo Chelek LeOlom Habba
    You are jumping in and making judgments and reaching and spreading conclusions about another person without knowing all the facts. Just because there is an article in some small newspaper setting forth allegations, who says that the information in the article is accurate? Much larger and more prestigious newspapers then the one who broke this story have a tendency to report fake news, so how can this newspaper’s account of the alleged incident be trusted? Have you read the court documents quoted in the article to see if what the newspaper article claims is accurate? Perhaps the information is wrong or exaggerated. Perhaps the boy – assuming the information in the article is true – who was not so young — drew Ari into the situation and made it difficult for him to resist. Perhaps, there was no more than discussions between Ari and the boy, and no act was involved at all. Perhaps, this was an isolated incident? All of you who are jumping to conclusions, and expressing them in a public forum, anonymously, are doing so, and adding salt to the wounds of all involved, without knowing all the facts. It is so wrong for you to do so, to keep on adding salt to the deep wounds of those who are so down. Even under secular law, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty; so far, all we have is an article in some small unknown newspaper talking about allegations that may not be correct.
    It is wrong to jump to judgment about another person, and to add to the tremendous pain being suffered by him and his beautiful family, without knowing all the facts, and it is clearly a very serious Aveiro, perhaps even more serious than what Ari may have done, to express such information on a public forum for the purpose of adding more pain and humiliation to Ari and to his wife and children. It is not your job to make this judgment and to make matters worse. Leave this to the court system and, ultimately, to hashem. Again, please bear in mind the well known concepts I just mentioned in this post before spouting venom about Ari, or about any other person for that matter. You are playing around with the rule of Hamevaish Es Chaveiro Berabim, Ein Lo Chelek LeOlom Habba.
    You would have much greater zechusim by opening up a sefer, saying tehilim, and/or getting involved in matters of Chesed and mitzvos, than to spend time on the computer typing loshon hara and committing other serious aveiros and adding hurt to an already downtrodden family that can use people’s help, instead of having others make things worse for them than they already are. May we all be spared from tzores.

  32. Those who are insulting him are dangerously close to losing their Olam Habah. He was not convicted and you’re playing judge, jury, sadistic prosecutor and G-D. Each of you is now a RODEF and we know that G-D is always on the side of a NIRDAF no matter the situation. Nobody defends child molestation but this case has not yet been tried and all situations are different.
    Kolko __________________ Pray, pray very, very hard that you shouldn’t hang yourself in shame if chas vashalom somebody near and dear in your family gets into a similar situation. You have absolutely less than zero guarantee that it can’t happen to you. Shame on you and shame on your sadism. Your disproportionate invective is more indicative of the kind Jew you are, than him.

  33. Beware of those that are so quick to condemn and vilify…(“The lady doth protest too much me thinks” -William Shakespeare) I am so happy to see the conversation changing to one of understanding and compassion. I don’t have all the information but this I know for sure: Ari is a good and generous person who raised an exceptional family. He has helped countless people. He had a personal struggle and made a tragic mistake. Hashem should give him and his family the strength they will need.

    • I would like to suggest that anyone that has said horrible cruel comments about people they don’t know, and have cursed them and suggested they kill themselves,and have expressed no ability to show empathy neither for his pure and beautiful family, nor for the doctors many years of good deeds,not withstanding his terrible action;

      Let all these people that are enjoying the process of watching the doctor suffer and destroyed till there is nothing left to ever mend,leaving him a shell and swinging from a rope , while they laugh at him, at least have the courage to stand up and introduce yourself to all of us by your real name address and contact information.

      You who are so quick to rile up the mob, and enjoy a good show, would probably be one of those that has a big smile on their face when people they looked down on , were lynched, or burned.
      We as Jews don’t look away from punishment when the actions are forbidden, this seems to have sadly fallen in that category; however, we are instructed not to become consumed with destroying others,celebrating their downfall( not even if they are enemies of the Jewish people)nor losing our ability to have empathy for someone that has committed an aveira.
      Before you continue to lecture us from your place far above the rest of us,based on all of your mountains of experience( “been there” I’m talking to you, “where have you been”that has created a two dimensional vision that seems bent on hurting as many people as possible while negating any good in another flawed person, as if you are a paradigm of purity?)

      Please introduce yourself to us,
      “been there” ,
      “Rabbi Kolko”
      and anyone that is so pure that they can’t be on the same planet as a person that has done a grave aveira,but at the same time has done much good in their life.
      You seem to think you are like R’ Shimon Ben Yochai when he emerged from the cave after many years, and burned everything that wasn’t absolutely pure.R’Shimon was holy, but even he was sent back to the cave till he could control his holy fire,but you, are you at least burning everything with holy fire, or do you just enjoy destroying anything you can?

      The man is being punished for his actions.It has been reported and the information is public.He admitted and took responsibilty.He didn’t attack others,( yes,that is a distinction,whether you jump up and down or not).
      Will you now go back to your life,that seems to be pure and holy. There must be other places on this planet that are in need of your unique ability to hurt, destroy,shame and mutilate,while you destroy with glee as many people as possible,without a care for any collateral damage to any innocent people involved.

      I am crying as I write this,as I know these innocent people,and know their deep pain.And I don’t think empathy and punishment for an action are mutually exclusive.

      At least daven for better days,rather than coming alive, when a tragedy hits our community.

    • Loshon hara?? Any one who sexually abuses a child should be made public, both so that other children can be protected but also so that others who consider similar crimes will know that they will not be swept under the rug. This is not a “whoops, mistake” this is a sick criminal action that has the power to destroy victim’s lives and the lives of their loved ones.

  34. I got home from work and have tears in my eyes reading some of these recent messages of understanding and compassion. I had this horrible feeling all day from reading the many viciously cruel posts on this chat. Rabbi Kolko’s (Rabbi???)message in particular is horrifying. One wonders if Kolko’s past deeds were revealed what horrors would be exposed. How many people have been the recipients of his callous and inhumane attitude? Here’s what I say to you “Rabbi” Kolko: This may come as a shock to you but Ari Weinreb is a much greater man than you. He is kind, compassionate and caring. He has patiently and skillfully assisted countless women through pregnancy and birth. He made a very serious mistake but owned up to it and is trying to make amends. It is YOU who needs to look deeply into yourself and search for the source of your twisted opinions.

  35. Our Rabbis day: Ein Adam Over Avairah Elah Im Kain Nichnas Bo Ruach Shtus. A person only commits a sin when a spirit of folly enters into him.

    That spirit can Chas Vshalom consume any person. Just like you care about the victim, realize that he didn’t choose to have this sick desire. He should have been stronger then the urge but who are we to judge since we are not in his shoes. He will suffer the consequences but why should we add to it? We should give him Chizuk to help him do Teshuvah and try to repair his grave mistake.

  36. Because of publicly shaming Kamtza bar kamtza in the presence if even great learned people, the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed and 2000 years of Jewish suffering ensues to this day. A plea to you all: stop commenting , else the ire of the Almighty be roused against you Heaven forbid. You’re doing Russian Roulette with yourselves and loved ones especially if you don’t have all the facts. Have pity on yourselves.

  37. I’d like to shed some perspective and hopefully closure on this subject. For those of you who don’t know him let me tell you a bit about Ari Weinreb: Ari is a wonderful human being. He has a heart of gold. Many many organizations/tzedakas have been the recipients of his generosity. A gifted and skilled doctor, he gave thousands of couples the priceless gift of a well-born child. As human beings, every single one of us is fallible. The struggles we have may differ but at some point in our lives most of us will struggle intensely with a personal challenge. And yes, sometimes we’ll stumble. Fortunately, Hashem is more compassionate than the monstrously cruel attackers who posted their cruel comments here. He paves the way for repentance and return. Ari has suffered enough. He’s experienced pure hell on Earth. Those of us who retain our humanity will be there for him as he attempts to rebuild his life. We will validate his struggles, support his efforts and applaud his courage. We will strengthen and better ourselves in the process. May we celebrate better times soon.

    • Unfortunately this situation is not just a “personal problem” considering that an underage child was involved. This is not a “stumble” from what has been made public it was a calculated, premeditated crime. As a community, we must make sure we protect innocent children and expose predators to prevent more innocent lives from being destroyed.

  38. I pray and hope we will have him beck with happiness

    I believe with therapy ppl with this problem can get cured

    The world needs needs him and if we loss him it’s a very big lost

    He was and is a wonderful person and was always happy to help ppl in need

    I hope we will understand and we will help him get out of this mass and with the right help and therapy we will have him beck with us happily

  39. As a patient of Dr. Weinreb, I cried for days. He was the best doctor I ever had. He went out of his way to help me personally on multiple occasions. He genuinely cared, he didn’t need to but he did. While some of you who are posting nasty comments may have your feelings for doing so, I can tell you have never met him. No one is condoning wrong behavior or actions but each situation is unique. We all have our personal challenges and no one can say that they never do the wrong thing even if they know its wrong, we all fall.
    I feel for Dr. Weinreb and I support him and his family in getting through this hard time, figuring this out and coming out on the other side.
    I would go as far as saying that should he return to practice I would not hesitate to return to him as many of my friends. We know that he is an amazing person and ‘IF’ this is true it was the exception not the rule.
    Stay strong, were praying for you Dr.

    • I, like hundreds of others have sat at Ari’s shabbos table and been the recipient of his and his family’s Overwhelming kindness and hospitality. He is a genuinely good person who succumbed to his struggle. He and his family are the best of the best. As mentioned in previous posts those who are spewing hatred have obviously never met him and are reacting out of fear due to some terrible dark secrets of their own.

  40. Dr. Ari Weinrib and his wife are known in our community for having a home of Chesed. They host Shabbos guest, communal events and even Simchas for those less fortunate. They have always been there for us and now we must be there for them in their ES TZARAH. I and my family are Davening for the victim and for him and his family.

  41. In response to Debra’s message the term “innocent children” can hardly be applied here. Both because a child by definition is of younger age and and because it’s not exactly innocent to put oneself out there on an App. I know the frum community has been trying to crack down on pedophiles and rightfully so. BUT DO NOT TAR ARI W. WITH THE SAME BRUSH. He is not a predator. Do not make him a victim of your political agenda.

  42. Ari is a wonderful person who made a poor choice. No different than all the Loson hora posters whom I’m sure are wonderful people who made poor choices by posting their comments. That being said people need to accept that it is possible to be a tremendous human being who messed up. Ari stay strong and I truly hope you are not internalizing any of this garbage. The world needs you. You are a good friend, person, father and son. To know you is to love you!

  43. I know Dr. Weinreb’s daughter and have seen the love and devotion he gives to his family first hand.
    I understand that it’s easy and entertaining for people to shove their bullets into someone’s wound, as a faceless username on the internet.
    I find it hypocritical that people who are so worried about child abuse are ruthlessly and heartlessly contributing to his children’s anguish.
    Again, I am by no means justifying his actions; but I am unapologetically affirming that Ari is a good, warm and compassionate father.
    I sincerely hope that none of these commenter’s children will ever experience such torment…and that if they do, they’re safe from online harassers.
    My prayers are with Dr. Weinreb and his family.

  44. I must be missing something the guy is gay. So what. Because there is an arbitrary line that according to state law 14 year old is considered a minor and makes it criminal? What if Weinreb was 18? does that change anything? certainly under jewish Law 14 is considered an adult. There are no reports that the 14 year old did not consent… Although Weinreb did say he is attracted to young boys. Somethings to think about

  45. Is it actually halachicly loshon haro to publicize an individual who poses danger to innocent children?
    Most ppl are obviously not aware of the magnitude of damage affecting victims of such crimes.
    And his family are their own kind of victims too. But enough of shoving this behavior under the rug. There must be a voice for this calamity “pi haason” from those whose lives are shattered due to such behaviors and whose voice continues to be silenced. Besurut tovot beh

  46. Emes______ You sound like a big talmid chochom so you know that this case is not a final conviction and in any case is not similar to your description. So you must know that a dayan, during a litigation process is never permitted to talk about his case to anyone. Hopefully, you”re talking in generalities. Especially when FBI is concerned, there’s a great chance if corruption in how they’ve been operating over the last number of years. They’ve leaked some info which will be challenged in court because of that alone. Leaking is not permitted. What you forgot in your lomdus, is that limud zchus is an obligation. You don’t have anything except what you read online and you’re chiming in with this deep kasha about loshon harah , which you’re so nonchalantly feeding. “Bsurot tovot “

  47. Emes, what does halacha say about writing lashon hara against a person who is only accused but awaiting court date ?
    Everyone shares sympathy with victims, shattered lives, and rug sweeping. But what has this to do with this specific case of which you know zilch ? Do you believe he has a halachic right to testify in court, or no? If yes, then why you hocking like a Sunday preacher in church?
    Why did you post this anyway?
    What exactly did we glean from your learned post except that you namedropped Bilaam’s A— ?

  48. Let’s be clear

    Everyone agrees Ari is a person with a gold heart who helps everyone…..

    If he did the big mistake I think everyone agrees that his life ‏ Shouldn’t be ruined because of that and we the Community should help him get through this painful time

    About the boy I think we should help him as well

  49. Dr. Weinreb delivered our last child, while my wife and I were both in our 40’s. He was extremely caring and compassionate throughout the ordeal. For that I will always have hakaras hatov to him and his staff.

  50. As someone who has known Ari for years, I was devastated by the news of his arrest. I could not bring myself to read any comments at first because I knew they would be grossly distorted (on both “sides” of the issue). Now that I have been through all of the venom, hate, fear-mongering and self-righteous defenses, I feel compelled to share my thoughts.

    Having read all of the court documents it is more than abundantly clear that Ari Weinreb is NOT a pedophile or a predator. Some people have pointed this out already, but the majority of people who post here seem to have an agenda and that agenda can only be advanced if Ari is labeled a predator or a pedophile. Anyone who reads the affidavit in support of the indictment will quickly see that Ari arranged for a “date” on a mobile app with someone who held themself out to be over 18. Putting the halachic issue of homosexuality aside, there is nothing wrong with two consenting adults getting together through a dating app. As it happens, the victim in this case (on whom I place zero blame – I think that a 14-year old boy looking for a father figure has Daddy issues and someone should look into what is going in that home) was younger than the age of consent. There is no indication in any court documents that Ari hung out at playgrounds, inviting children his home for some “one-on-one time” or possessed any child pornography. None of the classic symptoms or signals of pedophilia are present here.

    There is absolutely no difference between this case and the case of famed NY Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor who patronized a prostitute who told him she was 19 when in fact she was 16 (FYI – Taylor was sentenced to 6 years of probation). In cases of statutory rape, if the victim is underage, game over. It doesn’t matter how old the offender thought the victim was, all that matters is the true age of the victim. The fact that Ari thought that the victim in this case was over 18 is irrelevant; it’s still statutory rape and he should and will be punished for committing that crime. To twist the facts of this case to rail against pedophilia is wrong, unfair and unnecessary. As a society we don’t need a reason for shouting about the evils of pedophilia, we should be shouting about it every day and doing our best to root out all of those who prey upon and attack children. What we don’t need to do is conflate homosexuality with pedophilia.

    Does Ari Weinreb have “issues”? Absolutely. Does he need the help of a mental health professional? Absolutely. Did Ari Weinreb commit a crime? On the facts as we know them – absolutely. Is Ari Weinreb a pedophile? Absolutely NOT.

    Comments on this story should stick to the relevant issues – married frum Jews who are closeted homosexuals, statutory rape and the evils of the internet. Period. If anyone needs to comment about pedophilia, they should post comments on stories about Rebbeim and teachers who have been molesting our precious children. Those stories may be hard to find because so much of it gets covered up (hence the need to post here), but they’re out there.

  51. Thanks to the “Voice of Reason” for doing what no other commentator has done: Weeding out fiction from fact. It’s obvious that Ari W. has become a scapegoat for anyone wanting to rant about pedophile behavior in our midst. Amazing how people refuse to accept the unique nuances of this case and conveniently toss labels around for self gratification purposes.

  52. I am chassidish and live in BP and Ari was my wife’s doctor. I personally spoke to him numerous times and he went out of his way more than once for us. Saying that he is a wonderful person – in my opinion – is just an understatement!


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