Hasidic Teen Punched In Williamsburg, Attacker In Custody [VIDEO]


WILLIAMSBURG (VINnews) — Another assault on a Jew in NYC has occured, this time in Willimasburg. This time the perpetrator was immediately arrested.

A 13-year-old Hasidic teen was walking in the area of Marcy Avenue and Myrtle Avenue at approximately 5 PM, when he was approached by an African American male who punched him in the face. The attack was completely unprovoked.

The teen was treated on scene by Hatzolah, and did not need to be transported to the hospital.

The attacker was arrested a short time later by the NYPD. Charges have not yet been announced.

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  1. These attacks never appear on any of the cable channels, or the network news. However, if it was the other way around, I guarantee that there would be non-stop coverage!

  2. You actually think if a chasid assaulted an African American there would be non-stop coverage? Do you realize people being attacked in this world is not major news? There is an impeachment investigation going on. There are mass shootings almost every week. California is burning. The Government in Israel is in flux, their leader has been indicted. Britain has an election to settle Brexit. Huge storms are a regular occurrence now. And you think the world revolves around you.

    • To: Louis Becker- You have no rachmonos for a fellow frum Jew being assaulted, by a low life piece of garbage; the point that I was trying to make, is that as far as the news media is concerned, Jews are expendable. The media does not shed a tear, if we are attacked. However, your verbal diatribe, which had zilch to do with the point that I was making, was a bunch of garbage, as far as I was concerned. To paraphrase what Clark Gable stated at the end of the movie “Gone with the Wind”, “quite frankly, you don’t give a da–“.

  3. Sorry, time for us to fight back or we welcome more of this. He should of been beaten to a pulp. This way he would of understood what he did was wrong. Now he wont. And now when Mayor DeBlasshole gives him Mets tickets and champagne dinners to come back to court, more kids will get attacked.

    • The normal way to “fight back” is to start electing liberty-minded Conservatives and Libertarians who will encourage Americans to understand & work to pass laws encouraging boys and girls who’ve practiced shooting to carry a pocket pistol and pepper gel, just like all adults should. When cowardly extremely violent criminals start getting pepper gel’ed in the eyes or shot in the heart, they’ll actually be less likely to commit these brutal cowardly attacks. And, more of them will be off the streets unable to seriously harm others.

  4. Jews in chasidishe levush need to attend every court proceeding and let the District Attorney know that a plea bargain for a light sentence will mean no reelection.

    I trained Jeet Kune Do, Kali and combat submission wrestling. The best defense is to walk with other people. The thugs have the element of surprise so weapons are useful if you know how to use them but you are still going to take a punch before you know you are in danger. Better to not walk alone and to stay in lit areas. Anyone with fighting experience knows that the best defense is safe habits. This city is no longer safe and yes, our mayor is to blame.

  5. Problem with these liberals is: they fight for the rights of low people, who are not honoring the rights of civil people. Part of their agenda of dehumanizing humanity.


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