In Virginia, Bloomberg Blasts Trump For Navy Leader’s Ouster

Democratic Presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg during remarks to the media at the Hilton Hotel on his first campaign stop in Norfolk, Va. Monday, Nov. 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Bill Tiernan)

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — New presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg traveled to the city that hosts the world’s largest Navy base on Monday and blasted President Donald Trump over the recent ouster of the nation’s Navy secretary.

For the first stop of his Democratic campaign, Bloomberg went to Norfolk, where he criticized Trump over the firing of Richard Spencer. The civilian leader of the Navy said he could not in good conscience follow an order by the president to allow a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes to retire without losing his SEAL status.

“The fact remains: We have a president, a commander in chief, who has no respect for the rule of law, and no concern whatsoever for ethics or honor, or for the values that truly make America great,” Bloomberg told a group of reporters at a downtown hotel.

Virginia is a critical Super Tuesday state that is key to Bloomberg’s campaign strategy of bypassing early states to focus on the crush of states that vote later in the cycle. And the locale offered the billionaire and former mayor of New York City more than just the latest controversy in Washington to promote his platform.

The neighboring city of Virginia Beach suffered a mass shooting on May 31 that killed 12 people at a municipal complex. Bloomberg, 77, said that such shootings have become “almost routine” and that “we have to put an end to this madness.”

Gun control is a hallmark of Bloomberg’s political identity. His group, Everytown for Gun Safety, has pumped more than $6 million into Virginia campaigns alone in recent years to support like-minded Democrats, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.

Democrats retook both chambers in Virginia’s Legislature earlier this month. Bloomberg said it was proof that “with the right candidate, we can turn areas from red to blue.”

Bloomberg, a centrist who became a Democrat last year, joined the presidential race Sunday, just 10 weeks before primary voting begins. His Democratic rivals have already pounced on his plans to rely on his personal fortunes to fund his campaign, accusing him of trying to buy an election.

Bloomberg said Trump was a “threat to our country, to our values and our national security.” But he also cast doubt on the crowded field of Democrats whose performance, he insinuated, forced him into the race.

“I think that there is a greater risk of having Donald Trump reelected than there was before,” Bloomberg told reporters. “And in the end, I looked in the mirror and said that I just cannot let this happen.”

The former Republican touted a platform that also focused on combating sea-level rise, economic inequality and health care.

He said he’s already beaten Trump in other arenas, at least symbolically, devoting tens of millions of dollars to pursue policy priorities that are in sharp contrast to the president’s.

For instance, Bloomberg has helped shutter 282 coal plants in the United States and organized a coalition of American cities on track to cut 75 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2025.

“I know what it takes to beat Trump because we already have, and I will do it again,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg also chatted with people at a diner in downtown Norfolk that was mobbed with reporters and at least some people who were eager to support him.

Among them was Craig Schranz, 43, an emergency medicine physician who said he’s fiscally conservative and socially liberal like Bloomberg is. He praised Bloomberg for not “vilifying” capitalism and for supporting a health care plan that doesn’t eliminate private-payer health insurance.

“I think he’s someone who knows how to govern,” said Schranz, who said he had supported former Vice President Joe Biden before Bloomberg joined the race. “I think he’s going to implement sound policy that we need.”

Bloomberg plans to go to Phoenix, Arizona, on Tuesday.

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  1. Yawn shorty bloomy. You are booooooring .
    You also hate and discriminate against Frum Torah Jews . Yes you were smart enough to wait till your third term when you won’t run again to do it . Us Jews will never forget when you said you won’t be intimated by extremists in black hats . Imagine if you said that on shvartzas.
    Then you ran for 3 terms violating the NYC two term rule mr dictator .
    And you are proud that you tackled coal and made people lose jobs ? Shame shame on yku . Climate change is a big fat hoax . No more private jets for you .
    I hope you divest if you win . You told trump too

    • Thank you for admitting that it took you (Educated Genius) 8 years of support someone who did not deserve it at all. I am sure that you also supported Gore against Bush like 90% of frumme did. Bush ended up the Best POTUS for Israel in USA History. ( My point is, based on your post it will take you 4 more years to realize the same about Trump. Oh. OHHH I forgot. He has Jewish Grandchildren, and not a single picture in the last 4 years he is spending time with them. Let see Avg day about 4-5 Trump Pictures, WH. Golf etc. Total 8-9000 pictures and not one with his JEWISH Grandchildren. I guess if someone sooooo Educated can fall for Bloomberg for so many years We cant expect much from the rest of the Frumme who never even got some basic Education. I am quite sure that 85 or maybe even 90% of Jews will proudly vote for Bloomberg.

      • To:Yingele- Not only are there no photos of Trump spending time with any of his grandchildren, there are never photos of just him spending time with Barron, without Melania being in a photo; he bragged that years ago, he took Barron golfing, yet in the last three years, there has been no evidence of the two of them golfing. When JFK was President, his son John, Jr. used to go into the Oval office. I’ve never seen a photo of Barron in the Oval office. Do the two of them even speak to each other?

          • TO: Archibold: I stand by what I said; there is ZERO evidence that Trump spends any time with his grandchildren, and ZERO evidence that he spends any time with his teenage son, Barron. Trump does not like to be photographed with Barron, because Barron is now taller than Trump.

      • Trump has tanigable good things that he did to us. And for not votes or money. Bloomberg did very little for us and if he did it was for our votes.

        Trump spend plenty of time with his grandchildren. And again the fact that he entrusts Jared a frum jew speaks volumes of whom he is fond of

        • The opposite is true. Trump has 60 million Evangelists who vote for him (90%) Jews only vote for him about 30% . Evangelist love Israel (Its in their bible) and they trying to convert us. All those missionaries in Israel are Evangelists. “spend plenty of time with his Grandkids” So admitting not a “Single Picture” Hm? Jared?? This is not a first time when someone uses a Jew to further his/her interest. Just read some history or speak to someone older. I cant remember that when Obama was the President you claimed “speaks volumes of whom he is found of” Not only he had Jack Lew a frumme, Rahm Emanuel etc, Seder in WH etc. He named 3 Jews to the SCOTUS THREE JEWS more than all President combined including T. What does that mean to you? Puting his children/grandchildren future, lives, happiness in 3 Yewish peoples hand for life. “SPEAKS VOLUMES” not in charge of middle east PEACE bs. or now building a Wall hat should have been finished 2 years ago. He only making chajzik from him on this one like he did with the DEAL OF THE CENTURY Muslim-Israeli Peace.

          • Your craziness cracks me up.

            Bottom line he is proud of Jared and adores him. A nazis wouldn’t do that. I have said many time sthat i don’t think obama was an anti Semite either. Rahm emnauel was not frum and doesn’t count. Jack lew does. But obama was not recpetive to frum causes like Trump. Named 3 jewish scotus ? Again if they are not frum it has no emaning at all to me. I guess it does say that he wasn’t a pure anti smeite. But very little menaing.

            You need to get it thru your head what non torah jews do is meaningless. 90% of jews are unfortunately non torah jews. We don’t care about their ideals and votes

  2. Trump was wrong about the Navy case because he equates violemcecwith military effectiveness. He doesnt understand that each branch of the military has an ethos that the line of officer really believes in and is necessary to keep them functioning and effective. The people who served with the SEAL dont wantvto servecwith him and turned him in because that behavior is detrimental to the group.

    On the other hand, this Secretary of the Navy went behind Esper’s back so, at the same time, Esper couldn’t let him stay.

    • It doesn’t matter. We need to protect our navy seals at the highest level. They are under lots of pressure and will make mistakes. We need to stop punsihing them so harshley.

      “The people who served with the SEAL dont wantvto servecwith him and turned him in because that behavior is detrimental to the group.”

      Sorry I don’t believe that nonsense. I doubt most people who served cared. It was a few remote people.
      At best reitre you but don’t strip our dedicated troops of any honors. Its just not PC what Trump did so you hate him. Those days are over.

      • The SEALS want him out because they consider him a liability. They turned him in. I don’t hate Trump for doing this. I think it’s wrong but I understand why he did it. I just believe it was a misguided attempt to stand by a warrior who should no longer be allowed to serve in an elite combat unit.

        • No, Trump was totally wrong here. Gallagher was court martialed and the court martial board acquitted him of all but one of the charges. Gallagher could have appealed first to a court of military appeals and then to the Supreme Court. Trump short circuited the process, so Gallagher will always be known as someone whom a corrupt President pardoned; he will never have the chance to truly clear his name. And Gallagher is going to retire as he probably realizes that he will never again be effective as a SEAL.

          The US military is justly proud of its judicial system. Trump has stained it. Military areas like Norfolk are already turning Democratic — a retired nuclear officer for the US Navy flipped that congressional seat last fall and this will help her to keep it. And that officer is a Jewish woman who is pro-Israel, elected from an area without a large Jewish population — she led Passover seders on Aircraft carriers during the Iraq War!

          Not a Bloomberg fan but he was right on this.

          • Thnak you phineas for that insight.

            I love those broad phrases like “The US military is justly proud of its judicial system.: some entity maybe is proud of the system. Humans in the muilitray want to know we have their back. I don’t care about a few high up generals who care about the system. Thats alot of PC nonsense.

            Trump did a great job.


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