Mother Captures Children Cringing In Fear After Ashkelon False Rocket Alarm

screenshot from youtube

ASHKELON (VINnews) — Reut Shpilman-Drayer, a resident of the coastal city of Ashkelon released footage taken of her children after warning sirens were sounded in the city overnight in what was later found to be a false alarm. The footage was published on Facebook and quickly went viral.

In the video, Shpilman-Drayer’s children can be seen trembling after being forced to seek shelter in a stairwell in the middle of the night, after the warning siren was sounded.

Highlighting the trauma her children suffer whenever rockets are fired from Gaza towards the coastal plain, Shpilman-Drayer wrote that the situation now facing residents of southern Israel has become “impossible”.

“Hi all of you living up there [in north and central Israel]. Can you hear? Down here in the south, we’re living in an impossible situation! What country in the world would let people shoot at its citizens??? What country??”

“Bibi, despite all of your accomplishments, there are still citizens living in fear each and every day! You’ve done nothing! You might as well go home! You’ve been in power for 10 years! Come on! There’s no one else to blame!”

The incessant sirens and rockets have taken their toll even on the youngest children living in Southern Israel. Here is a clip of a young child dropping his toy and running to a safe room.

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  1. Mrs Shpilman-Drayer. Are you looking for sympathy for these kids or for the world to see what’s going on?
    The normal civilized people, without this clip know exactly what people in your end of the world go through!!
    And for the liberals human rights groups or all the correct left people of the world no clip in the world will change there twisted minds…
    In ether case stay strong mrs Shpilman-Drayer And kiss your lovely terrified kids from all off us


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