45,000 Celebrate Shabbat Chayei Sarah In Chevron


HEVRON (VINnews) — An unprecendented 45,000 people celebrated Shabbos Chayei Sarah in Chevron and Kiryat Arba, near the Me’aras Hamachpela where the Avos are buried. The entire cave, including the tombs of Yitzchak and Rivka was open to the tens of thousands of worshipers who came to visit. Numerous guided tours of Jewish locations in the city took place over the course of the Shabbat.

Border Police and IDF soldiers as well as large police forces maintained security at the huge event.

The Chabad emissaries in Hevron and Kiryat Arba, Rabbis Dani Cohen, Itzik Neimark, Mordechai Hellinger and Yoni Attiya erected three huge tents where 6,200 people ate their meals on Shabbat.

The Operations Officer of the Yehuda Brigade, Major Mark Shulman, said that “Shabbat Chayei Sarah is a time when tens of thousands of visitors arrive from all over the country in order to read the Parsha which mentions the acquisition of the cave. In the last few weeks IDF soldiers in the region have been working to thwart terrorist initiatives in order to conduct the festivities safely and together with the Jewish community in Hevron and other security forces, they prepared to receive the thousands of worshipers.”

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