SECOND VENUE: Agudah Secures Barclays Center As Second Siyum Hashas Location


BROOKLYN, NY (VINnews) – The massive Metlife Stadium where the Siyum Hashas will be held on January 1st is nearly sold out, and Agudath Israel of America has booked a second venue: Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

With around 93,000 seats at MetLife, the additional 19,000 seats at Barclays will bring the number of participants to an unprecedented 111,000 Jews gathering at the same moment to celebrate the finishing of the Talmud.

Seats at Barclays will be going up for sale in the next few days VIN has learned.

The programs will be synced via video hookup.

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      • GET REAL; not sure what you mean?
        i manage a real company b”h and dont need a few bucks of profit on tickets , i was sincerely trying to help a few guys in shul
        yes ebay can work , they checked and didnt find any
        lastly if someone would want to make a few dollars i dont think thats a terrible thing


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