Jared Kushner Now In Charge Of Overseeing Border Wall Project

Jared Kushner, shown in September 2019, holds biweekly meetings in the West Wing to discuss the wall’s progress with government officials. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (JTA) — Move over Mideast peace “Deal of the Century.” Jared Kushner’s got a new job – overseeing construction of President Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall.

Trump wants to see progress on the wall as he enters this year’s re-election campaign, so he has tapped his White House senior adviser and son-in-law to make it happen, The Washington Post reported, citing unnamed current and former administration officials.

White House aides told the newspaper that Kushner has told other West Wing officials that he is in charge of the wall and that Trump wants to see at least 400 miles built by Election Day. Kushner holds biweekly meetings in the West Wing to discuss the wall’s progress with government officials.

He is pressing U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to seize the private land in Texas needed to build there, according to the report.

Trump promised during the last campaign to build a wall on the southern border and to make Mexico pay for it. Mexico isn’t paying and Congress has not allocated the money.

One unnamed person involved in the construction of the wall told the Post that Kushner has annoyed officials involved in the process because they said he displayed a lack of knowledge about the government procurement process and the “realities” of the project.

The Trump administration has completed 83 miles of new barriers, much of it strengthening the existing wall for a stronger and higher barrier.

In addition to the wall, Kushner’s other far-ranging responsibilities include presenting and sealing a Middle East peace deal, taking a lead role on trade policy, overseeing criminal justice reform and modernizing the government. He also has a leadership role in the 2020 campaign.

The peace deal has been completed but has not been presented publicly.

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  1. Now he is using his Jewish son-in-law to fail again. Deal of the Century = Peace between Israel and the Palis what “Could be done in a week or so” never happened. (Obama was smart enough to understand this after Clinton failed thanks to Arafat) Now he is setting him up for another total failure. Big Beautiful Wall paid by the Mexicans as he promised 876 times will never happen. We will have open borders with Mexico before any wall will be built. Congress has not given him a single dollar (Except for fixing old metal walls) and in 3 years not a single mile was built. This is not Rockefeller Center skate ring what took him 2 years to fix or the Trump tower where he used cheap Polish illegal labor and it still took 7 years to build. A single building.

  2. Trump just wants his Jewish son-in-law to be the face when they have to tell hardcore conservative Trump supporters that they will be taking 100s of acres of their property to build the wall.

    • Teach me, I don,t understand this. Isn’t the same Constitution that gives you the right to own a gun, gives you the same right to own property? Are you saying that the Republicans believe they have the right to take someones property they owned maybe even a few generation but the Democrats have no right to take away guns from meshugayem who need it only for mass murder? Great. I hope Bernie or Bloomberg or whoever wins will not name a yid (Jew) to take away guns (or property) from anyone. You must be making a mistake.

      • I agree with you on guns . I am not very into silly outdated laws or second amendment. I Happen to think America is azu mishiga that taking away guns will never stop the crazies . But if it does please take it away

  3. Thank for the compliments. You are not explaining my 2 questions.
    1)How did the Deal of the Century what T put Kushner in charge worked out?
    2) What is his chances to build this wall paid by the Mexicans what T himself couldn’t deliver after 2 years of
    full power. Republican POTUS, Senate,Congress.
    “Nuts, crazy, Farkrumte” is your admission that he is handing him projects he knows well he wont be able to deliver? Come on, You did not think for a minute that Bibi will give back 99-100% of the West Bank to the Palis. (They (Rabin, Olmert and even Bibi) offered them 94-96% over the last 15 years and they didnt take it) Or take in 6 million refugees? The same with the wall. Not one inch was built and paid by the Mexicans. He can always tell his well Educated Genius Deplorable s that Its up and running.

    • The deal of the century is working out beautiful . It’s a great deal . It puts the Palestinians to the corner and forces them to be honest . That’s why they hate it . No more games like the other dumb potus did with Arafat yimach shimo . Sorry I call it a great deal . The Palestinians are now cornered .

      So I hope that answers that question

      Now re Mexico . Yes the one thing you got me on is Mexico won’t pay for the well . But it’s being built as we speak. If you remember trump took money from defense spending . You guys tried to block it but too bad . It’s doing great

  4. The bigger the bully on-line the bigger the wuss in real life. The bigger the loudmouth on-line the smaller the audience of interested real-life listeners. The more time available to pontificate on-line the less seriously anyone considers a person’s views off-line. The more topics a person pretends to master on-line the knowledgeable in real-life.

    One other phenomenon I’ve noticed: people who use adjectives in their names often reveal their real-life insecurities. For example, a guy who uses the on-line persona Slim often looks like a Sumu wrestler in real-life.

    Big Bucks is often a minimum wage burger flipper.

    On-line Albert Einstein probably demonstrates the outer limits of his competency computer science by clicking POST COMMENT.

    On-line Mark Twain probably cannot write a shopping list without help.

    Howard Johnson is probably not a very hospitable fellow in real-life.

    Have a nice day, Arch.

  5. Yingle and others, before you pontificate on what rights the Constitution does or doesn’t guarantee, it would probably be a good idea to read it. The 2nd Amendment does guarantee the right of Americans to own and bear arms. The 5th Amendment describes the conditions under which the Federal Government may seize private property. It certainly allows seizure by eminent domain but requires “just compensation” to the property owner.
    Another thought: Jared Kushner is a real estate developer. He is, no doubt, familiar with the construction industry and has experience in organizing and supervising construction. He, therefore, seems well qualified to oversee a government construction project such as “the wall”.


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